Dennis and Susan Goins Murders: Where is Gary Goins Today?

Dennis and Susan Goins Murders

Dennis and Susan Goins Murders: Where is Gary Goins Now? – Gary Goins, the brother of Dennis Goins, brutally murdered Susan and Dennis Goins, a newlywed couple from Oregon, in their home in October 2011. Susan Goins’ coworker informed authorities that she wouldn’t be arriving at work, and this led them to the couple’s home, where they found Susan’s body in the driveway and Dennis’ body inside.

The investigation into Dennis and Susan Goins’ deaths is the subject of Investigation Discovery’s episode “Married Into Murder.” If you want to learn more about Susan and Dennis Goins’ murder case, keep reading below.

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How Did Dennis and Susan Goins Die

How Did Susan and Dennis Goins Pass Away?

Dennis Goins worked for a number of tech companies in Silicon Valley, California, and eventually became very wealthy when one of those businesses went public. The 63-year-old enjoyed the outdoors and golfing, frequently going hunting near Grants Pass, Oregon. Dennis and Susan, who was 53 at the time of the incident, had been wed for around 18 months. The pair appeared to be doing well at the time, and she was employed as a veterinary technician.

When Susan failed to arrive for work on October 24, 2011, one of her coworkers phoned 911 to check on her welfare. Susan’s body was discovered by the police, hidden beneath a tarp outside the house on the driveway. She had received a headshot. The police entered and discovered Dennis’ body on the ground floor. He had also received a headshot. 20-gauge shotgun was the murder weapon.

Who Killed Dennis and Susan Goins

Who Killed Susan and Dennis Goins?

The pair was allegedly murdered on October 21, 2011, in the late afternoon or early evening, according to the authorities. That afternoon, Susan had spoken to her daughter, but the Goinses didn’t hear from them again. Although the investigators could not determine who was slain first, they thought Susan was the victim of an ambush. According to the show, Dennis was discovered next to the gun safe, and the crime appeared to be robbery-related. It’s possible that he was coerced into opening it before he died. The police then discovered that Dennis and Gary Goins had a history of conflict.

Gary was dissatisfied that he did not receive a portion of the fortune after their father passed away in 2008. According to the program, Dennis was the account’s executor. Dennis declined to grant Gary’s request for $100,000 from that account and said he would lend Gary the money instead. Gary threatened Susan and Dennis after what transpired with the inheritance, according to Kerstin Lynn Gianni, Dennis’ daughter from a previous marriage. He allegedly said, “I will hunt you down and find you; I will study your routines and then assassinate you.” according to court filings.

In February 2008, Gary threatened to kill Kerstin as well because she was Dennis’ daughter; Kerstin continued. The investigation also showed that Susan had been worried about Gary’s threats and was terrified of him. Dennis’ buddy Rick Beach also claimed that Gary repeatedly threatened his brother and demanded money. Days after the deaths were found, the authorities in Placerville, California, detained Gary since all signs pointed to him. He, however, vehemently denied any involvement in the killing.

Where is Gary Goins Today

Where is Gary Goins Now?

According to the program, Gary Goins stated that from October 20 to October 23, 2011, he spent time at a friend’s residence around six hours away. On October 22, 2011, the companion claimed to the police that Gary had not arrived till mid-morning. Police discovered a shotgun underneath the futon on which Gary was sleeping. An examination of Gary’s home and bank records also revealed that he had recently acquired some cash.

Finally, one of Gary’s pals discovered a gun concealed in his home, wrapped in a shirt. The weapon was found to be the one that was gone from Dennis’ home’s safety, and the shirt bore Dennis’ DNA. Gary was found guilty of one count of first-degree robbery and four charges of aggravated murder in May 2015 when he was 62 years old. He was then given a life sentence in prison with no chance of release. According to the records, Gary is still a prisoner in the Ontario, Oregon-based Snake River Correctional Institution.

This Thursday, September 15, 2022, watch Married to Murder on Investigation Discovery to discover more about the case.

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