God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained: Who Was Murdered In The End?

God's Crooked Lines ending explained

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained: Oriol Paulo’s thriller God’s Crooked Lines (Los renglones torcidos de Dios) features a cast that includes Bárbara Lennie, Eduard Fernández, and Loreto Mauleón. The 155-minute film is an adaptation of Torcuato Luca de Tena’s novel of the same name. Oriol Paola is the director of the Netflix Drama Thriller movie “God’s Crooked Lines.”

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God's Crooked Lines Plot Story

What Is the Story of “God’s Crooked Lines” About?

Dr. E. Donadio, the physician who recommended Alice be admitted to the hospital, wrote a letter to Samuel Alvar, the asylum’s director, cautioning him about Alice’s intelligence and pleading with him not to believe her lies, no matter how persuasive they may sound. She wanted the hospital to believe that her husband had kidnapped her legitimately despite the fact that she had repeatedly been hospitalised for attempting to poison her spouse. His goal was to take over the management of her substantial estate.

Alice responded to all queries and said that her husband had decided not to involve the authorities in the poisoning case. By doing this, he would no longer be the only one with authority over her wealth, and the court would not name him as her guardian. Alice was incredibly persuasive. Anyone would be inclined to believe her account given her expressive eyes and intelligent responses. When Alice first encountered Monserrat, the facility’s deputy director, she immediately felt sympathetic toward her.

Alice came from a wealthy household and was attractive and intelligent. The main reason Monserrat sought to meet her every need was because she was different from the other residents of the facility. She was permitted to bring a psychological book with her. She had newspaper cuttings about Damian Garcia del Olmo’s suicide, the case she was looking into, inside the book.

Ignacio Urquieta, a prisoner who admitted his mental instability and received special privileges for his exemplary behaviour, was a friend of Alice’s. Additionally, she grew close to the Romulus and Remus twin brothers, who were born there. Romulus had grown up thinking one of the asylum’s girls was his sister, and he would do anything to keep her safe.

He would assault anyone who dared to call her his sister, even though she wasn’t really his sister. Romulus thought Alice was their mother and admired her. Alice questioned whether Damian had ever upset Romulus and whether this could have contributed to the murder. She was also keeping an eye on Luis Ojeda since he had regularly tried to abuse her sexually. The “elephant man,” who was always by his side and shielded him from any harm, was always with him.

During her consultation, she mentioned to Dr. Arellano that her husband, Heliodoro had no interest in having kids. She did not have any mistrust for him, but she would not be shocked if he had an affair. She, however, was entirely devoted to him despite having a large number of admirers. She explained how she detested looking in the mirror and how proud she was of herself for striving for improvement. It becomes clear that Arellano has gradually changed his mind. He gained an emotional attachment to her and began to trust her. He didn’t hesitate when she requested him to give her the keys to the staff bathroom, and she took advantage of it.

She gave herself time to rummage through the archive and locate the list of patients who were permitted to depart on the day of the suicide/murder by clogging a commode. Alice thought the murderer’s letter to Damian’s father was written by a person with schizophrenia because it was addressed to him. Ignacio was the only one permitted to leave the facility that day, so she had her doubts about him. Alice’s scepticism was strengthened when Ignacio revealed that he was permitted to leave the property whenever his sister visited him.

The most crucial query was whether he had schizophrenia or not. She knew he was the one because she could see the fear in his eyes, but she subsequently found out that it was actually rain that was causing him anxiety. Ignacio had a fear of water, but he wasn’t mentally ill. She then spoke with Ignacio about the issue and revealed that only Dr. Alvar was aware of her covert research and had given her permission to solve the case by residing with the patients.

It becomes increasingly difficult to discount Alice’s assertion as “God’s Crooked Lines” develops. Her commitment to cracking the case and her participation in the seminars proved her mental stability and wit. But it was hard to disregard what Dr. Donadio had to say. Was Alice telling the truth, or was she confusing the audience and the doctors with her statements? Did her spouse put her in the hospital so he could inherit her money?

How Did Alice Prove That She Was A Private Investigator

What Evidence Did Alice Provide That She Was A Private Detective?

Luis was gone the night of the event, as Alice learned from her talk with Ignacio. To locate him, she followed him into the forest. She ran into Romulus and his sister in the woods. He had constructed a temporary home for them, which served as a haven. She was spending time with Romulus when she heard odd sounds. Knowing that someone was listening in on their talk, she decided to follow the noise. Luis attacked her shortly after, and she scarcely recalls what happened after that. Her hands and legs were bound when she awoke in the hospital bed.

Arellano clarified that the fact that Luis’ body was discovered adjacent to hers made her the main suspect in the crime. She remembered how just as Luis was about to rape her, someone else stepped in to save her and killed him. However, she couldn’t recall who had killed Luis. Alice was relieved to see Dr. Alvar there because she was anxious to be let go. She brought up the letters they had written concerning the murder inquiry, but he didn’t appear to remember them at all. When he ignored their correspondence, she became irritated. He further denied having discussed the matter with Dr. Garcia del Olmo at any time.

It was all a trap, she realized after being utterly disturbed. Her husband got her inside the facility by making her think that she was looking into a case. They were making an effort to forcibly keep her inside now that she had been accepted. Following her assault on Dr. Alvar, she was placed in isolation. Later, she was able to persuade Monserrat to accompany her to a board meeting where she could present her case. She informed the board that Dr. Donadio had not actually written the letter he had sent. She continued by saying that although her husband knew she was going to Buenos Aires for a few days, he was unaware that she was checking herself into the hospital.

He was duped into signing the consent form by her. She also proved that she had made up the story that her husband had tried to poison her to go into the asylum. She was afraid that if she brought up the case with the institution, they would reject it by saying that it was all in her head. However, she felt the need to come clean at this point, so she gave a thorough account of how Dr. del Olmo had gotten in touch with her and requested that she look into the death of his son. He never thought that his son had killed himself. She investigated the matter thoroughly and came to the conclusion that one of Dr. del Olmo’s patients was the murderer.

She researched paranoid to convince the doctors she had a mental condition so they would let her into the hospital. She then asked Dr. Donadio, their medical professional, to vouch for her condition. She used a passage from the sealed letter as evidence that she was the author of the letter that Dr. Donadio signed. She concluded that everything was a performance and that she wasn’t mentally ill. She proved that Dr. Alvar was lying when he said he did not know her since he was complicit in fabricating documents to let her into the asylum and did not want to be exposed for it.

Dr. Alvar disproved her assertion, accusing her of coercing his medical staff and looking into a case that had already been resolved. He thought Alice was a narcissist who could easily convince those around her of her innocence but who tended to become aggressive when someone didn’t conform to her. Dr. Alvar came to the additional conclusion that she may have poisoned her spouse out of desperation. She preferred him to her other suitors because of his attractiveness. But after getting married to him, she understood that he wasn’t really there for her, but rather for her money.

He was lucky enough to survive each time she tried to poison him. However, she quickly learned that her husband knew she was responsible for the poisoning, and she was aware that she would face consequences for her crime. She made up a rationale for why she needed to check into the asylum because she could not accept that she was mentally unstable. She tricked herself into thinking she was going in as a private detective rather than a patient. Such gave her comfort because she had the advantage in that situation. Monserrat and Arellano rejected it even if Dr. Alvar’s hypothesis made sense. They sought confirmation of every fact.

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained

God’s Crooked Lines Ending Explained: Who Was ultimately killed?

The facility invited Dr. del Olmo to the asylum to confirm Alice’s assertion. He was present when Ignacio revealed that Alice did not kill Luis. Alice concurred with Ignacio’s claim that Luis’s death was the result of an accident. To protect the reputation of the facility, the police were excluded from the case. Dr. del Olmo was seen by Alice, but she didn’t identify him. She gazed at the man in front of her in surprise when he informed her that he was the man she had identified as her customer. She yelled that the man in the room was not the one who introduced himself as Dr. del Olmo.

She was informed by Arellano and Monserrat that the man was actually Dr. del Olmo. The individuals who had previously trusted Alice were now questioning her, and Alice could see that she was visibly scared and bewildered. She could also see that the story she had constructed was disintegrating. She contemplated what the truth truly was during her torturous treatment and unconsciously understood that the truth might be whatever she wanted it to be. She, therefore, began anew at the beginning. She reviewed the complete account again and sought to determine where she had erred.

She understood that the man posing as Dr. del Olmo was someone her husband had chosen to deceive her. Heliodoro dragged her into the inquiry so she would voluntarily check herself into the asylum just to be imprisoned there for the rest of her life. Now that she was aware of the truth, she persuaded Monserrat and Arellano once more of her innocence. She thought that Drs had demonstrated her mental instability. Donadio, Heliodoro, and even Dr. Alvar. She asked Monserrat and Arellano to look into her bank account since it would prove she was telling the truth if her money was missing.

However, the bank declined to provide any information because they had no reason to doubt that she was mentally ill. Arellano visited Alice’s home to ascertain his uncertainty and learned that her spouse had left. As suspicions grew, Monserrat learned that Heliodoro had given a sizeable payment to the asylum. With sufficient evidence, Monserrat and Arellano were able to accept Alice’s story that she had been duped into being sent to the hospital.

In the interim, Alice spoke to every inmate of the asylum and begged them for assistance in aiding her escape from the establishment. She requested that Ignacio give him his lighter, and as she did so, she started a fire that caused complete havoc. She was now in the ideal position to depart. She discovered that Romulus had been killed just as she was preparing to leave. She decided to look into the matter, and to do so, she interacted with the coroner and used her identity to get inside the building.

She examined Romulus’ body and came to the conclusion that it had been crushed by a heavy item, as evidenced by the depressed chest and numerous fractured bones. She concluded that Romulus had been killed by the “elephant man.” The man had always liked Romulus’ sister, but he was unable to approach her, therefore his affection remained unrequited. Luis, the sole person he could refer to as his best friend, was stolen from him.

She continued by saying that Romulus had killed Luis that day in the forest in order to defend her. He had sufficient reasons to despise Romulus as a result, and he used the upheaval to commit suicide. He was detained for the crime because his hands contained the glass wounds that Alice had foreseen. Alice’s intelligence left an impression on the cops. She identified herself as a private eye who was being imprisoned in the asylum against her choice.

The police had grounds to suspect Dr. Alvar, despite his efforts to claim differently. They claimed that after Arellano went to the bank and asked them to investigate, they checked her account. They discovered that she had been declared legally disabled, which allowed her husband to empty all of her bank accounts. The police took up her case, and the asylum’s staff requested in a letter to the municipal council that Dr. Alvar be fired as the corrupt director of the facility.

Later, we find out that Remus, not Romulus, was killed that night by the “elephant man,” not Romulus. When the fire broke out, Romulus went to save his sister, but the “elephant man” thought Remus was Romulus and killed him. As their mother figure and possessor of the knowledge, Alice claimed to be able to tell Romulus from Remus.

Romulus might have wanted Remus to survive, and the fact that people thought he was still alive may have helped Romulus deal with the loss. After her release, Alice agreed to pay him a visit. To discuss her case, she was brought before the medical board. The only information they had about Monserrat’s missing husband was that he had boarded a ship somewhere in South Asia. Dr. Donadio’s simultaneous presence in Zurich, according to Alice, was not a coincidence. They both intended to show she was insane.

Dr. Alvar was still not persuaded; in his opinion, all Alice could prove was that her husband had withdrawn the money from her account; they lacked any evidence that he had devised the evil scheme to have her admitted to the asylum. However, Dr. Alvar made the decision to abstain from voting and invited the rest of the faculty to make the choice. He asked them to substitute his resignation letter for his expulsion letter in case they decided to vote her insane. The board decided in Alice’s favour and pronounced her to be sane.

Who is Dr. Donadio

Dr. Alvar mentioned speaking with Dr. Donadio before leaving the facility. After attending the meeting in Zurich, the man and his wife left on a trip. They believed he had escaped, but in fact, he never got any of their letters. Dr. Alvar had asked Dr. Donadio to come and explain the situation before the board. It turned out that Dr. Donadio was the Dr. del Olma that Alice had pictured. Alice stared at him in horror and bewilderment as he entered and questioned what problem she had gotten herself into.

The audience’s interpretation is left up to them in “God’s Crooked Lines.” By the movie’s end, it wasn’t easy to believe Alice after all the times she altered her story. She made herself believe that the truth was whatever she wanted it to be when the story she had created fell short after Dr. del Olma’s visit, further demonstrating her warped perception of reality. She assumed that her husband had paid someone to pose as Dr. del Olma when she realized that he was not the man she knew as Dr. del Olma.

The man she pictured as Dr. del Olma was actually Dr. Donadio. She must have met Dr. Donadio because he served as their family physician, but she purposefully misrepresented the facts. If this is the case, we can infer that Alice poisoned her husband when she realized he was only interested in her money and wasn’t in love with her. After consulting Dr. Donadio and arranging for her hospital admission, he withdrew the entire amount from her account and fled the country. Naturally, her husband was unreliable and did not hesitate to exploit her mental fragility.

If we choose to believe Alice, she is likely to assert that the individual who identified himself as Dr. Donadio was lying. Even so, it seems unlikely that he would make up his identity. It’s not impossible that Dr. Donadio’s report on poisoning was fraudulent and that Heliodoro paid him well for it. They may have even used her mental state against her to establish her guilt. Even though it meant putting someone in the hospital against her will, he did it to profit from the lawsuit.

Despite the possibility of a grand plan, Alice’s look after “God’s Crooked Lines” suggests that she is having trouble understanding reality. After a brief moment of surprise, she glanced at him with a different expression, showing that she was busy formulating an explanation for her version of the truth. “God’s crooked lines” teases the audience’s thoughts until the very end, and the ambiguous conclusion heightens the intrigue.

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