What Does Xenophon Mean in the ‘Deep Water’ Movie? Do You think Its a Real Magazine?

Is Deep Water Based on a True Story

Deep Water‘ (2022) is a movie adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1957 novel of the same name, directed by Adrian Lyne. The film preserves much of the fundamental dynamic of the book, Vic’s (Ben Affleck) and Melinda’s (Ana de Armas) poisonous relationship, while also bringing the storey into the present era.

Vic is now a retired tech genius living off his riches from creating a chip used in military drones, in keeping with the film’s morally ambiguous subject. He spends his free time doing odd things like rearing snails and printing photos.

He offers Melinda a glossy journal titled “Xenophon” just before the movie’s conclusion, with the camera lingering on the title. So, what does Xenophon mean in ‘Deep Water’? Let’s have a look.

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Is Deep Water 2022 hulu movie a True Story

What Does the Name Xenophon Mean in the Movie?

When Vic first meets Don, he inquires about Vic’s job, clearly curious as to how he makes his money. Don is unsatisfied with the latter’s vague comments of riding his mountain bike and taking shots.

So, Vic finally admits that he is a photographer who dabbles in publishing. The conversation then shifts to more exciting issues such as drones and murder, and we only catch a glimpse of Vic’s photojournalism much later.

The spouse brings out a fancy magazine titled Xenophon from a picnic at the gorge, which it soon becomes evident is the business he manages.

It’s the 10th edition, and it features a series of images of Melinda’s silhouette and various pieces of her apparel strewn around the house, all devoted to her. It’s all quite sensual, and it’s possible that it’s an attempt to show audiences Melinda, through the eyes of her adoring husband.

The title of the journal, Xenophon, was most likely inspired by the same-named Athenian Greek military hero, philosopher, and historian. Xenophon is well-known for his extensive body of surviving writings, which provides insight into classical Greece as a student and associate of Socrates.

Vic’s photo magazine, dubbed “Xenophon,” emphasises his intellectual side, which the spouse occasionally brings up when referring to Melinda’s somewhat lowbrow girlfriends.

Vic also appears to think of himself as a philosopher, patiently enduring Melinda’s misdeeds since he believes he shouldn’t try to alter her because he fell in love with her for who she is.

Vic clearly perceives himself as an intellectual, regardless of how others perceive him, which explains why he named his book after a classical Greek person who is well-known in well-read circles but may be unfamiliar to the “lesser read” (particularly Melinda’s admirers).

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