Doris Hoskins Murder Case: Where is Mark Andrews Today?

Doris Hoskins Murder

Doris Hoskins Murder: Where is Mark Andrews Today? – When Doris Hoskins wed Mark Andrew for the fourth time, she finally felt as though she had struck it lucky in love. Although everything appeared to be going well on the surface, the couple was dealing with many problems.

American Monster: Safe At Homea documentary on Investigation Discovery explores the circumstances behind Doris’ terrible murder and how Mark was ultimately brought to prison. Let’s investigate this case further, shall we?

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who was Doris Hoskins

Who was Doris Hoskins and How Did She Die?

Doris was born in January 1972, and according to the programme, Georgie and Paul Hoskins adopted her. Friends of the couple claim that before relocating to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Doris, a 1990 Mabank High School alumna, lived at the Cedar Creek Lake Community.

Doris worked as a Eustace Independent School District teacher before coming to Keller ISD. Doris graduated with a degree in academic administration from Tarleton State University in 2014. Her future goals, according to her pals, included becoming a principal.

According to Mickie Rainey from Gun Barrel City, the couple were classmates at Mabank School. Rainey told her, “She was one of the loveliest individuals you will ever meet.” “We are really stunned by the circumstances.”

Before she reconnected with Mark Andrews, a former spouse, she had been married three times. In March 2010, they got married, and later they adopted a little child. Doris already had two daughters from a prior relationship by that time. Before earning a teaching credential and entering the education industry, the 43-year-old worked as a bank teller.

The couple’s friends, Don and Amy, were residing with them at the time of the incident in their Azle, Texas, home. On January 8, 2016, at around 4:37 AM, a distressed Don dialled 911 and reported that Doris was in a pool of blood in her bed. She had severe blunt force trauma injuries to her head and torso from a hammer that was discovered in the room when the police arrived. The police focused their attention on Mark because he was also at the crime site.

Who Killed Doris Hoskins

Who Killed Doris Hoskins and Why?

The house showed no indications of a forced entry, the show claimed. The safe’s door was open, but it didn’t appear to have been forced. Only Mark and Doris, who was already deceased, knew the code to the safe. Mark initially told the police that he thought an intruder had entered, compelled Doris to unlock the safe, and then urged her to go back to bed. Mark said the burglar then attacked Doris while using a hammer he had stolen from their garage.

The authorities, on the other hand, didn’t appear to buy this claim. Dogs owned by the family in the home would have wailed if an unauthorised visitor had entered. Additionally, the show said that even though Mark appeared to be crying, the cops were unable to see any tears. The authorities also discovered that Mark, who was 45 at the time, had a gambling issue. According to the programme, he frequently visited a casino in Oklahoma and suffered significant financial losses there.

When questioned by the police, Mark admitted that he left his house at 2:15 AM on January 8 in order to go to his regular casino. But after some time, he discovered he had left his gambling money at home. Mark claims that he texted Doris about it before turning around. Around 4:15 AM, he was seen on CCTV footage at a nearby gas station. They could go home quickly from this location.

According to the programme, an investigation found that Doris had discussed divorce with her friends at some point in 2015 due to Mark’s gambling issues. She was the only source of income for the family at the time. Even though Mark had once won handsomely, by December 2015, the family’s finances were all but gone. Additionally, Mark was the beneficiary of Doris’ $300,000+ life insurance policy; this sounded like a motivation for murder.

Where is Mark Andrews Today
Mark Andrews. In February 2018, he was given a life sentence.

What Happened to Mark Andrews and Where Is He Now?

In the end, the police concluded that Mark murdered Doris in order to collect the insurance money. The police believed that Mark left home after striking the victims with the hammer to establish an alibi by visiting the gas station and messaging Doris before returning home. The programme said that Mark’s former spouses had spoken about his psychological mistreatment and that one of his girlfriends had reported that he had physically abused her.

He was found guilty of killing his wife in February 2018 and was given a life sentence. As per the records, Mark is still a prisoner at the Allan B. Polunsky Unit in Livingston, Texas. In 2046, he will be eligible for parole.

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