In NBC’s ‘Ordinary Joe,’ Who Is The Father of Amy’s Child?

Ordinary Joe Cast Natalie Martinez Amy

Joe Kimbreau, the protagonist of NBC’s drama series ‘Ordinary Joe,’ has three options for his future after graduation.

Joe marries Amy in one of the three timelines, and the two of them begin a life together.

Joe pursues a career as a musician, while Amy works as the campaign manager for Congressman Bobby Diaz.

Amy’s frequent miscarriages, on the other hand, put their marriage to the test.

When Amy chooses her political career over being a mother, Joe is disappointed, and his ambition to become a parent comes to a halt.

Her affair with Bobby Diaz also puts their marriage in jeopardy. In the midst of all of this, Amy learns out she is expecting a child.

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Who is Amy’s Child’s Father In Ordinary Joe?

Amy’s baby’s father is Bobby Diaz. The husband and wife are going through a difficult period after Amy’s recent miscarriage, in which they lost their twins.

Miscarriages have taken a toll on both of them, and the consequences have severely weakened their marriage.

Amy says that she and Joe have a sexual dry spell. Amy’s affair with Bobby Diaz takes place in the midst of their deteriorating marriage.

Amy’s doctor informs her that she is pregnant, much to her amazement. After learning of her pregnancy, she considers how she may rescue her marriage from the difficulties she faces.

She tells her buddy about her problem, and she advises her to be open to Joe. Amy hesitates, knowing that it will undoubtedly terminate their marriage.

She considers a solution for a long time because she understands how much Joe wants to be a father.

Amy, on the other hand, takes a risk with Joe at the end of episode 10 and tells him the truth.

She understands she can’t keep the truth from Joe and lose herself in never-ending fear of the worse.

The consequences of concealing her affair with Bobby convince her that she can no longer maintain her marriage with secrets.

Amy announces her pregnancy to Joe after the concert honouring Joe’s mother Gwen, and discloses that the father is Bobby.

Gwen’s lengthy quest to become a mother may finally come to an end this time, but it does so in the worst conceivable way.

She’s in danger of losing Joe and the life she’s built with him. Bobby’s child could be the last thing on Joe’s mind in his life with Amy.

It could also sabotage his efforts to end her involvement with Bobby. As things stand, Amy and Joe’s marriage is irreparably broken.

She’ll have to wait to see if she can save Joe while carrying Bobby’s baby.