Scott Dell Murder Case: Where Is Cherryle Dell Today?

Scott Dell Murder

Scott Dell Murder – Cherryle Dell was suspected of murdering her estranged husband, but when tragedy struck twice, a small town was left reeling with a serial killer. Although Scott Dell’s death appears to be a suicide, Detective Ken Leppert delves a little deeper and thinks that Dell was murdered.

People assumed Scott Dell died of cancer when he was discovered dead on the floor of his children’s room in his Killaloe, Ontario, home. Surprisingly, he was also near full glass of wine and a half-empty bottle.

The Case That Haunts Me: Permission to Die,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows Scott’s death and explains how an autopsy eventually classified the incident as a homicide. Let’s look into the circumstances of this heinous crime and figure out where Scott’s killer is right now.

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Scott Dell Murder
Scott Dell

What Caused Scott Dell’s Death?

Scott Dell was well-liked in his area, where he was described as a profoundly compassionate man. He married Cherryle Dell in 1988 before relocating to Killaloe, and the pair had three children together. Furthermore, the show asserted that they provided shelter to foster children to assist with their financial needs.

Scott, who worked as a social worker, had an excellent reputation in the community and was thought to be nice and generous. Unfortunately, his wife filed for divorce soon after, and Scott lost custody of his children in the process, according to the episode.

However, after he was afflicted with cancer in 1994, Cherryle chose to call off the divorce procedures, even though they continued to live apart. Scott was discovered unconscious on the floor of his children’s room by a friend on December 29, 1995. Authorities were notified right away, and first responders arrived to confirm Scott’s death. Surprisingly, the man was found dead in his vomit, indicating poisoning, but officials assumed he died of cancer.

A half-empty bottle of wine and an almost-full glass of wine were also found beside the victim, according to the police. Cherryle was heartbroken after learning of Scott’s death and appeared to be in a rush to have him cremated. The hurry, on the other hand, sparked suspicions, and an autopsy on Scott’s body revealed that he had antifreeze residues in his system. The wine also tested positive for antifreeze, indicating that the authorities were dealing with a homicide.

Who Killed Scott Dell
Cherryle Dell was arrested in Scott Dell Murder case.

Who Killed Scott Dell and What was the Reason?

The initial investigation into Scott Dell murder case took a long time because the police had no leads to work with. Furthermore, when detectives questioned Cherryle, she said Scott had committed suicide, according to the show.

Although Scott’s family was sceptical of the hypothesis, police enforcement thought it was credible because Scott had been depressed since his divorce. Cherryle, on the other hand, began dating Nancy Fillmore months before the murder, adding to Scott’s concerns.

However, two years after Scott Dell murder, the case was flipped entirely upside down when Nancy approached law enforcement agents and claimed that Cherryle was guilty of Scott Dell murder. Cherryle allegedly went over to Scott’s house with a bottle of antifreeze-laced wine and then stayed on the phone with her husband all night, coaxing him to drink the wine, according to Nancy.

Nancy also admitted to seeing her partner combine the wine and antifreeze, providing police with enough evidence to issue an arrest warrant. However, before they could apprehend Cherryle, a violent fire destroyed Nancy’s home, killing her.

Authorities were convinced that the fire was premeditated, and they began searching the neighbourhood for suspects. They eventually tracked down Brent Crawford, who had been seen in the area of Nancy’s residence prior to the fire. Crawford confessed to breaking into Nancy’s house and setting it on fire on Cherryle’s orders after being interrogated for a long time.

The authorities, on the other hand, learned that prior to Scott Dell murder, Cherryle had contacted her veterinarian and poison control to learn more about the effects of antifreeze on the human body. As a result of the tangible evidence linking the suspect to the crime, Cherryle was finally apprehended and charged with Scott Dell murder.

Where Is Cherryle Dell Now
Cherryle Dell was sentenced to 25 years to life in Scott Dell murder.

What Has Happened to Cherryle Dell and Where Is She Now?

Cherryle pled not guilty in court after being charged with Scott Dell murder, but was eventually found guilty of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to 25 years to life in jail as a result. Furthermore, when on trial for Nancy Fillmore’s murder, Cherryle was found guilty of first-degree murder a second time, as well as witness intimidation.

However, Canadian law does not allow for two life sentences, so following her second trial, she was sentenced to five years in prison. Cherryle petitioned in 2016 to have her mandatory sentence lowered in order to be eligible for parole sooner, but the judge denied her request. As a result, Cherryle Dell is still incarcerated in a Canadian penitentiary.

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