Borrego (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Borrego (2022) Movie Ending Explained

Borrego (2022) Movie Ending, Explained – Jesse Harris thriller ‘Borrego’ was written and directed by him. Elly (Lucy Hale), a teenage botanist, working in a desert along the California-Mexico border, is the protagonist. Elly is kidnapped by the pilot, a drug smuggler trying to transport a package across the border, after she witnesses a plane crash.

Elly will have to rely on her wits to go through the adventure and avoid the smuggler, Tomas. Viewers will undoubtedly be interested to learn whether Elly makes it to safety and what happens to Tomas. If that’s the case, here’s all you need to know about the ‘Borrego‘ conclusion.

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Borrego Plot Synopsis

What Is the Story Behind ‘Borrego’?

We can tell Elly misses her smaller sibling right away. Her mother calls to talk about a diary of dried flowers they discovered in her sister’s room, which Elle had given her as a gift. Her family wanted to express their affection for her and expressed their hope to speak with her soon.

A young girl named Alex proposed to assist her while observing the proliferation of a plant. She had missed school and wanted to do something productive with her time. Elly welcomed her assistance, and the two of them had a great day exploring the desert. Alex observed Elly’s tattoo on her hand before departing.

It was a buttercup, Elly explained. Because her tool had Buttercup etched on it, it was assumed that Buttercup was related to her sister. Elly decided to stay a little longer after Alex went to digest the intense feelings she was experiencing.

She observed a plane crash a few feet away as she was going to depart. She got into her car to assist if necessary, but instead saw a man with a pistol. He threatened her with a gun. She climbed inside the automobile, but the wheels were stuck, and she was unable to flee. She offered to aid him just as he was about to pull the trigger.

She offered to show him the path through the desert because he was unfamiliar with the area and save her life. Tomas, the pilot, agreed. They had to walk through the desert with the drugs in a bag when the automobile was wrecked. The Sheriff, Jose, wanders across the desert as normal the next morning and discovers his daughter, who happens to be Alex, the young girl we met before.

During their chat, he receives information from his office regarding a botanist who was meant to meet a man there but had not shown up. Alexa claimed that she knew the woman in issue and that she wanted to assist her father in finding her. He dismissed the idea and drove her to school.

Meanwhile, Guillermo, the intended recipient of the medicine, goes on a frantic quest for it. He was to blame, and the medicines’ disappearance would have serious ramifications for him. “Borrego” follows four people in the desert; some of them are attempting to bring justice, while the others are trapped in a horrible realm from which they cannot leave even if they want to. “Borrego” delves into the inner lives of each character, revealing how they are all lonely.

Borrego Ending

Was Elly able to Get Away from Tomas?

Elly proposed that they rest and then continue their trek after walking through the desert in the hot heat. She bolted as Tomas turned his back. He snatched her once more and tied her hands for her safety. They proceeded on their way, but it was becoming increasingly difficult with the sun directly overhead.

Tomas slumped and wanted to rest on the spot, but Elly understood that they would perish if they were exposed to the sun much longer. She described herself to Tomas and proposed that they travel to the canyon, then to Borrego Springs, where Tomas could get a car to drive and deliver the medicines. Tomas consented since he had no other choice.

They built a fire and rested at night, planning to finish the expedition the next day. They told their life stories around the bonfire. Tomas was a teacher before he lost his job. His cousin landed him a job at the boatyard, where he was tasked with hauling gasoline. He had no idea he was working for the cartel at first. His father was ill, and he required expensive medication to live. To care for his family, Tomas’ circumstances prompted him to go the unlawful road.

He inquired about the meaning of Buttercup, a word inscribed on the instrument, as he returned her magnifying lens. She explained that her sister had given her the name. Her half-sister was a lively, lovely, intelligent, and witty young lady. Elly was struggling with her daily life and needed medications to keep her sane. Even though she hadn’t slept in three days, she couldn’t say no when her sister begged her to drive her to school.

She was nervous due to the lack of sleep and the medicines, and she ran a red light. She had to witness her sister die in front of her eyes because of her mistake, which she could not forgive herself for. She desired to continue running, as she had done for the majority of her life. After hearing her narrative, Thomas advised her that instead of running aimlessly like a lamb, she should run like a wolf with purpose. This was a lesson that Tomas’ family had passed down through the years.

Elly reached for the pocket knife she had hidden in her socks when Tomas went to sleep. She was able to cut through the rope and escape Tomas’ custody after snatching a bottle of water.

Is Guillermo Dead

The ‘Borrego’ Movie Ending Explained: What Is The Meaning Of The Buttercup?

The Sheriff went looking for Elly, but instead found her car, which had two bodies in it. He was aware that danger lurked in the desert. Guillermo fired two shots at the two men. Guillermo came discovered a car while searching for the drugs and the person responsible for them. Two males on motorcycles approached him as he was looking around the car. He shot them to death to avoid any additional issues.

Jose attempted to contact assistance but received no response. He realised he was on his own to deal with this. He followed Guillermo’s footsteps and discovered him, wearing his bulletproof jacket. They fired guns at one other, and Jose fell into a pit as a result. Guillermo left the scene, supposing the Sheriff had dead. Alex was looking for her father. She became aware of his vehicle and screamed out his name.

They were reunited after Jose responded. Alex insisted on staying with her father and reminded him that no one cared about their existence. They needed to come up with a solution. Alex helped her father out with a rope, and they both went in search of Elly. Jose asked Alex to seek assistance from the town, but she instead went to the canyons searching for Elly.

Elly walked through the dirt route, relieved after escaping Tomas, and unexpectedly ran into Guillermo. She dashed as fast as she could and turned around to see Tomas standing on the other side. Instead of stopping her, he let her go away. Tomas approached Guillermo and handed him the cocaine packs. When Guillermo noticed that a few kilos of narcotics had gone missing, he declared that the missing drugs had to be paid for.

He motioned Elly’s direction and requested Tomas to look for her, but he refused. He needed to do his job to support his family, but he didn’t want any more bloodshed. Not only was Tomas caught in his family’s business, but so did Guillermo, who planned to reunite with his family after fifteen years. Tomas tucked the rifle in because he trusted him, and Guillermo fired. Blood began to spread across Tomas’ chest as he lay dead on the ground.

Elly, in the meantime, had observed Alex’s bike and had shouted out to her. Guillermo grabbed Alex and shot Elly in the stomach just as they were going to unite. Alex took advantage of his distraction and hurried out of the area with Elly to assault him. Guillermo did not give up, so she drove with Elly on her bike.

He planned to use gasoline to put an end to it all because he was out of ammunition. Due to the loss of blood, Elly began to lose consciousness. She eventually crashed on the ground after falling from her bike. In his astonishment, Alex reached out to aid Elly, but Guillermo seized him. He doused her in gasoline.

Meanwhile, Elly gathered her strength and emptied the remaining gasoline bottle into the medicine. She torched the pills as he was ready to fire Alex. Guillermo went insane from shock and sought to save the pills, but he caught fire in the process. Jose was reunited with the girls just as the threat had passed.

Elly observed a buttercup flower in the scene at the end of “Borrego.” It was a reminder of her sister’s presence, who, despite having passed away, was still present in spirit with her sister. Perhaps it was her sister who gave her the unending courage she needed to tackle the challenging situation. Because the drugs were the reason she slipped judgement that day, she was able to bring some justice to her sister’s death by burning the pills.

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