Hulu’s Thriller Movie ‘Fresh’ (2022) Recap And Ending Explained

Thriller Movie 'Fresh' (2022) Recap And Ending, Explained

Hulu’s thriller film ‘Fresh,’ directed by Mimi Cave, follows Noa as she tries to locate a suitable date despite living a lonely life.

She meets Steve in a shop by chance and begins dating him. When Noa discovers the horrible secrets about her companion, their admirable bond takes a horrifying turn.

The movie, which stars Daisy Edgar-Jones as Noa and Sebastian Stan as Steve, takes audiences on a terrifying roller-coaster ride as Noa fights to endure the horrors that threaten her life.

The film concludes with unexpected twists and an incredible cliffhanger involving Noa’s and her friends’ lives.

If you want a closer peek at the movie’s conclusion, we’ve got you covered!


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Thriller Movie 'Fresh' (2022) Recap

Hulu’s Thriller Movie ‘Fresh’ (2022) Plot Synopsis

While Noa is navigating her dating life through a string of bad dates, she runs into Steve while grocery shopping. The next day, Steve invites her out, and the two begin dating seriously.

Mollie, Noa’s best friend, shares her delight in sharing her life with Steve. Steve persuades Noa to embark on a surprise excursion during a date night.

They set out for Cottage Grove, a neighbouring tourist attraction, but Steve decides to stay the night at his house and resume the journey the next morning. He drugs Noa and imprisons her in one of his rooms with a chain.

When Noa awakens, Steve confesses to her that he is a human meat vendor, and she is taken to his home to sell her meat. Noa is also aware that there are two other women in the house, Penny and Melissa, who communicate with her via the walls.

When Noa tries to flee, Steve slices her buttocks as a punishment. Mollie, on the other hand, recognises that the person who texts her from Noa’s phone isn’t her best friend.

She discovers Steve has a wife and children with the help of an old fling named Paul. She asks about Noa when she meets his wife Ann.

Mollie discovers that Ann and Steve, who are using the name Brendan, are lying when they declare they don’t know anyone named Noa or Steve.

When their attempts to dismiss Mollie fail, Ann slaps her, knocking her out, and Steve transports her to the other house, where Noa and other women are imprisoned. Steve also continues to sell Melissa’s flesh and prepare recipes with human meat for his own consumption.

Thriller Movie 'Fresh' (2022) Ending, Explained

Hulu’s Thriller Movie ‘Fresh’ (2022) Ending Explained

Noa recognises that the only way to get out of Steve’s grip is to take advantage of his love for her after a few days of futile struggle. In front of him, she makes every effort to promote herself as unique.

Noa also pretends to be interested in human meat and even eats it with Steve in order to make him believe she is the same as him. Gradually, he begins to trust her and her pretending improves.

Steve releases Noa from her handcuffs after she brilliantly seduces him into having sex with her. She bites his genital and locks him up to escape during the act.

Noa walks upstairs to liberate Mollie and Penny from their chains, and the three of them figure out a plan to escape.

Noa learns from her days with Steve that he is a very lonely person. Noa employs this knowledge to give Steve the impression that she cares about him.

Noa provides the false impression that Steve isn’t lonely as a human flesh eater by eating human meat and expressing that she doesn’t find it odd. Noa’s deception finally succeeds in fooling Steve, who begins to believe she is identical to him.

Her plot succeeds when he entirely frees her to have sex with her, allowing Noa and her friends to go.

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Noa, Mollie, and Penny

Is Steve and Ann Still alive?

Despite the fact that Noa escapes the house with Mollie and Penny, Steve manages to pursue them with a gun. He fights through excruciating pain to pursue the three women and fires at them aimlessly.

Noa, Mollie, and Penny cover behind trees when they realise they might be shot. Still, Steve locates Noa and approaches her to shoot her, only to be interrupted by Mollie.

Noa has an opportunity to get her hands on Steve’s gun and shoot him in the face, thanks to Mollie’s interference. The three women’s misfortunes, however, do not end with Steve’s death, as Ann arrives to search for him.

Ann notices Noa as she tries to find a way out of the compound. Ann strangles Noa to death as a result of the rage she feels as a result of Steve’s death.

Thankfully, Mollie arrives on the scene with a shovel, which she uses to repeatedly strike Ann in order to save Noa. Mollie vents her anxieties and emotions on Ann as she continues to smack her with the spade, almost certainly killing her.

Ann may have been envious of Noa’s ability to rescue herself and her friends from Steve because she couldn’t do it herself, most likely as Steve’s victim. Such complex envy may have driven her to try to harm Noa, maybe resulting in her death.

Will Noa, Mollie, and Penny be Able to Get Out in The End of The Movie?

Despite the fact that Noa and Mollie kill Steve, they are unable to contact anyone for assistance due to a lack of network signals. They also fail to open the complex gate, which is securely locked.

When Noa attempts to call for help after reclaiming her phone, Ann tries to kill her. Mollie’s intervention, which may have resulted in Ann’s death, saves Noa’s life.

Noa receives a text message from one of her previous dates, suggesting the availability of network signals, as she sits with Mollie after eliminating Ann as a threat.

Noa and Mollie may be able to contact emergency services to get out of the compound using the available signals.

Even though Steve and Ann’s long-haired colleague must be nearby, he is anticipated to leave to avoid being embroiled in the situation, allowing Noa and Mollie to call out to someone for help in saving themselves and Penny.

Mollie might even try calling Paul to see if he can arrange for them to be picked up. With no more threats to their lives, Noa, Mollie, and Penny are able to save themselves.