House of Hammer: Who is Courtney Vucekovich? What Did Armie Hammer’s Ex-girlfriend Say?

Who is Courtney Vucekovich
Courtney Vucekovich: Everything To Know About Armie Hammer’s Ex Speaking Out In DocuseriesThe eagerly awaited documentary series House of Hammer is slated to detail the horrifying allegations made against well-known actor Armie Hammer and the alleged sinister history of the Hammer family.

Discovery+ debuted the documentary series’ official teaser on August 10, 2022. The documentary’s trailer offered viewers a good picture of what to anticipate.

The audience may watch Courtney Vucekovich, one of Armie Hammer’s allegedly past lovers, divulge some disturbing details about Hammer that she learned throughout their relationship in the official trailer for House of Hammer.
Viewers have been interested in learning more about Courtney Vucekovich and what transpired to her ever since Discovery+ released the official teaser for House of Hammer. So without further ado, let’s investigate and learn more about Armie Hammer’s ex before the Discovery + documentary series launch. Keep reading if you learn more about Courtney Vucekovich and what she said about Armie Hammer in the docuseries.
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Who Is Courtney Vucekovich?

The company owned by Courtney, who created the FLASHD app in 2017, offers a group of skilled hair and makeup artists who travel directly to the client. FLASHD is DFW’S leading on-demand beauty, and photography app, offering services from 6 am to 11 pm, according to the company’s LinkedIn profile. Through the Flashd App, services are quickly reserved. We will travel to your house, workplace, or lodging. Additionally, they state that they also provide expert photographic services.
The Texas Tech University alumna graduated in 2012 with a master’s degree. And given that her business has more than 7,000 Instagram followers, it is obvious that it is expanding swiftly. Courtney’s personal Instagram account, which includes images from her international travels, has over 25K followers. She posted a stunning snapshot of her trip to Italy in May 2022 and the statement, “love an extended stay vacay.”
Her estimated US net worth is between $1 and $2 million. In June 2020, Armie Hammer, then 34, and Vucekovich met. Their partnership lasted till October 2020. Hammer was originally incredibly pleasant, according to Vucekovich, and made her feel very special. All of that, though, was altered when the actor’s sinister side emerged.
The CEO and Armie, who has been charged with engaging in extreme fetishes like cannibalism, met in June 2020 through a common friend. Just a few months after Armie and his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, 40, obtained their legal divorce, they dated for roughly four months. According to Courtney, who spoke to The Daily Mail, Armie was “intoxicating” from the start of their relationship.
He is a really endearing and intense person. However, as soon as you start conversing with him, he becomes pretty hostile. During her interview in 2021, she described him as being sexually aggressive but not violent. She continued by calling him “magnetic,” which she thinks enabled him to “get away with this [claimed abuse].”
What Did Armie Hammer's Ex Speak Out In Docuseries

What Did Armie Hammer’s Ex Speak Out In Docuseries?

Regarding her connection with Armie Hammer, she stated the following on Page Six, “He enters your life in such a big way. He’s such a captivating person. He has such a presence and he’s aware of that and he uses it in such a way that most women would think, ‘Oh my gosh, this is amazing,’ but especially young women, that’s kind of the scary part — how good he is at active manipulation and making you feel like he’s never felt this way about anybody,… He quickly grooms you in the relationship.”
She continued, “He kind of captivates you and while being charming, he’s grooming you for these things that are darker and heavier and consuming. When I say consuming, I mean mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, just everything… He sucks out all the goodness you have left,… That’s what he did to me. I gave and gave and gave until it hurt.”
She also added that the actor was so obsessively possessive and possessive during their relationship that she stopped feeling safe. She uttered, “I wasn’t safe,… He kind of makes it like, ‘I’m going to teach you things.’ I’m smarter than that, but where was I during that? I knew the whole time. I had this gut feeling the whole time that this was not right. He’s not well.”
In the upcoming film House of Hammer, where Vucekovich will be seen discussing her connection with Armie Hammer, Hammer is said to have made Vucekovich feel very uncomfortable with his behaviour. She cried out, “He did some things with me that I wasn’t comfortable with,… For God knows what reason, he convinced me that these things were OK and he put me in some dangerous situations where I was not OK, where he was heavily drinking, and I wasn’t drinking that way and it scared me. I didn’t feel comfortable…. You end up doing things that are very out-of-character for you, including se* acts.

She called Armie one of the “most broken” person she had ever encountered.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of House of Hammer on Friday, September 2, 2022, at 8 p.m., exclusively on Discovery +.

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