Has ‘Kayla Berg’ been found or not? Read Her Missing Updates 2023

has kayla berg been found

Kayla Berg: Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive? Let’s check out about her. Kayla Berg, a fifteen-year-old gymnast, goes missing after a night out, and her family assumes she’s staying with friends. Six days pass, and the specifics of her last known locations create suspicion in her small community.

Show: Disappeared
Air date: 4 June 2017
Season 8 Episode 10

Kayla Berg’s summer vacation came to an end in August 2009 when she mysteriously vanished in Wausau, Wisconsin. The subsequent hunt for her has been hampered by a scarcity of reliable leads and information about her whereabouts. ‘Disappeared: The Last Summer‘ on Investigation Discovery sheds insight on the circumstances behind Kayla’s disappearance and how the case proceeded.

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What Happened to Kayla Berg

Kayla Berg: What Happened to Her?

Kayla May Berg was born and raised in Antigo, Wisconsin. The 15-year-old was characterised as a kind and caring adolescent who interacted with everyone. Kayla was a member of the dance team in school, was looking forward to joining the gymnastics team, and aspired to be a choreographer when she grew up. Kayla’s parents were divorced at the time, but they had an open-door policy, so she and her brother would frequently move between their parents’ homes whenever they wished.

On the night of August 11, 2009, Kayla’s mother, Hope, communicated with her daughter. She had been staying at her father’s house and was intending to see some friends, according to Hope. James, her older brother, recalled speaking with her that night. Kayla, on the other hand, was never heard from again. There was some confusion between the parents at the time. Hope didn’t report her daughter missing for another six days.

Kayla Berg with her mother Hope Berg
Kayla Berg with her mother Hope Berg

Is Kayla Berg Still Alive or Dead? Missing Update

Kayla was initially thought to be a runaway, but two days later, she was elevated to a missing person. She was with a friend of her brother’s, Kevin Kielcheski, on the evening of August 11, 2009, according to the inquiry. Kevin, who was 24 at the time, drove Kayla around Antigo for a bit before dropping her off at her boyfriend’s house in Wausau, about 40 minutes away, between 9 and 11 p.m.

Kevin reported at the time that the lights in the house were turned off and that no one appeared to be inside. He didn’t even notice Kayla walk in. Hope subsequently recalled that Kayla was aware of her boyfriend’s relocation and had even visited the new residence.

“For her to be dumped off late at night, at his old, abandoned house, with no one there?” she continued. I’m not able to see it.” Authorities first suspected Kayla’s acquaintances of suppressing information about her whereabouts; however, this idea was disproved as time passed.

That night, the boyfriend denied ever seeing Kayla. Kevin was then charged with second-degree reckless endangerment in October 2009. The two were apparently smoking marijuana the night Kayla vanished. However, due to a lack of evidence, the accusations were dismissed in July 2011.

Authorities have continued to investigate Kayla’s disappearance as an ongoing missing case in the years since she went missing, and they have received various tips. Nothing has, however, proven concrete enough to bring them to Kayla’s location. Kevin has reportedly ceased cooperating with the investigators, despite the fact that he is not a suspect in the case. A video from October 2009 surfaced in 2016, showing a girl who looked similar to Kayla confined in a basement. This, however, was eventually revealed to be a hoax.

Kayla Berg Video

Kayla’s mother remained hopeful that her daughter was still alive, but believed she had been kidnapped. “Someone doesn’t just vanish off the face of the world,” Hope continued. I believe something awful occurred, but I cannot be certain. Then there’s the hope and faith that she’s safe somewhere and that we’ll be able to bring her home. When something like this happens, a lot of thoughts pass through your head.”

Kayla Berg would have turned 28+ today. Please call the Antigo Police Department at (715) 627-6411 if you have any information about her disappearance.

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