House of Hammer: Where Are Armie Hammer’s Parents Today?

Where Are Armie’s Parents now

Where Are Armie Hammer’s Parents Michael Hammer and Dru Mobley Now? – In 2021, a Twitter user published a series of supposed screenshots of Armie Hammer’s text messages. In the following months, Armie was accused of rape after receiving letters with violent and cannibalistic ideas. Along with these allegations and their forebears, Armie Hammer’s parents, Michael Hammer and Dru Mobley are the focus of Discovery+’sHouse of Hammer.” Keep reading below to learn more about them and their current whereabouts.

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Who Are Armie Hammer’s Parents
Armie Hammer’s father Michael Hammer

Who Are Armie Hammer’s Parents?

Armand Hammer was an American Jew who built a fortune in the petroleum industry. Michael Armand Hammer, his only grandchild, is likewise wealthy. Oklahoma native Dru Ann Mobley was his seatmate on a flight in 1985 when he was travelling for work with his grandfather’s petroleum company. They were married in the same year and sat next to one another at the ceremony. Armand “Armie” Douglas Hammer joined the family in 1986, followed by Viktor Hammer in 1988.

Michael was influenced by Dru, who was raised in an Oklahoma Christian home. As mentioned previously, Michael struggled with alcohol and substance misuse before his conversion to Christianity. Upon his conversion to Christianity, he claimed, “Not only did the [awful incidents] cease, but they began to decline.” With Armand’s sudden death from bone marrow cancer in 1990, there was a quick transformation of events. Before the body was removed, Michael was reportedly loading stuff into five waiting vehicles at the property.

Even more astonishingly, Armand had disfavored his own son Julian in favour of his grandson Michael and entrusted the latter with his financial empire. After Armand’s death, Dru and Michael donated most of his riches to Christian organisations. Long-standing rumours surrounded Michael’s sex throne or “naughty chair” at the Armand Hammer Foundation headquarters. There have been reports of a seven-foot-tall chair with a cage underneath and a hole in the seat. Michael’s legal team, however, stated that the gift was an “unsolicited joke gift,” thus, they did not take it seriously, and he had no claim.

Knoedler, the gallery that Michael inherited, abruptly closed in 2011, and it was later revealed that the gallery had sold at least $70 million worth of forgeries between 1994. However, all lawsuit against the gallery was handled peacefully. As the allegations against her nephew were made public, Casey Hammer, Armie’s aunt, witnessed a rise in sales of her book about the family. Armand, her father Julian, and her brother Michael were accused of abusing her. Dru has been accused by one of Armie’s exes of forewarning her about his “demonic activities.”

Where are the Parents of Armie Hammer Today?

2012 marked the end of the 27-year marriage between Michael and Dru. They have moved on and are now concentrating on other matters. Michael spent some time in investment banking after earning his Master of Business Administration from New York University before joining his grandfather’s business. He continues to serve as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hammer International Foundation and the Armand Hammer Foundation, in addition to supervising various other firms using the Hammer name.

Michael created Grace Christian Academy in the Cayman Islands, where he and his family lived in the ’90s. Also, he founded a Christian radio station in the region. Michael also serves on the boards of directors for some notable educational institutions. In July of 2017, he used a seven-and-a-half-carat diamond to propose to spa therapist Misty Millward. Michael resides in California and keeps himself occupied with family activities. He had stem cell therapy in 2018 to improve his health.

Dru holds a degree in finance from Oklahoma State University and has previously worked as a loan officer for several financial organisations. At the Armand Hammer Foundation, Dru has served as both secretary and board member. She has committed most of her life to her faith and served as a pastor to victims of human trafficking and women’s discipleship at the California Los Angeles Dream Center.

Dru has also founded the Hammered Heart Foundation to assist battered women and their children. She then expanded by founding the e-commerce site Druville, which offers clothes, stationery, and more. Dru intended to donate the funds to charitable organisations and give back to the community. Dru appears to be headquartered in Texas, where it operates a number of temporary retail branches.