Black Crab (2022): Is Malik Dead or Alive At The End Of the Movie?

Is Malik Dead or Alive in Black Crab movie

Black Crab,’ directed by Adam Berg, is a post-apocalyptic thriller movie about a group of six soldiers on a top-secret mission who skate across a frozen archipelago. The troops face a test of devotion and morality as they convey a mystery cargo over the ice-covered and war-torn landscape.

The squad meets numerous perils on the route, and one of the troops, Malik (Dar Salim), is seriously injured. As a result, viewers must be intrigued to see what happens to Malik in the Netflix movie ‘Black Crab.’ Here’s everything you need to know in that situation!


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What Happens to Malik

What is Going to Happen to ‘Malik’ (Dar Salim)?

Malik is a soldier who appears in the film ‘Black Crab,’ and is played by actor Dar Salim. Salim is perhaps most recognised for his role as Qotho in the HBO fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones.’

Caroline Edh meets Malik and her other companions when she arrives at the military base in Tessenoy for her new mission. Malik is a strong-willed individual who frequently considers life after the conflict. He is a hard worker who keeps his cool under pressure.

On their mission, the troops seek refuge at the home of an elderly couple. The group is forced to kill the pair when the old guy opens fire on them. Malik is injured in the gunfight, but he keeps his wounds disguised.

Later, the gang is forced to shelter on an abandoned boat after a clash with the enemy forces. Malik’s injury is terrible, and Edh and the others know he might not make it to Odo.

Is Malik Dead or Alive in movie

Is Malik Alive or Dead At The End of the ‘Black Crab’?

Edh, Nylund, and Granvik consider their next plan of action after learning of Malik’s catastrophic injury. Malik will obviously be unable to skate as a result of his injury, and he could become a burden to the team.

As a result, it is determined that he will stay on the yacht. The others prepare to begin their trek by leaving some food and drink for Malik. Malik agrees to stay behind, and Nylund assures him that the group would assist him.

Malik, on the other hand, is never seen again at the end of the film, and his fate remains unclear. Granvik tells a horrible incident from his life near the end of the book and wonders if Malik may suffer a similar fate.

Granvik’s talk with Edh has a bleak tone to it, implying that Malik’s colleagues aren’t optimistic about his chances of survival. Only Nylund and Edh succeed in reaching the military base and completing the task. Edh, on the other hand, makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to destroy the team’s bioweapon.

Malik is not present during the climax, implying that no one came to the injured soldier’s aid. Malik is likely to have died as a result of his wounds. Given the gloomy and ominous tone of the storey, such a horrible end for Malik would be appropriate.

The mission’s members all die in the line of duty, but Edh makes the ultimate sacrifice. Only Nylund survives the events of the film. As a result of Malik’s wounded, lack of supplies, and absence from the last moments, we can safely assume he is dead.

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