The Longest Night: Is Simón Lago “The Alligator” Based on a Real-Life Serial Killer?

Simón Lago “The Alligator” Based on a Real Serial Killer

Is Simón Lago “The Alligator” Based on a Real-Life Serial Killer? – The six-part Spanish crime-thriller series La noche más larga, often known as The Longest Night, by Oscar Pedraza, premiered on Netflix on July 8, 2022.

The series, which was created by Xosé Morais and Victoriano Sierra Ferreiro, centres around Warden Hugo’s Christmas Eve, which goes horribly wrong after Simon Lago is apprehended.

Although it covers one night’s worth of events in six episodes, it doesn’t feel particularly long. In actuality, adding more episodes to the mix would have improved things. Viewers may simply need a whiteboard to keep track of everything because there are so many characters and plot twists.

The Longest Night, starring Alberto Ammann, Luis Callejo, Fran Berenguer, David Solans, Cesar Mateo, and numerous others, is sure to be a riveting weekend binge. Due to its themes of violence, gore, vulgarity, and abuse, the series is intended for mature audiences.

It is barely past one in the morning when episode 6 comes to an end. It has been a long night, just like serial killer Simón Lago (Luis Callejo), popularly known as The Alligator, promised jail director Hugo Roca (Alberto Ammann). One of the show’s primary characters is Simón. His arrest is when the narrative starts. A group of armed people invading Baruca Hill Psychiatric Correctional Facility requires Hugo to protect him. His daughter will be killed if he fails.

Serial killers in movies and TV shows are frequently based on actual murderers. We can answer your question about whether Simón from “The Longest Night” fits that description.

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Who Is Simón Lago

Simón Lago: Who Is He?

Simón is unlike any other inmate or patient at Baruca because, as Hugo’s girlfriend and coworker, Dr. Elisa Montero (Bárbara Goenaga), informs him, Simón is not only a ruthless killer but also dangerously bright. Soon after arriving, Simón gives Hugo a startling realisation: He knows his name. Hugo rushes to face Simón after learning about Laura’s captivity through the video message.

When the armed group finally shows up, they jam phone signals and switch off the electricity to cut off Baruca from the outside world. Apparently bored with his life, Simon started killing around 2015. Someone, probably the person assisting him outside the institution in 2022, made contact with him in 2021.

He was given the moniker “The Alligator” due to the brutality with which he killed and dismembered his victims. Then he would bundle up the fragments and bury them. The first episode of the series makes it clear that a total of 20 dead have been discovered by the authorities.

Simón progressively takes over the operation of the plant from Hugo after he arrives in Baruca. It is in no way coercive. However, because Laura has been taken hostage by Simón’s thugs, Hugo starts risking the lives of his employees and patients in order to keep the serial killer out of the attackers’ reach. Hugo is compromised, and one of the cops, Macarena Montes, tries to turn Simón over to the attackers before any more people are killed, but he pushes her over the roof and kills her.

Is Simón Lago Based on a Real Serial Killer

Is Simón Lago Based on a Real-Life Serial Killer?

Simón Lago isn’t modelled after a genuine serial killer, sorry. However, Spain has produced a number of historical serial killers, such as Alfredo Galán, Manuel Delgado Villegas, and El Arropiero. Although “The Longest Night” is jam-packed with suspense and action, its primary goal is to raise awareness about mental health.

Callejo claimed that the realm of the human mind, both healthy and demented, is immensely alluring in a June 2022 interview. He claims that we have finally started to view mental health conditions as illnesses.

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