Irene Carter Murder Case: Where is Lisa Freihaut Today?

Irene Carter Murder

Irene Carter Murder – Freihaut received power of attorney over her two elderly parents in 2015. Her father had dementia and was in a Lethbridge care home, while her mother (Irene) was battling schizophrenia at the age of 78. Irene had a tumultuous connection with her daughter, with whom she had frequently argued; she had frequently told Freihaut that she regretted adopting her.

Lisa Freihaut snatched the knife from her mother’s grip and stabbed her a dozen times before pushing her down a flight of stairs. She bashed Irene’s head off the floor to make sure she was dead after finding she was still alive. Lisa Freihaut pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in 2018 in Irene Carter murder case, two months before her jury trial was supposed to begin, and received a life sentence with 11 years of parole eligibility.

Concerned family members drove down to Irene Carter’s residence in January 2016, only to discover her brutally killed inside. While the robbery was initially suspected, unexpected facts led to the identification of an unusual suspect. ‘The Case That Haunts Me: Out of Lies,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, explores the circumstances surrounding Irene Carter murder and the subsequent confession that led to the culprit’s conviction. So, shall we investigate what transpired?

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How Did Irene Carter Die
Irene Carter was found dead inside her Lethbridge home in January 2016. Her daughter, Lisa Freihaut, pleaded guilty to second degree murder in connection with the death.

What Caused Irene Carter’s Death?

Irene was living alone in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, at the time of the occurrence. Jack Carter, her former husband, was in a care home after being diagnosed with dementia. Irene was regarded as a caring and loving grandmother who was looking forward to her retirement. Lisa Freihaut was Jack and Irene’s only child, whom they had adopted as a baby.

Lisa was concerned on January 17, 2016, when she couldn’t reach her mother on the phone. Lisa and her husband decided to visit Irene in Lethbridge. They discovered her, however, dead by the door. The 78-year-old appeared to have been stabbed more than ten times in the chest and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Because the drawers appeared to be rummaged at the murder scene, robbery was suspected as a probable motive.

Who Killed Irene Carter
Lisa Freihau, pictured at an April 2016 news conference pleading the public for information about her mother Irene Carter murder.

Who Killed Irene Carter and Why?

In the months following Irene’s death, the inquiry continued, and a visibly distressed Lisa made a public plea for any information on her mother’s killer. “This is the first Mother’s Day without sending my mother flowers or giving her a card,” she remarked. We’re asking for aid from the general population. Please get in touch with the Lethbridge police services if you have any information about what happened to my mother so that she can be laid to rest peacefully and we can begin to grieve.”

However, the authorities considered Lisa a person of interest, and the inquiry would uncover that she was the one who killed her mother. After a psychotic episode in 2009, Irene was diagnosed with late-onset schizophrenia. Lisa held power of attorney over both of her parents by 2015, giving her ultimate financial control.

When Lisa sold her mother’s vehicles, took away her bank cards and driver’s licence, and forwarded mail to her own address, healthcare professionals got concerned. While the staff attempted to speak with Irene about these concerns, including filling out an elder abuse form, the 78-year-old was hesitant to speak, worried that her relationship with Lisa would become even more strained.

Irene received a call from her insurance provider on January 13, 2016, informing her that she had lost her “mortgage-free” discount on her home. Lisa, who is unemployed and addicted to gambling, re-mortgaged her parents’ house without their knowledge.

Irene called Lisa to confront her about the mortgage, and the dispute continued when Lisa arrived at her mother’s house later that day, according to the investigators. Irene allegedly branded Lisa a rotten daughter and said she wished they had never adopted her at the time. The grandmother then took a knife from the kitchen and requested Lisa to leave, threatening to summon her son-in-law if she didn’t.

Lisa then grabbed her mother’s knife and began stabbing her numerous times before pushing her down a flight of stairs. Lisa crushed Irene’s head against the floor until she stopped breathing when she discovered she was still breathing. Lisa drove back home after imitating a robbery and disposing of the knife along the way. She then had her car washed, her shoes discarded, and the clothes she wore that day donated.

Lisa even cut the phone cord at Irene’s residence to make sure her mother didn’t call anyone in case she was still alive. Lisa then sought to lead the authorities astray during the inquiry by blaming a repairman and even asking her son to lie. However, Lisa’s fingerprints were discovered in the blood spatter on the wall, leading to her arrest and confession.

Where is Lisa Freihaut Now
Lisa, then 53, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in June 2018 in Irene Carter murder case.

What happened to Lisa Freihaut and Where Is She Now?

Lisa, then 53, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in June 2018. “I’m extremely sorry for all I’ve done to everyone,” she said in court. I shall regret this for the rest of my life, and I apologise.” She was eventually condemned to life in jail with the option of parole after eleven years. Lisa appears to be completing her sentence in an Alberta penitentiary facility and will be available for parole in 2029.

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