Crispino Buzon Murder Case: Where is ‘Robert Nydegger’ Today?

Crispino Buzon Murder

Crispino Buzon Murder Case – In connection with a second crime that occurred 23 years ago, a former Navy supervisor who was already serving a jail sentence for murder was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Last month, 63-year-old Robert William Nydegger pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the killing of Crispino Buzon, a 25-year-old Navy corpsman from National City who went missing in April 1987.

In April of 1987, Crispino Buzon, a Navy Corpsman, vanished without a trace from National City, California. Crispino’s remains were discovered in San Bernardino County in 2008, which authorities initially mistook for a typical missing person investigation.

Where Murder Lies: Murderer in the Ranks,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, examines the horrible murder and demonstrates how the murderer was apprehended. Let’s take a closer look at the case and try to figure out where Crispino’s killer is right now.

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Crispino Buzon Murder Case. How Did Crispino Buzon Die
Crispino Buzon

How Did Crispino Buzon Die?

Crispino Buzon, a Navy Corpsman stationed at Balboa Naval Hospital in National City, California, was 25 years old at the time of his murder. Crispino was described by his friends and family as a generous, kind-hearted, and helpful person who would often go out of his way to aid those in need. Crispino was married, but his wife lived in the Philippines, and the Navy Corpsman was doing everything he could to get her to America.

However, all of his dreams for the future were dashed when he was killed in a terrible crime. Crispino was last seen on April 24, 1987, when he went to a restaurant in National City with a coworker for dinner. Crispino was meant to fly to the Philippines the next day, but he never got around to boarding the plane.

Crispino’s family became concerned after receiving no news from him for several days, and they contacted the police. Authorities searched every avenue in their quest for the Navy Corpsman, including conducting many interviews, but to no effect.

Furthermore, searching the surrounding areas yielded no results because Crispino was nowhere to be seen. Authorities discovered human remains in San Bernardino County, California, after the case had been cold for years. Crispino’s bones were identified as Crispino’s, despite the fact that they were nearly decayed, and authorities realised they were dealing with a homicide.

Robert Nydegger
Robert Nydegger

Who Killed Crispino Buzon and Why?

Crispino’s death was investigated by the police with very little information at the time. For starters, Crispino was seen as amiable and did not harbour any grudges that could lead to bloodshed. Furthermore, most of Crispino’s acquaintances stated that he had no known adversaries and preferred to be in the good graces of the majority.

The police investigated his relationship with his wife and were startled to hear that he was scheduled to leave for the Philippines the day after his murder; however, Crispino never made it to the flight, prompting officials to suspect foul play.

Crispino was last seen with Robert Nydegger, according to sources, when the two went out to supper. Crispino’s boss at the Balboa Naval Hospital was Robert, and the two seemed to get along swimmingly. Authorities discovered that Crispino had told Robert about his plans to bring his wife home during the investigation. Surprisingly, Robert, who had a few connections, decided to pitch in, and the dinner became a celebration.

Officers also discovered that the victim stole $3000 from his grandfather to pay Robert for his assistance. Robert became a top suspect after he was last seen with Crispino. Despite the fact that Crispino’s things were discovered disposed of near Robert’s wife’s house a few weeks after his disappearance, officials had no proof linking Robert to the disappearance. As a result, the case went unsolved for years.

Finally, in 2008, when police discovered human remains in San Bernardino County and identified them as Crispino’s, they made a big breakthrough. Robert was already serving a jail sentence at the time, having been convicted of a separate murder case in 1991.

What Has Happened to Robert Nydegger and Where Is He Now?

Robert Nydegger pled guilty to second-degree murder in court in 2010 and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. The judge also stated that this sentence would run concurrently with his previous term of 25 years to life in prison. Robert became eligible for parole in 2014; however, his application was denied, and he remains detained at the California State Prison Solano in Vacaville.

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