Berry Bryant Murder: Where is Levi Collen Today?

Berry Bryant Murder

Berry Bryant Murder: Where is Levi Collen Now? – 20 years ago, on October 5, 1996, Berry, a student at Northwest College, was viciously raped and killed north of Powell. Everyone involved in the case was profoundly affected, and Berry Bryant’s family has been struggling with the fallout ever since. The events leading up to Berry’s murder are detailed in “Evil Lives Here: Shadows Of Death: The Dark Road” on Investigation Discovery. Let’s investigate this case further, shall we?

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How Did Berry Bryant Die

How Did Berry Bryant Die?

In March 1978, Berry Alexis Bryant was born in Montana. She was viewed as a multifaceted person throughout high school and participated in activities like sports, band, and drill teams, among others. The saxophonist was known as a pleasant and compassionate person who got along with everyone. He was a sophomore at Powell, Wyoming’s Northwest College. Berry became popular and acquired good friends in just one month of college.

According to thecinemaholic, The 18-year-old went to a school dance on October 5, 1996, followed by a party in a dorm room. Berry left the room at some time throughout the night, but she had no idea she would never return. Later, other details helped the authorities locate Berry’s body 16 miles outside of Powell. She was lying in a pool of blood on some soil and had multiple defensive wounds, suggesting that she had been engaged in a fierce struggle with her assailant. Berry had nearly lost her head after having her throat severed so severely.

Who Killed Berry Bryant

Who Killed Berry Bryant?

Berry didn’t come back, and her roommate started to worry. The local hospital didn’t have someone with that name currently receiving care there, and her automobile was still sitting in the parking lot. Investigation results showed that Levi Collen, a 19-year-old teenager, was present at the party with the other teenagers. Berry was someone he knew from a previous conference. According to the show, Berry didn’t seem interested even though Levi seemed to be in love with her.

Berry and Levi were last seen exiting the celebration. Later, a bloodied Levi entered the hostel and claimed to have been involved in a fight with another man. He was bleeding at the time and had minor scratches on his body. Levi revealed to his pals that he had killed Berry after raping her as they were traveling there. They consequently restrained him and made a police call right away.

Levi first offered a variety of accounts of what transpired. He stated they had consensual sex in his car, as depicted on the show, before Berry jumped out and attacked him with a beer bottle. Levi defended himself by saying that he stabbed her. The cops demanded that he lead them to the body since they didn’t believe him. Levi admitted to the incident after he gave the police directions to Berry.

According to Levi, Berry and he left the party together and traveled about 16 miles outside of Powell. He attempted to have intercourse with her, but she refused, as shown in the episode. Berry persisted in battling as Levi brandished his knife. She was sexually assaulted before her throat was cut from ear to ear, and her body was buried under some undergrowth. In addition, the authorities received information from a second lady who was assaulted by Levi sometime in the summer of 1995.

The woman claimed that while drinking with a companion, they came upon Levi and eventually went for a drive together. Levi wanted to have intercourse with her, but she declined, according to the episode. He drove to a barren location, brandished a gun at her, and then raped her. The victim said to the police that the attacker bit her on the face and arms and threatened to kill her if she ever mentioned what had happened to anybody.

According to Berry Bryant’s mother, she is a typical “all-American girl.”

Last Monday, Sharon Bryant remarked of Berry, “She wasn’t the brightest, the prettiest, the fastest or the slowest.”

Sharon Bryant claimed that Berry had a high level of trust. That trust was leveraged by her killer, Levi Collen of Ten Sleep, who was also a NWC student at the time, to set her up as a victim before killing her.

I genuinely did believe that I had equipped my kid with everything she needed to succeed in this world, said Sharon Bryant. But none of us is psychic; none of us can avoid the bullets waiting for us.

Bryant stated she and her daughter had gone to a self-defense class where the teacher had explained that someone being assaulted by someone with a knife might seize the knife by the blade, if necessary, to defend themselves. She added that Collen “got more than he bargained for.” He had said that losing a finger or a hand would be preferable to losing one’s life.

He issued a warning that anyone might become the victim of sexual assault, including young boys, elderly ladies, males, and even young girls.

Bryant declared, “This subject is very personal to me. When I was little, I was assaulted. Unfortunately, my family did not support me when I told them what had happened. It was like, ‘Oh, well; go play,’ and I’ve carried that resentment into my life as well, thinking that I must not have been worth sticking up for.”

She claimed that she afterward “married a man who groomed me for marriage and took advantage of me.” “It took me seven years to break away from him, and I barely made it out alive. … The situation had reached the point of “kill or be killed.

Bryant claimed that her husband had put a lot of effort into isolating her and making sure she had no resources available to her, making it difficult for her to leave.

Bryant claimed that once she got away from her husband, she returned to Riverton, where she “think I rested. In my neighborhood, I felt protected, and my kids felt safe. When I sent my daughter to Northwest, it was quite a shock. We were completely unaware.

Bryant emphasized that she does not hold Northwest College accountable because Berry’s misfortune could have occurred at any college.

How could you have imagined that your daughter would experience this? You must proceed since there is nothing you can do to make things better,” she said.

Where is Levi Collen Today

Where is Levi Collen Today?

Levi was found guilty of first-degree murder, sexual assault, and kidnapping in November 1996. He was also accused of sexual assault in connection with the summer of 1995 incident. He received three consecutive life sentences as a result. According to prison statistics, Levi remains a prisoner at Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution in Torrington, Goshen County.

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