Recap and Ending Explanation of ‘Bel-Air’ Episode 5 ‘PA to LA’

Bel-Air Episode 5 Recap

The setting of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ was necessarily limited because it is a sitcom. The reboot, being an updated and dramatised version, does not have the same issue.

This has allowed ‘Bel-Air‘ to more authentically reflect the Banks family’s wealth and power. Everything about them is huge and bright, perfectly resonating with the excess associated with Los Angeles’ upper class.

Will Smith (Jabari Banks) learns that Rashad has been killed in Peacock’s Episode 4 of ‘Bel-Air.’ Which effectively eliminates Will’s motivation to remain in Bel Air.

Will is compelled to make decisions that will have long-term ramifications in his personal and school lives as soon as the series begins to address this problem. Here’s all you need to know about the 5th episode of ‘Bel-Air.’


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Bel-Air Episode 5 Ending

Recap of Bel-Air Episode 5

Tray arrives in Los Angeles from Philadelphia in Episode 5, titled ‘PA to LA.’ Like Will before him, he is captivated with the Banks family’s riches and the access it offers them.

Phil (Adrian Holmes) arranges for him and Will to attend a D Smoke concert as VIP guests. They even get to interact with the well-known rapper.

[In the original series, Will had a friend named Tray, however, he is known as Ice Tray. In a season 1 episode, he is played by a young Don Cheadle]. Will and Tray in ‘Bel-Air‘ are overjoyed to be reunited.

However, Tray quickly understands that Will has reservations about returning to West Philly, and a feud between the two childhood friends emerges.

Tray returns to Philadelphia sooner than expected as a result of this. Meanwhile, Hilary (Coco Jones) prepares to shift to the Crib of Influence’s new house. Her parents throw a meal for her future housemates, and they learn that these influencers are highly capable.

The head of the house, Kylo, is a lifestyle vlogger. A travel vlogger is also present. Monica, the third team member, is a “leading sex-positive relationship counsellor.”

Furthermore, there are African-American brothers Jared and Nathan, who are stuntmen and pranksters. During the meal, they play a practical joke on the Banks family, further upsetting them about Hilary’s impending future.

Tray discloses to Carlton why Will is in Bel-Air and how Phil pulled some ropes to get Will out of police custody while inebriated.

Carlton confronts both his father and Will, telling the latter to keep his distance from him and Lisa. Monica is approached by Ashley (Akira Akbar).

It’s a moment that could easily have gone wrong, but ‘Bel-Air’ creators handle it with care, and the entire chat ends up being rather enlightening — not just for Ashley, but also for audience members who may be suffering with similar challenges.

Ashley later confides in Hilary about her love for her female buddy. Viv initially has difficulty returning to her artistic sensibility.

Reid Broderick, who appears to be an art dealer, meets her. They also seem to have a past together. Reid informs Viv that he has reserved a seat for her in his art gallery. Viv is inspired to finish her first piece in years as a result of this.

Does Will Go Back to West Philadelphia

Will ‘Will Smith’ Return to West Philadelphia in Bel-Air Episode 5?

When Viv realises that Will must return to West Philadelphia because the situation there has been settled — although violently — she approaches her sister about extending Will’s stay in Bel-Air. Vy, on the other hand, dismisses the concept right away.

Her spouse abandoned her and Will when he was still a child. It’s just been her and her son since then. They’ve been apart for the past few weeks, which is possibly the longest they’ve ever been apart.

Will, on the other hand, learns in this episode that he can’t go back to his old life. Bel Air presents him with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and opens up a world of possibilities for him in the future.

Tray notices his closest friend’s scepticism and deduces that he has already made up his mind. They fight, and Tray flees. Will later speaks with his mother and informs her that he does not want to return to Philadelphia.

He informs her, in an emotional scene, that she always encouraged him to learn about the world outside of West Philly. And living in Bel Air will provide him with the opportunity to accomplish just that. Vy’s heart is plainly broken, but she understands her son’s decision.

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