Bill Williamson Murder: Where is Killer Ann Browning Now?

Murder scene
Murder scene: Police stand guard outside the home in Godalming, Surrey where Browning killed Williamson and buried his body in the garden

Bill Williamson Murder: Where is Killer Ann Browning Today? – What occurs when we are too blinded by love and fail to notice the apparent warning signs in our partners? The terrible tale of former mail carrier Bill Williamson will serve as a sobering lesson for everyone. Her ex-partner, for his money, murdered the 82-year-old after repeatedly misleading him and even once stealing from him.

In “Deadly Women: DIY Burial” (Season 10 Episode 10) on Investigation Discovery, the detectives pursue his partner Ann Browning before pinning him for the murder. We have all the information you need if you are interested in the case and want to learn more. Then, shall we learn more about Ann Browning?

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Who Is Ann Browning and How Did She Kill Bill Williamson
Ann Browning

Who Is Ann Browning and How Did She Kill Bill Williamson?

Ann Browning, a 54-year-old independent cleaner, lived on Milton’s Crescent in Godalming, Surrey’s Ockford Ridge. She had two sons and went through two divorces. In 2007, Ann and widower Bill Williamson, 82, a former postman, met at a gathering of the neighborhood historical society. Bill used to live alone in his Church Road house in Milford after his wife Mary, who was 91 years old, passed away in 2004. He apparently didn’t have any kids.

Court testimony revealed that Bill was an elderly guy who yearned for companionship. By that time, Ann had also gotten a divorce from her second husband, and they got along well. Bill had a healthy financial situation, so he frequently gave Ann loans for things like gas and dental work. According to reports, he even changed his will to put most of his estate in her name. Then, he allegedly caught her skimming money from him, and everything changed.

Bill claimed Ann had assisted him in opening an account from which £1,200 had vanished. Bill said that Ann had taken out £200 on six separate times using a cash card that he was unaware of. A few days later, she allegedly used that money to buy £1,000 worth of Premium Bonds. Ann asserted that Bill withdrew the funds himself and, as a result of his advanced age, completely forgot about them. She was never charged, though, because there was no proof that she had done anything unlawful.

How Did Bill Williamson Die?
William Williamson

Bill’s acquaintances had cautioned him about becoming too close to Ann, and the couple had split up. She attempted to reconcile with her ex-husband at that time but was unsuccessful. Despite Bill’s friends’ fears, he and Ann reunited in March 2009. The second time around, their connection developed to the point where Ann persuaded Bill to sell his Church Road house, and she agreed to do the same with her Milton’s Crescent property. Bill had agreed, even lending Ann £6,000 to buy a new Kia car because they both intended to start a new life together.

On September 10, 2010, Bill vacated his Church Road residence after selling it for £246,924. He moved into Ann’s house when the money was transferred into their joint account. According to the prosecution, a rounders bat was used to kill Bill just hours after he moved in. She continued living her regular life after that, going to the theatre, playing bingo with friends, and even making purchases using his credit cards. Moreover, she registered Bill’s red Mazda automobile in her name and transferred the $140,000 from the sale of his house into their joint account.

However, after Bill skipped his flu shot appointment, a doctor’s office called the police, who then arrived at the woman’s home. By telling the police he was in Ireland for a family funeral, she purposefully misled them. Police discovered Bill’s car parked a few streets down even though she had also claimed it was damaged. She was detained after the police discovered surveillance footage of her taking money from Bill and his vehicle registration in her name.

On October 8, 2010, the police discovered Bill’s naked and bruised body buried in a temporary grave in her backyard. A belt bound his legs together, and his torso was covered in a shower curtain. On October 7, 2010, she admitted to committing the crime. “Yes, I confess to his murder, I killed him,” she reportedly informed the police. She asserted that the murder was only committed in the heat of the moment and denied having any financial motivation.

murder Weapon
The rounders bat that Browning used to beat Williamson over the head with.

The mother of two, who had previously been married twice, told the court that if she could only get through the weeks leading up to her son’s wedding and get the wedding over with, she would confess as soon as it was finished.

I love my son so much I didn’t want to spoil his happiness because he was marrying the girl of his dreams.”

However, Guildford Recorder Judge Christopher Critchlow decided today that Browning had planned the murder.

He declared, “I am sure that she did not kill him in a burst of temper in a row. Taking all her lies and the cumulative effect of them makes me sure that she did plan his murder.

The Crown has convinced me that she had intended to kill him, whether it was for her own gain or to provide money for others.”

He was a small man and at his age could not resist what she did to him. This was therefore a wicked murder of a vulnerable old man done for financial gain.”

Where is Ann Browning Today

Where is Ann Browning Today?

Ann asserted that she would have turned herself in following the marriage of his son in October 2010. She continued, I didn’t want to ruin his happiness since he was marrying the girl of his dreams because I love my son so much. The court, however, did not fall for her claims and found her guilty of killing Bill.

She was given a life sentence in August 2011 with a 25-year minimum requirement. She was also subject to a Confiscation Order that required her to pay Bill’s estate in Surrey £250,293 in reparation.

The 54-year-old woman called to the court, “May God forgive your soul,” as she was given a life sentence with a minimum term of 25 years in prison.

She is currently in her mid-60s and incarcerated in Surrey to complete her sentence.

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