We Own This City Episode 3 ‘Part Three’ Recap and Ending Explained

We Own This City Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

We Own This City Episode 3 ‘Part Three’ Recap – Despite protests, Hersl joins the task force. Jensen also monitors Gondo’s calls while Jenkins raids with Suiter.

The third episode of ‘We Own This City‘ continues to expose the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force corruption. While FBI Agent Erika Jensen’s investigation reveals the depth of departmental corruption, it also highlights the efforts of other cops simply trying to do their jobs and keep the city safe. By contrast, the episode forces viewers to consider the GTTF officers’ actions.

Here is everything you need to know about HBO ‘We Own This City’ episode 3 ‘Part Three’!

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We Own This City Episode 3 Recap

We Own This City Episode 3 ‘Part Three’ Recap

Sergeant Thomas Allers speaks with his lawyer at the FBI Detention Center after being arrested with his fellow GTTF officers. The other officers are ready to testify against their senior, Allers’ lawyer says. So, Allers may face harsh punishment. In 2016, Daniel Hersl’s superiors informed him of the complaints.

As a result, he’s moved departments. Hersel joins the Gun Trace Task Force at Allers’ request. Hersl later joins Allers, Gondo, and Rayam on his first GTTF raid. During the raid, Devaughn Robinson, a suspected drug dealer, was apprehended. In later raids, the GTTF finds guns in Robinson’s possession. During the raid, Allers steals $10,000 from Robinson without telling his team.

Kevin Davis and Nicole Steele discuss the plea deal. But he worries about the new mayor affecting the deal. Meanwhile, Agent Jensen keeps tapping BPD cops, while Wayne Jenkins gets used to being a plainclothes officer. Sean Suiter investigates a homicide and meets Officer Jaquan Dixon. Steele meets with activist Tariq Touré to discuss policing in Baltimore. Jenkins takes pleasure in abusing his position as a plainclothes officer.

Jenkins’ superiors teach him how to write reports to justify his street violence. Suiter solves the murder with Dixon’s help, but flashbacks reveal his ties to Jenkins and other corrupt BPD cops.

We Own This City Episode 3 Ending, Explained

Is ‘Sean Suiter’ A Corrupt Detective in We Own This City 3?

The second episode of the series features Sean Suiter, a homicide detective with the BPD. Suiter’s work is less flashy and requires actual citizen participation. According to the third episode, Suiter’s job has become difficult due to the BPD’s poor reputation following Freddie Gray’s death. The citizens are also afraid to speak with the cops due to the brutality of the plainclothes units.

A moral contrast is provided by the episode’s ending, as well as by Suiter’s character. Ending with Suiter’s past as a plainclothes officer. With Jenkins, Suiter’s morality as a cop was questioned. Suiter has previously been linked to Gondo. Gondo mocks Suiter for working in the homicide unit because it pays less.

Jenkins insists on taking cash from drug dealers during a raid. But Suiter opposes it. Suiter is clearly one of the best cops in the BPD who cares about the city’s police. Suiter’s work in homicide investigations demonstrates his commitment to his job. Moreover, Suiter and Dixon represent the BPD’s good cops. Suiter’s situation contrasts with other cops like Jenkins and Allers, who believe their work makes a difference on Baltimore’s streets. In reality, they are simply enriching themselves at the expense of the BPD.

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