Free Guy (2021) Comedy Movie Reviews & Ending Explained

Free Guy (2021) Comedy Movie Reviews

As a player, have you ever paid attention to the Non-Playable Characters (NPC) in an open-world video game? If that’s the case, Shawn Levy’s action blockbuster romantic comedy “Free Guy” has plenty of magnificent action and glitchy shenanigans in store for you.

aIn the ultraviolent metropolis of Free City, where men who wear goggles are heroes, the plot follows a man, with a good heart who is a banker.

Guy’s world is turned upside down after meeting the girl of his dreams and breaking free from the chains of the code.

Aside from its perplexing concept, the film features cerebral driving sequences and big battles to keep genre fans pleased — all topped off with a bubble gum-flavoured romance in the midst.

This is where we come in if you’re looking to understand the film’s finality.


FREE GUY 2021 20th Century Studios film with Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds
2GCNEKH FREE GUY 2021 20th Century Studios film with Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds

Movie: Free Guy
Release date:
13 August 2021 (USA)
Director: Shawn Levy
Box office: $331.5 million
Story by: Matt Lieberman
Distributed by: 20th Century Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Synopsis of the Comedy/Action Movie “Free Guy” (2021)

The adventure starts in Free City, where criminals and vandals are out of control. People who wear sunglasses have superhuman abilities and do not communicate with regular people.

Guy gets out of bed, greets his goldfish Goldie, searches his closet for blue shirts, and goes to work at a bank.

He goes to the cafe every day for a medium coffee with cream and two sugars, saying, ‘Don’t have a bad day, have a GREAT day!’ The bank is robbed, as it is every day, and Buddy, Guy’s security guard, is powerless to stop it.

Even in the middle of the robbery, Guy continues to root for the girl of his dreams. A player dubbed Molotovgirl arrives in town, seeking to get into Revenjamin Buttons’ stash house, while Guy and Buddy plan on getting drinks later that night.

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Guy encounters her while strolling through the city, and after concluding that she is the girl of his dreams, Guy pursues her to the Multiplayer Arena, where he gets trampled by a freight train.

Guy feels compelled to do things differently when he wakes up the next morning.

Meanwhile, we learn that Free City is a video game with Guy as a non-playable character. Guy experiences his enlightenment after receiving a sunglass from a gamer.

Millie is Molotovgirl, and she and her closest buddy Keys are the creators of the original game ‘Life Itself.’

However, Antwan, their Soonami Studios publisher, has created ‘Free City‘ using the code of ‘Life Itself.’

However, vestiges of the original can be found in ‘Free City,’ prompting Antwan to abandon the original in favour of a buggy sequel. Millie strives to uncover the source code in the game world, collaborating with Guy, who is probably the world’s first independent AI.

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Who Created Guy, the ‘Free Guy’ Movie Ending What’s Guy’s Goal in Life?

Guy was developed by Keys as a love letter to Millie, as we learn at the conclusion of the film. Guy and Millie have a lot of interests, such as Bubble Gum flavoured ice cream and swings, right from the start.

Guy, on the other hand, should have no ice-cream tastes because he is nothing more than a code. Guy was given a feeling of purpose by Keys while he was being created, as he later reveals.

Guy, unlike other NPCs, has a lengthy backstory. His objective is to meet the girl of his dreams and escape the monotony of everyday life.

Guy’s life is brought to fullness when he meets Millie, and he begins to build his own neural network. He also gets the sunglasses from one of the bank’s players and has a new perspective on the city.

Guy transforms into a superhero with the sunglasses on, yet he is unable to harm others. As a result, Millie advises him to save others in order to gain experience points. Guy levels up quickly now that he has a goal and a plan, and he becomes a viral sensation.

Antwan places a few stumbling hurdles in Guy’s path, but they aren’t too difficult for him to overcome.

Finally, Guy crosses the bridge to the secret place Millie and Keys devised together. Millie speaks to Antwan in the server room on the other side of the accomplishment, who has destroyed the majority of Free City 1’s servers.

Millie and Antwan come to an agreement, allowing her to keep the remaining bits of Free City 1. Keys and Millie rewrite the virtual environment from scratch, keeping all of the original NPCs.

Guy tells Millie that now that he has served his purpose of becoming a love letter, he is free to do anything he wants in the virtual world.

What Happens to Millie?

Guy and Millie come from separate worlds and realise they can’t be together. Millie made the game, but she can’t spend her entire life inside of it.

Millie does, however, eventually figure out who is behind Guy’s avatar. The majority of the game’s code was written by MIT alumnus Keys, who also included Millie’s preferences. As a result, every NPC receives a medium coffee with cream and two sugars, just like Millie.

Guy also like bubblegum ice cream, which Millie considers to be a strange taste. Despite the fact that Keys and Millie have known each other for a long time, Keys has never expressed his emotions for Millie openly.

At the last time, she realises Keys’ feelings – and rushes out to the coffee shop. From across the street, Millie and Keys exchange glances, and we suspect Millie and Keys will end up together.

Is Buddy Dead or Alive in Free Guy Movie

Is Buddy Still Alive or Does he need to be Resurrected?

Buddy, a security guard who is particularly opposed to gun violence, is Guy’s only friend in the game. When they get at Revenjamin Button’s stash home, he pulls his rifle from its holster for the first time.

As a result, Buddy emerges as one of the game’s and movie’s most appealing characters. The Guy is left alone to complete the journey to the other side after Millie vanishes after Antwan cancels all player accounts.

Things look bad when Antwan sends out DUDE, a beefed-up Guy.

Guy and Buddy begin strolling through the bridge after DUDE leaves Guy’s trail after getting the sunglass. With his back against the wall, Antwan picks up an axe and proceeds to the server room to destroy the servers, not expecting Guy to come this far.

The bridge, like the in-game environment, falls apart. Buddy and Guy flee, but Buddy lags behind, withering like pixelated dust in thin air.

Buddy is still alive and well on the new planet, according to the conclusion. Parts of the game are reprogrammed, and Buddy is rebuilt as a result.

Can I Watch ‘Free Guy’ On Netflix?

No, Free Guy is not available on Netflix. A quick reminder of certain Hollywood business activities is required for the longer but somewhat more complicated answer.

Disney bought Fox in 2019, specifically the movie companies 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight.

While Free Guy is legally a Disney film, it is owned by 20th Century Studios (the renamed name). This indicates that Free Guy will bypass Netflix (at least for now) in favour of Disney Plus and/or Hulu as a streaming option.

However, there is some good news: Free Guy is now available for streaming on Disney Plus for all users at no additional cost.