“It’s A Wonderful Binge” Ending Explained: Do Andrew and Kimmi get back together?

The Binge 2 It's A Wonderful Binge ending explained

The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge – “The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge,” the follow-up to 2020’s movie “The Binge.” The writer-director Jordan VanDina reunites the nefarious best friends Hags (Dexter Darden) and Andrew (Eduardo Franco) in “It’s a Wonderful Binge,” the follow-up to “The Binge,” for a night of revelry and mayhem.

This time, Christmas Eve has been designated as the only day of the year when drugs and alcohol are permissible. However, Hags and Andrew are currently facing adult obstacles: Hags has been seeing Sarah (Zainne Saleh) for a while, but his plans to pop the question are derailed when her family heirloom engagement ring goes missing. In contrast, Andrew chooses to take his own life in the George Bailey fashion because he feels so unwelcome in his chaotic and volatile family. That is until an unexpected Angel (a humorous Danny Trejo) tries to convince Andrew of the worth of his life.

While everyone is having fun, Kimmi (Marta Piekarz) and Sarah strive to find the town’s Christmas owl and conceal Kimmi’s uncle, an escaped criminal. For filthy chuckles, VanDina’s humor parodies many holiday films, from It’s a Wonderful Life” to “The Christmas Chronicles.”

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The Binge 2 It's A Wonderful Binge Plot Synopsis

“The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge” Plot synopsis

The narrator of “It’s a Wonderful Binge” introduces another annual day that everyone celebrates as “The Binge,” giving the populace a total of 24 hours to partake in as much drinking and drugging as they choose. Hags inform Andrew that he will ask Sarah to marry him and queries whether or not he’ll also ask Kimmi to marry him. However, there is a difficult time for Andrew and Kimmi right now.

Kimmi’s mother, Mayor Spengler, is hard at work getting ready for the holiday gathering “Winter Wonderland” and the speech she’ll be giving. Spengler assigns Kimmi to catch the Christmas owl after it escapes from the cage next to her and takes flight. Hags meet Sarah’s father and inform him that he wants to wed Sarah. The granny presents the dad with a family ring with a lot of history connected, and he is thrilled and unconcerned.

Hags end up using drugs with Sarah’s grandma at the dinner later on and misplace the ring she gave him. Sarah and Kimmi follow him as he exits the meal to look for the ring because she thinks he’s cheating on her. Kimmi’s uncle Kris, who escaped prison to celebrate Christmas with his niece and sister while also stealing a police car, is among them.

Andrew rushes out of his house when his dads and other family members cause a great uproar at the meal. He is ultimately attacked by the owl and knocked to the ground by the bridge, where a man is living in a tent. He brings Andrew inside, and the two of them go on a binge together. They become so drunk that they begin to experience simulations of Andrew’s loved ones’ lives as they might have been if he had never been born.

They follow their hallucinations to the same orphanage Hags visited in order to retrieve the present box containing the ring. Additionally, Kimmi and Sarah show up, and eventually, Hags, Andrew, the tent man, and Kris are all put in jail. In the meantime, Mayor Spengler’s Winter Wonderland event is a mess due to the owl’s continued mischief, numerous binge-goers, and the event itself.

Andrew is shocked and delighted when his family arrives at the police station to free him and the others. The owl eventually shows up as they all proceed to the ceremony. Even if Hags doesn’t have the ring when he proposes to Sarah, they are joyful.

Mayor Spengler declares her withdrawal from the race. The Christmas miracle and joyful reunions that mark the conclusion of “It’s a Wonderful Binge” see Andrew and Kimmi reuniting and sharing a tender kiss.

It's A Wonderful Binge ending explained

“The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge” Ending Explained

According to what we know after seeing the movie, Hags (Dexter Darden) encounters numerous difficulties while trying to pop the question to Sarah, the love of his life. He initially misplaces the customary ring and puts off the proposal, which he is already quite hesitant to accept. Then, as a result of his unpredictable and dubious behavior (doing drugs with Sarah’s grandmother), he sows the seed of suspicion in Sarah’s mind that her partner is infidelity.

Along with Kimmy, the bewildered girlfriend decides to follow Hags and discover the true motivation behind his dubious deeds. Later, they team up with notorious Uncle Kris (Nick Swardson), who has just escaped from prison.

On the other hand, Andrew (Eduardo Francoends himself on a bridge after having a serious yet humorous quarrel with his family. He discovers that an owl, who later turns out to be the most sought-after Christmas bird, is attacking him. Additionally, the good-natured young man falls off the bridge before being saved by Angel (Danny Trejo).

They begin using hallucination-inducing drugs together inside a tent (yes, literally) and end up getting so high that Andrew sees his other life events—obviously in black and white. Hags, Sarah, and Kimmy, follow the delirious couple into an orphanage in their different quests for the ring and the truth about it.

In the end, amid the Binge festival’s terrible chaos, they all end up in jail. Additionally, it transpires that Andrew was off-base regarding his family because they ended up recusing the gang. Hags eventually asks Sarah to marry him without the lucky ring, which is followed by a chaotic climax at the main city festival.

After seeing the proposed couple, Andrew also decides to make amends with his family and fiancée Kimmy. The Mayor issues Uncle Kris an official pardon while announcing that she will lose all power on Christmas Eve. Additionally, we learn that the ring was accidentally mixed up with the orphanage gifts and ended up with Andrew’s mother and her lover.

The Binge 2 It's A Wonderful Binge, Uncle Kris

Is Uncle Kris Forgiven?

Mayor Spengler has rediscovered his faith in the Christmas miracle and the value of family. She makes her withdrawal from the race known in front of the other bingers. In her final act as mayor, she also declares that she is formally pardoning his brother, to the delight of his family and everyone at Winter Wonderland. She subsequently acknowledges that she lacks the authority to pardon anyone formally. She then counsels Kris to leave the nation once Christmas is over.

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