Where Are Richard Manthie and Rosalina Edmundson Now?

Rosalina Edmondson and Richard Manthie

Where Are Richard Manthie and Rosalina Edmundson Today? – William “Bill” Edmondson appeared to have the ideal life: he was serving in the US navy, his marriage was happy, etc. On December 22, 1981, when he failed to show up for work, his coworkers smelled trouble and reported his absence to the police.

The episode of “Deadly Sins: No Forgiveness: Domestic Silence” on Investigation Discovery depicts how Bill’s death was discovered on December 29 and how the investigation that followed focused exclusively on his wife Rosalina Edmondson and her ex-husband Richard Manthie. Let’s examine the case’s specifics and learn where Rosalina and Richard are right now, shall we?

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Richard Manthie
Richard Manthie

Who Are Richard Manthie and Rosalina Edmundson?

Rosalina was born in the Philippines, but she lost both of her parents when she was a baby, and she spent the rest of her childhood in a foster home. She was engaged to a US army officer stationed in the Philippines when she turned legal age, and when she was just 23, she opted to immigrate to the US on a K-1 visa. Rosalina had had 90 days to find a new sponsor after arriving in the United States when, much to her dismay, her fiance refused to sponsor her.

Eventually, she met Agapito Dugeno, who, despite having a vast age gap, accepted her as his wife and granted Rosalina a green card. Rosalina later met and wed Richard Manthie, with whom she had a child, despite Agapito’s passing away soon after their wedding. Rosalina divorced Richard, despite the Philippines native’s insistence that he was abusive, and she then began dating US Navy serviceman William “Bill” Edmondson.

In the beginning, Bill and Rosalina’s romance bloomed, and they appeared to be content as a couple. Additionally, Bill had a thing for Rosalina’s daughter, and the three of them seemed to be the epitome of a perfect family. Despite exchanging vows in August of 1981, Bill vanished without a trace on December 22, 1981, leading his coworkers to believe that there was foul play.

Authorities searched for him for days before discovering his death on December 29 in a rural area next to a secluded tree plantation. The victim’s body was covered in significant bruises, and the authorities immediately recognized the scene as a homicide. In addition, an examination revealed that Bill was killed by four headshots from a .22 calibre gun, and there were cowboy boot prints on his chest.

We found an ID card from Bangor naval base and it identified the guy was Bill Edmondson,” retired Kitsap County Sheriff’s Detective Dave Fijolek told.

It was clearly evident that he had been severely beaten. His eyes were swollen shut, his nose was splattered all over his face, cut lip, broken teeth,” Sheriff’s Detective Douglas Hudson said. “There was no possibility that this was anything other than an out and out assassination.”

Investigators found diaries written by Bill in his locker at his military installation where he expressed his fear of his new wife killing him. He had awoken in the hospital a week after purchasing a $150,000 life insurance policy.

He had allergies to certain over-the-counter medicines, and he ended up with a severe reaction and just about died,” Detective Douglas Hudson said. “In the middle of the night, he remembered waking up, and Rosalina was sitting on his chest pushing Tylenol pills down his throat.”

Rosalina Edmundson
Rosalina Edmundson

Where Are Richard Manthie and Rosalina Edmundson Now?

It’s interesting that Rosalina was absolutely saddened when she learned of Bill’s passing. She even claimed that Bill had a tendency to abuse drugs while trying to pin the murder on his coworker, Michael Cogswell. Unexpectedly, Michael vehemently rejected the charge and stated that Bill had never used narcotics. Rosalina, according to the programme, was the last person to see her husband alive.

Michael also apparently discussed a previous event in which Bill was allegedly hypnotised and forced to take some drugs, which caused an allergic response and nearly killed him. Authorities also discovered the victim’s notebook, in which he discussed his worry about being murdered by Rosalina.

Detectives learned that Rosalina had applied for Richard Manthie’s parole on the grounds that she was still his wife. In addition, she had loaned him a car and was sheltering him in a home on Long Lake Road. However, when the police caught up with Richard, they found blood splatters all over the walls of the residence he was in.

Police also discovered .22 calibre bullets, Bill’s hair, and Richard’s cowboy boots inside his car, which matched the prints on Bill’s chest. As a result, after Richard’s involvement in the crime was established, Rosalina and Richard were detained before being charged with murder.

Richard Manthie was presented in court, found guilty of first-degree aggravated murder, and given a life sentence without the possibility of release in 1982. Rosalina, on the other hand, was given a life without parole sentence in 1983 after the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder.

So, at the moment, Rosalina is spending her days in prison at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor, Washington. At the same time, Richard is still incarcerated at the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center in Connell, Washington.

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