We Own This City: Is Ryan Guinn Based on a Real-Life Person? Where Is He Now?

Where is We Own This City’s Ryan Guinn Now

Is Ryan Guinn Based on a Real Person? Where Is Ryan GuinnNow?Let’s find him now. – The crime drama series ‘We Own This City‘ is based on journalist Justin Fenton’s 2021 book of the same name. It chronicles the rise and demise of the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force, as well as the officers’ corrupt behaviour.

Ryan Guinn, a BPD cop who FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen asks about Wayne Jenkins’ actions, was introduced in the third episode of the series. Because the show is so grounded in truth, viewers are bound to wonder if Guinn is based on a real person.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ryan Guinn and his present location, check out the information below!

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Is Ryan Guinn Based on a Real Person
Ryan Guinn. Image Source: Baltimore Police Department

Is Ryan Guinn Based on a Real-Life Person?

The 3rd episode of HBO’sWe Own This City,’ titled ‘Chapter Three,’ introduces Ryan Guinn. He’s a BPD officer who knows Wayne Jenkins and other members of the Gun Trace Task Force. In the series, Ryan Guinn is played by actor Aristeo F. Kardi (‘Manifest’). According to Justin Fenton’s nonfiction book, which serves as the show’s primary source material, Kardi’s character is based on a real person with the same name.

Ryan J. Guinn was born and raised in New Jersey before joining the Baltimore Police Department in 2000. In 2013, he was promoted to Police Sergeant and became a founding member of the GTTF.

In 2011, he was involved in an incident in which Shaune O. Berry was arrested for alleged drug possession. Berry, on the other hand, accused Momodu Gondo of fabricating evidence. Guinn was also on the scene when Wayne Jenkins and Sean Suiter discovered cocaine in Umar Burley’s car in 2010. While Jenkins faced legal action as a result of the incident, prosecutors found no evidence of misconduct in Guinn.

Guinn spoke with federal agents in 2013 and detailed the wrongdoings of policemen like Gondo and Jemell Rayam. Guinn had worked closely with many GTTF officers during his time in the BPD, who were eventually convicted of various criminal offenses. Guinn, on the other hand, was not involved in any of the corrupt activities, and his reputation as a good cop stayed intact.

Where Is Ryan Guinn today
He is currently employed by State Farm Insurance Agency as an insurance agent. Guinn is most likely from New Fairfield, Connecticut.

What Has Happened to Ryan Guinn and Where Is He Now?

Guinn had been reassigned to the Police Training Academy by the time the FBI’s racketeering case against the GTTF officers was made public in 2017. Guinn’s statements were utilised by GTTF investigators to prove Gondo’s ties to narcotics dealers. Guinn was also accused of informing Wayne Jenkins of a possible FBI probe into him and his friends. Guinn was not charged with any wrongdoings, despite the claims raising questions about his trustworthiness as a whistleblower.

Guinn was questioned by the Independent Review Board about the death of Detective Sean Suiter. He testified in court in 2019 in a lawsuit brought by Umar Burley. Commissioner Harrison suspended Guinn as a precautionary measure following the court case. He was then transferred to the Juvenile Department from the Police Academy.

Guinn took a medical leave from the BPD after the reassignment, citing anxiety and despair as reasons. Until the summer of 2019, he lived in Northeast Baltimore. According to Justin Fenton’s book, Guinn intended to leave the BPD and move to New York.

His father-in-insurance law’s company apparently offered him a job. He is currently employed by State Farm Insurance Agency as an insurance agent. Guinn is most likely from New Fairfield, Connecticut.

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