Candy: Where are Montgomery and Gore Family Now?

Where are Montgomery and Gore Family Now

Candy: Where Are They Now? – With Hulu’s Candy,’ which revisits Betty Gore’s brutal 1980 murder at the hands of her friend Candy Montgomery, every key piece of the case is once again brought to light. These cover, among other things, the final days of the elementary school teacher, the reasoning for the Texan housewife’s acts, and the outcomes of the subsequent judicial proceedings.

So now that we know the shocking note on which this case ended back in 1980, let’s see what the main characters are up to in recent days.

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Why did Candy kill Betty Gore

What Happened to Candy Montgomery and Where Is She Now?

While it is undeniable that Candy Montgomery attacked Betty 41 times with a 3-foot-long axe inside her own home, she has always maintained that she was acting in self-defense. On October 29, 1980, the jury acquitted her of murder after she testified that the overkill was the consequence of trauma-driven disassociation rather than her past involvement with the victim’s husband, Allan. Candace Wheeler now lives in Georgia, where she works as a mental health counsellor for both teens and adults, purportedly having returned to her maiden name.

How Did Candy’s Lawyer Don Crowder Die

What Happened to Pat Montgomery and Where Is He Now?

Pat Montgomery was said to have stood by his wife, the mother of his two gorgeous children, at every turn, believing that her infidelities were solely physical. When the family moved to Georgia in an attempt to start a new life together, things began to fall apart in the marriage, and they separated four years later (around 1984).

Pat has since opted to keep as far away from the public glare as possible, but it is reported that he (now in his 70s) happily goes by the name James.

Pablo Schreiber as Allan Gore
Pablo Schreiber as Allan Gore

What Happened to Allan Gore and Where Is He Now?

Allan Gore’s affair with Candy was at the focus of his wife’s case, especially since he revealed the details to the authorities before stating that they had ended their relationship amicably. He was heartbroken to lose Betty, but rumours say that he not only kept in touch with Candy for a while, but also remarried within the brief period between the violent occurrence and the trial. In terms of his current location, the widower (and divorcee) has actually moved on with his life, spending his retirement in Sarasota, Florida, with a new domestic partner.

How Did Candy Montgomery kill Her Best Friend Betty Gore
Betty Gore With Her Children.

What Happened to Betty and Allan Gore’s Children? Where Are They Now

Despite having remarried, Allan Gore lost custody of both of his kids to his late wife’s parents, which meant Alisa and Bethany (Christina and Valerie in the series) grew up without their father. Despite the fact that they live in different locations, their social media platforms show they’ve reconnected to build at least a semblance of a healthy, pleasant connection.

While Alisa (or Lisa Harder) works in the oil and gas sector and runs a pig farm with her husband and two sons in Newton, Kansas, Bethany Mickey is a happily married mother of three who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a teacher.

Who is Don Crowder
Candy’s lawyer Don Crowder. Image Source: Find A Grave

What Happened to Don Crowder and Where Is He Now?

Don Crowder has unquestionably become an attorney to watch in Collin County, Texas, following his stunning victory in court for Candy. He ran for governor in 1986, expanded his practise tremendously, and even built a sports bar in Plano called Gameday in 1991.

However, things took a turn for the worse in 1997, when he turned to booze for comfort when the restaurant closed, and he lost his brother in a self-shooting accident. Don’s irritability, despair, and supposed undiagnosed bipolar disorder (as played by Ral Esparza in the Hulu original) eventually got the better of him.

On June 21, 1998, the once-famous lawyer not only received a charge of Driving While Intoxicated, but he also began to believe that the world would be a better place without him. As a result, on November 10, 1998, the 56-year-old shot himself in the head with a single bullet.

Candy is currently available to watch on Hulu.

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