Surface Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Who Killed Baden?

Surface Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

Surface Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: The American psychological thriller miniseries Surface, created by Veronica West for Apple TV+, debuted on July 29, 2022. It revolves around Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who struggles to put together the circumstances surrounding her unsuccessful suicide attempt since she has lost her recent memories, particularly the reason she chose to leap. Sophie wonders in her therapy sessions why she made an attempt if her life was so wonderful. The truth about Sophie’s fate is finally exposed in the eighth and final episode of Surface’s debut season. will provide you with all the information you require regarding the conclusion of ‘Surface.’

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Surface Episode 8 Recap

Recap of Surface Episode 8

In the season’s finale of episode 8, titled, “See You on the Other Side,” James (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Sophie both experience hardship in the season’s finale. James has said that when she has a hard time moving on to the next item. She always breaks down in tears when she is by herself. The life of James and Sophie is, and has always been, incredibly flawed. After her run, she returned home to find Inspector Seager of the SFPD already there. James is currently speaking with him.

At the dinner table, he decides to question Sophie alone. When Baden (Stephan James) pleaded for assistance, he asked this officer to look into Sophie’s case. The officer acknowledges that he was the one who got the security camera footage of her jumping off the ship. He also spoke to the lone person who had seen the incident, who told him that it appeared as though she had chosen the spot from which to plunge. He hands Sophie his business card just as he leaves, encouraging her to contact him and suggesting that she start at the beginning and look into this more.

James confronts Harrison about what’s been happening and advises him to stop getting involved because it only worsens things. Sophie takes a bath and submerges herself in the water. It doesn’t seem to work, at least not immediately. The dripping tap, however, is really annoying. Because she doesn’t comprehend their emotional significance and wants to get rid of superfluous goods she doesn’t need, Sophie decides to throw away some of her possessions.

Sophie begs James to help her get through this because she believes it will make the two of them stronger. Hannah is pleased with Sophie’s progress in treatment again. Hannah admits that she was unfamiliar with this case and wasn’t even sure it would be successful. But it seems to have, as Sophie gives Hannah a quick thank-you before leaving.

It is becoming clearer that Sophie believes James is to blame for Baden’s demise. She believes that he is the one who told the people he was investigating about Baden’s true identity. The resentment quickly grows inside her as she starts to feel trapped in the life they have built together. She takes James’ car on an arbitrary morning and drives to the beach. When the police called James, they told him the call was about his wife.

The officer informs him that they found Sophie’s belongings scattered across the middle of the bridge when he eventually arrives at the port. They ask James if his wife has ever considered taking her own life. Given that Sophie’s items have been found, James feels forced to be open about Sophie’s history of suicide.

James is unwilling to let go of the situation, even if it appears that Sophie’s suicide was caused by her guilt over Baden’s death. Caroline (Ari Graynor) also leaves his life out of concern for her own safety. Although she is still madly in love with James, she has accepted the fact that their union will ultimately end tragically for her. Caroline shows up early in the morning to comfort James, stating that she has done this and might do so again.

Hannah also believes Sophie may have killed herself because, before departing, she exhibited all the warning signs, like being too happy, telling the truth, etc. Caroline then thanks him for returning the money she had lent him and leaves. James has concluded that Sophie is still alive and is currently running away from him somewhere in the world.

James finds it difficult to restructure his life as a result. James replies violently to Harrison’s inquiry regarding Sophie’s actions by claiming that he was the one who fired the gun that killed Baden and ended his marriage. James blamed Harrison because he didn’t want Harrison to spend the rest of his life in prison and knew Sophie would protect him rather than his friend. Harrison (François Arnaud) and he had a fight that was doomed to happen, and their friendship was broken forever.

At home, James discovers yet another terrible revelation. The $3 million in that account was owned by Caroline; it turned out. James is upset at the bank. There, he learns that the account holding that money is a fraud. James admits Sophie might have stolen the money and run away.

James logs into Sophie’s Apple account successfully and discovers a video she uploaded. She casually lets him know that they won’t get along. The statement “one innocent man died because of what you did” holds a lot of weight, considering that he was stalking her. When Sophie awakens, she believes James deserves everything because he lied and changed their lives.

Surface Episode 8 Ending Explained

Surface Episode 8 Ending Explained

Through flashbacks, more about Sophie’s actions is made clear. In fact, she found a blue key on it. This came from a storage unit across the street. She finds a solitary bag on the ground as she arrives. There is also a phone, some cash, and a business card for Eliza Huntley in that bag. A passport for Tess is also provided. She has everything she needs to go away. When they were younger, Sophie and Tess had a close friendship with Eliza Huntley (Millie Brady). The evidence strongly suggests that they had a love relationship.

The first memories that Sophie has come flooding back to her are those from her childhood and early adulthood, which are those from her time spent in England. According to the conclusion, Sophie attempted to jump off the ship on that specific day to reach the container where she had hidden bits of her past, but an accident happened, and she was thrown into the ship’s blade instead. She finds the key to the storeroom hidden away in the clothing she was wearing on that particular day in the present. After she has pretended to be dead, she leaves for the storage facility to grab the mementoes of her past before heading to London to face the unknowable.

She makes the long journey back to London to find the last bits of her past. When she looks back on her life, some of the first memories that come to mind are those of her time spent in England with Eliza’s company. She sets out for England to find a solution to her predicament, but it seems she has discovered a new beginning instead. When Eliza becomes aware of the other woman’s presence, she immediately realizes who she is and calls the person by the name she has been using for so long that she has forgotten it. This characteristic of the two women’s personalities is the best example of how they differ.

It would seem that James wasn’t supposed to be the victim, and it is obvious that Sophie really does care about him. They could have been content if Harrison didn’t interfere with her and James’ relationship. However, Harrison’s actions under the pretext of standing up for his friend almost always damaged their relationship to the point that it could no longer be healed. The Harrisons repeatedly try to meddle in James’ private life. Considering that he was the one who hired Baden to look into Sophie. Harrison took a direct part in James and Sophie’s relationship falling apart.

It wasn’t James who killed Baden; someone else did. In actuality, Harrison was the one. Sophie decided against reporting the incident to the authorities because she thought James was to blame. James was conscious of Sophie’s protection. She would have called the police right away if she had known that Harrison was the one who killed Baden. One thing about which James has always been certain is his love for Sophie.

This conviction has never changed. He eventually found the video that she had left for him as a farewell message after she broke up with him because he was reluctant to give up on their relationship. Either Sophie or Tess reconciling with Eliza and forgiving her past brings the episode to a finish. James overhears Sophie bidding her farewell. When it comes to Sophie, he assumes Tess’s identity and returns to the UK. In the meantime, James warns her in a message, adding that he loves her. and that she will most likely not comprehend that he will locate her.

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