Unexpected: Are Tyra and Alex Still Together?

Are Tyra and Alex Still Together

Are Tyra and Alex From Unexpected Still Together? – Tyra spoke openly about her relationship with Alex in an Unexpected clip with her mother, Melissa. The 20-year-old, Tyra said, “It’s very obvious that we’re both upset with how things are going right now. … You don’t understand how bad it hurts when I’m doing anything to him. Like, I’m not talking to other guys. I’m still being faithful to him when he has a whole other girlfriend.”

TLC’s reality series ‘Unexpected‘ follows teen couples who are expecting a baby. Being a new parent is difficult enough, but being a teen parent is even more difficult. The couples in the show struggle with the novelty of their circumstance as well as the conflicts within their individual families while attempting to focus on their school and career objectives.

Alex Wilson and Tyra Boisseau first appeared in the third season and rapidly became fan favourites as one of the series’ most steady pairings. When Tyra went off to college, Alex stepped up and became the primary caregiver for their daughter, Layla Rose.

However, due to their long-distance relationship, Alex and Tyra ran into some roadblocks in season 4. Tyra’s decision to go to college and leave Layla’s care exclusively in Alex’s hands was condemned by many fans of the show. Simultaneously, Alex won hearts by being an active participant in their daughter’s life. Fans are naturally curious about their present dating status. So, here’s everything we’ve gathered!

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Tyra and Alex’s Unexpected Journey

Tyra and Alex’s Adventure Journey on ‘Unexpected’

Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson were seventeen years old when they found out they were expecting a child. In one way or another, both of their families have dealt with adolescent pregnancy. Tyra’s younger sister had just given birth to her first child a few days before Tyra revealed her pregnancy.

Alex’s mother, on the other hand, was a teenager when she gave birth to him. Tyra and Alex are beloved by fans because, despite everything that had happened to them, they were able to find their way back to each other.

Many of the couples on the show were unable to weather the storms of life and either divorced or displayed signs of a toxic relationship. Alex and Tyra are unique among the other couples in that they had been dating for years before Layla was born.

Most of the other couples, on the other hand, found out they were expecting only a few months after dating. When Layla was two months old, Tyra graduated from high school. Despite the difficulties in her social life, Tyra excelled academically and chose to attend Campbellsville University.

In the meantime, Alex was responsible for Layla, who was staying with his family in Russellville, Kentucky. They began to feel the strain in their relationship as the distance became a significant concern. Alex also felt a little left out at times because most of Tyra’s attention was focused on their kid.

He started to wonder if he was on Tyra’s priority list. With all of the media’s focus on their relationship and accusations of Alex cheating on Tyra, you must be wondering if they’ve managed to stay together.

Are Tyra and Alex Still Living Together

Are Tyra and Alex Still Together or Not?

Tyra declared that she and Alex were no longer together in January 2020 on her YouTube channel, ‘Life with Layla.’ The reality television star and young mother blamed her trust issues for their breakup. She sobbed as she admitted that Alex shouldn’t have to cope with her difficulties. Regardless of their relationship status, she also stated that they still chat every day and are focused on being excellent parents to Layla.

Tyra and Alex seemed to be giving their relationship a second opportunity in Season 4, talking about how they strive to make time for each other despite their parenting duties. They started tagging each other on social media as well. They were first seen together in the summer of 2020, then again for Alex’s 21st birthday celebrations.

Tyra left the college campus after the COVID-19 outbreak. All of these elements encouraged people to believe that the pair had reunited. However, until lately, none of them had publicly addressed their relationship. Tyra posted on Facebook in April 2021 that she had been living with Alex since December 2020 and that they intended to stay for at least a year. She also discussed her romance with Alex in the same month.

Tyra refused to comment on the reports that Alex was cheating on her on her YouTube channel, but she did say that she would accept and support his decision to explore a new relationship.

Tyra stated that, while she loves Alex and believes he is a wonderful parent to Layla, they are in very different stages in their lives. Even if Alex and Tyra aren’t romantically involved, the young mother and college student has made it obvious that Alex will always be a part of her life, and she is grateful for her time with him.

You can watch new episodes of ‘Unexpected’ every Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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