‘Borrego’ Movie: What Happened to Elly’s Sister? How Did She Die?

What Happened to Elly’s Sister

What Happened to Elly’s Sister in Borrego? How Did She Die? – ‘Borrego‘ is a thriller about Elly (Lucy Hale), a botanist working on a project in the desert near San Diego, California, who finds herself fighting for her life. Jesse Harris wrote and directed the film, which focuses on the decisions Elly must make to survive after a drug smuggler kidnaps her.

Viewers learn more about Elly’s life as the film progresses, and a tragic backstory emerges. Elly’s emotional bond with her half-sister is disclosed just before the climax, and her death is shocking, setting up a thrilling conclusion.

As a result, viewers must be intrigued to learn more about Elly’s sister’s fate in ‘Borrego.’ Here’s everything you need to know about it if you’re looking for answers!

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What Happened to Elly’s Sister in Borrego

Elly’s Sister: What Happened to Her?

‘Borrego’ has been watching Elly’s past from the beginning. It does, however, provide tiny indications about a tragedy involving her sister. Elly’s sister does not appear in the film, but she is referenced for the first time when Elly receives a voice mail from her mother. The stage design skillfully emphasises Elly’s close relationship with her sister.

Elly’s mother’s comments, on the other hand, overwhelm her, implying that the botanist is avoiding terrible memories. Elly later sees a plane crash and is kidnapped by Tomas, the surviving pilot. Before the plane crashed, Tomas was on his way to deliver a narcotics shipment. He gets to his objective with the help of Elly.

Elly tells Tomas about her sister at the end of their journey. She recalls them being quite close, despite the fact that they were only half-sisters. Elly, on the other hand, frequently refers to her sister in the past tense, implying that she is deceased.

How Did Elly’s Sister Die

How Did Elly’s Sister Die? Who Kill Her?

Elly explains to Tomas that her sister aspired to be just like her. Elly describes her sister as intelligent, humorous, and self-assured. During her adolescent years, though, Elly was anxious and awkward. As a result, she began to experiment with drugs and was continuously under the influence of one or more substances.

Elly was asked to drive her sister to school one day. Elly accepted despite not having slept in three days. Elly ran a red light on her way to school. Elly doesn’t go into detail about what happened after this, but her remarks imply that the sisters were in a car accident. Elly survived the crash, but her sister died.

Elly holds herself responsible for her sister’s death, given the circumstances. Elly leaves home after the horrific events and eventually arrives in the little town for botany research. Elly’s sister isn’t named and doesn’t appear in the film, but her presence is sensed throughout.

The movie relies on Elly’s narrative of the events rather than a flashback scene to illustrate the death of Elly’s sister. As a result, Elly’s sister’s death is more impactful and explains the protagonist’s mental and emotional state. Elly eventually accepts her sister’s death and prepares to move on with her life.

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