Betty Gore Murder: Why Did Candy Montgomery Kill Her And Where Is She Now?

Why Did Candy Montgomery Kill Betty Gore

Why Did Candy Montgomery Kill Betty Gore And Where Is She Now? If you’ve watched the first few episodes of Candy on Hulu, you might be wondering why Candy Montgomery murdered her best friend, Betty Gore. It wasn’t just her relationship with Betty’s husband.

Candy is based on the 2018 true-crime novel Evidence of Love, which looks into the case of Candy Montomgery, a housewife accused of killing her close friend Betty Gore in Wylie, Texas, on June 13, 1980, after having an adulterous affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. Candy was accused of attacking Betty 41 times with a three-foot axe while living near the Gores with her husband, Pat Montgomery, and their two children.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the situation, specifically the true motivations behind the Texan housewife and mother of two’s acts, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

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Why did Candy kill Betty Gore
Candy Montgomery during her trial.

How Did Candy Montgomery kill Her Best Friend Betty Gore?

Candy Montgomery killed Betty Gore in what way? Candy, whose full name is Candice Wheeler, murdered Betty, a close friend, on June 13, 1980, in their hometown of Wylie, Texas. Candy said in a hypnosis session with psychiatrist Dr. Fred Fason that she went to Betty’s house on the day of the murder to pick up a swimsuit for Betty’s daughter, Alisa, who was staying with Candy and her husband, Pat, for the night.

While visiting Betty, Candy was accused of having an affair with her husband, Allan, which Candy admitted to and told Betty happened “a long time ago.” Betty then exited the room and returned with an axe, which she used to threaten Candy with never seeing Allan again, which Candy consented to.

Candy apologised as she picked up Alisa’s swimsuit to leave, which enraged Betty, who shoved her into the utility room. Candy’s toe and head were cut during a scuffle between Candy and Betty. Betty allegedly told Candy that she wanted to “kill” her. Candy was able to wrest the axe away from Betty and use the blade on her before her companion could attack her again during their fight. Candy rushed to flee the room, terrified that she had killed Betty, but Betty stopped her by pressing her body against the door.

Betty told Candy to “shush” during the battle, which enraged Candy and drove her to attack her with the axe until she was “utterly exhausted.” Candy claimed during her hypnosis session that she had had childhood trauma that was triggered when she was taught to “shush.” Allan was out of town on the day Betty was murdered.

He requested the neighbours to check on his wife after he couldn’t reach her via phone. They discovered Betty’s body after forcing their way into the house, as Bethany, Betty and Allan’s 1-year-old infant girl, was crying and awake in her crib in another room at the time of the murder. A three-foot-long axe was found a few feet away from Betty, which authorities alleged Candy used to slash Betty 41 times, including 28 times on her head and face.

How Did Candy Montgomery kill Her Best Friend Betty Gore
Betty Gore With Her Children.

Candy Montgomery: Why Did She Kill Betty Gore?

Candy was tired of dealing with the pressures of being a woman and practically doing everything on her own with just a smile on her face after ten years of marriage, according to the series. That’s when she decided to embark on an adventure and seek companionship in the form of an affair, which led her to Betty’s husband, fellow church member Allan Gore, in the late 1970s.

The relationship between Candy and Allan lasted from December 1978 to October 1979. Despite the fact that Candy had reportedly developed a love for him, they parted ways amicably since they felt it would enhance their respective unions. Betty was hacked to death less than a year later, after Candy went to the Gore house to get a swimsuit for Allan and Betty’s older daughter, who was staying with her brood for the night.

It was unquestionably horrible, but the saddest part was that their baby daughter, 11-month-old Bethany Gore, was left alone in her crib until her mother’s body was discovered 13 hours later. Even though Allan was out of town on July 13th (Friday), he played a key part in the investigation by phoning the authorities and disclosing his previous affair with Candy.

Candy was able to effectively plead self-defense rather than a crime of passion during her trial because both women were fighting for Allan’s attention (like the prosecutors suggested). According to Candy’s narrative, she had a brief talk with Betty on that fateful morning before the latter asked if she was having an affair with her husband.

The housewife didn’t want to lie, so she admitted it quietly and added, “that was a long time ago… “Did Allan tell you?” she asked, prompting her buddy to leave the room and return with an axe in hand. Betty apparently threatened Candy with never seeing Allan again, but since she supposedly had no interest in him anyhow, she made it clear to appear to assist them in reaching an agreement, according to Candy’s evidence.

The pair then proceeded to retrieve the item the former had originally come for, until she clumsily placed a hand over her former lover’s wife’s arm, apologising for her actions. Candy stated that this simple deed caused the schoolteacher to erupt, force her into the utility room, grab the axe she’d left by the door, and rush in after her.

According to Candy’s account, the two women wrestled for dominance in the next minutes, with Betty continuously stating, “You can’t have him” and threatening to “murder” her. The former got her hands on the weapon and struck only once before attempting to flee, but chaos ensued as Betty stopped her route, restarting their struggle.

Candy claimed that her then-foe harshly shushed her at one point, which sparked a painful flashback from her past, causing her to detach and repeatedly axe Betty. As a result, she was found not guilty of first-degree murder.

What Happened to Candy Montgomery
Candy Montgomery

What Happened to Candy Montgomery and Where Is She Now?

What happened to Candy Montgomery? Candy was acquitted of murder charges in October 1980 after an eight-day trial. The defence contended that Candy acted in self-defense while the prosecution argued that Betty was conscious when most of the stabs occurred and that her death was premeditated.

At the trial, psychiatrists testified that Candy experienced a “dissociative reaction” that caused her to repeatedly stab Betty. Betty’s violent threats against Candy were also protected by Texas’ “Stand Your Ground” legislation, which allows the use of lethal force if required to prevent a violent crime.

Candy and her husband, Pat, moved to Georgia shortly after the trial in 1980, according to Texas Monthly. Four years later, they divorced. Candy has returned to her maiden name of Candace Wheeler and continues to work as a mental health counsellor in Georgia with her daughter, Jenny, according to EW.

Biel revealed in a 2022 interview with Entertainment Weekly that she attempted to contact Candy’s representative to see if “she was interested in having any talk whatsoever.” Biel stated, “She was not interested.” To portray Candy, Biel spoke with one of her two lawyers who defended her in her case, Robert Udashen, whom Biel described as a “great reservoir of information” for Candy.

Betty’s argument for Candy drew Biel’s attention, and she explained why. “They lived these very regular, suburban lives for 90% of their lives, and then this strange thing happened,” she remarked. “She has to be loved and likeable and nice and good and someone you can really be behind, and then I still want you to be behind her after this crazy thing happened bizarrely,” she adds.

“I simply felt like I knew her, and pieces of me were parts of her,” Lynskey said about Betty. “You’re living in this mood,” she continued, “and it can feel slightly repetitious at times, but that’s how sadness feels as well.”

Biel also revealed that she sympathises with both Betty and Candy. “There were definitely some themes of fury,” Biel stated. “Undervalued is an excellent word… Loneliness, fury, and, I believe, societal pressure and the need to be flawless.” “There is this pressure on women to do everything and not complain,” Lynskey continued.

Where is Candy Montgomery now

And there was a lot of that at the time and in this town. It’s kind of lovely to witness a tale about two women who are struggling and trying to make the best of their life, but acting out in different ways, coping, not coping, and then it all comes to a head in this horrific way.”

In Candy, Biel also said that there was “a lot of debate” over whether or not to show Betty’s horrific death at all. “The pendulum went this way, then that way, and finally it settled back in the middle,” Biel explained. “Everything we did was based on court documents, so we tried to stay as faithful to her true narrative as possible.”

“I understand the anxiety of presenting something like that because it is so emotional and terrible,” Lynskey continued, “but that is what the tale is about.” This horrible incident occurred. I’m not sure if you want to downplay the harshness of it, how incredibly horrible it was, and how intense it must have been.”

Candy is currently available to watch on Hulu.

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