Bad Sisters Episode 4 ‘Baby Becka’ Recap and Ending Explained

Bad Sisters Episode 4 Recap

Bad Sisters Episode 4 titled ‘Baby Becka’ Recap and Ending Explained – In Episode 4 of Bad Sisters, Tom and Matt get ready to meet the youngest Garvey sister. They hadn’t realized that Rebecca Garvey and Matt’s Becka were identical.

Beka realizes this when she opens the door and sees the brothers. She looks at Matt, but he doesn’t tell Tom they are friends.

The first two episodes of the 10-episode thriller drama will air on Friday, the day of its global premiere. Until the season finale on October 14, 2022, each of the final eight episodes is anticipated to air on a Friday.

The most recent project by Irish actress and BAFTA Award-winner Sharon Horgan, Bad Sisters, will question the bounds of kinship ties while also elucidating their importance in difficult circumstances. The five Garvey sisters will be played by Sharon Horgan, Anne-Marie Duff (The Salisbury Poisonings), Eve Hewson (Behind Her Eyes), Sarah Greene (Dublin Murders), and Eva Birthistle (The Last Kingdom), in addition to Eva Birthistle. Here is all the information you need to know about the conclusion of “Bad Sisters” episode 4 if you want to learn more about the ups and downs in the Garvey sisters’ lives.

Bad Sisters Episode 4 Recap and ending explained

Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

In the first scene of “Baby Becka,” Becka waxes her legs in anticipation of her sizzling date with Matthew later that evening. The Claffin brothers are focusing on the next Garvey sister they want to question in the current timeline. Matthew had no idea that he would soon knock on his desirable date’s home door. Becka and Matthew exchange equally perplexed looks. To put it mildly, this will be a difficult talk.

Becka immediately puts on her clothes before the interrogation starts. Becka claims to enjoy JP, while the other siblings appear uninterested. While the conversation is going on, Matthew notices that Becka is receiving numerous texts, and he feels taken advantage of by the woman. His interrogation techniques become quite severe, and he mentions her financial issues, which might be the main motivation. They comply with Becka’s request for them to depart. When Thomas sees Matthew outside, he is moved by his change of heart, and he admits that they are seeing one another. Although Matthew is completely discouraged, Thomas is obviously trying to take advantage of this.

Becka’s narrative is more fully developed through flashbacks. She makes an investment pitch to JP about her business idea. JP appears to be intrigued, and she needs money to start her own studio. Although the brother-in-law still finds time to insult Grace in front of her sister, it is a unique, cheerier side to him. JP verbally agrees to assist Becka, who is thrilled by his attention.

Arriving with a kitten for Grace’s daughter are Bibi and Eva. To atone for poisoning the pet dog rather than JP, they utilize the cat as a kind of peace offering. When the sisters get together to discuss, Ursula seems aloof, as if she is still in shock over JP’s mastery of manipulation. To celebrate signing the studio lease, Becka visits Eva at her home, but the other girls are all disappointed. Becka rushes off because she feels totally excluded from all of their chats.

In the bedroom, a curiously good-natured JP reveals his true self by telling Grace that he won’t be lending Becka any money. He tells a fib when he claims she must have misunderstood. He now wants Grace to personally inform her sister of the dreadful news that it was all an act. Grace was present when JP agreed to provide Becka with the loan, yet she still stands by her disgusted husband. Grace clarifies the mix-up in the following scene, but Becka has already made the first instalment payment. She is in extreme need of money and is completely broke. Grace leaves, with tensions remaining rather high even though the younger sister simply cannot comprehend JP’s bizarre behaviour.

Bad Sisters Episode 4 ending explained

Bad Sisters Episode 4 Ending Explained

Becka meets with the other sisters to vent her wrath over JP’s betrayal. Ursula admits to JP’s crude plan and how he tricked her into providing intimate photos. Bibi is eager to help, while Becka wants him dead. Eva storms off and attempts to steal JP’s phone to remove the questionable pictures, but her schemes fail. When she gets back home, the sisters are scheming. Becka wants to take part in their plan to murder JP. Eva initially rejects but ultimately agrees because there isn’t much she can do now that the “cat’s out of the bag,” so to speak. The plan has now been revealed to the four Garvey sisters.

The Claffins attempt to persuade the officer to exhume the body in the present, but he refuses. When Matthew and Becka meet to talk over the initial confusion, their strange romance takes a more difficult turn. Although understandably, they didn’t know each other’s last names, Matthew thinks Becka was taking advantage of him and vice versa. Now it’s his turn to use her. Is the insurance claim the only reason he is dating her? She’s being used, but does she realize it? I hope these issues will be covered in the next few chapters.

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