Is Thai Cave Rescuer Kelly Suwannarat Based on a Real Hydraulic Engineer? Where Is She Now?

Is Kelly Suwannarat Based on a Real Hydraulic Engineer

Is Thai Cave Rescuer Kelly Suwannarat Based on a Real Hydraulic Engineer? Where Is She Now? – Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue” is a six-part limited documentary series that examines how 12 young soccer players and their assistant coach were rescued after spending 18 days trapped in a flooded cavern.

This is because it meticulously details this terrifying, true-life episode from not just the boys’ (before untold) perspectives but also every other internal and exterior component. Thus, it should be no surprise that Hydraulic Engineer Kelly Suwant has a key position in the drama. However, we’ve got you covered if you’re curious to know about her real life and her current whereabouts.

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Is Kelly Suwannarat Based on a Real Person

Is Kelly Suwannarat Based on a Real-Life Person?

No, Kelly is Not based on a specific person, she is motivated by every water engineer who voluntarily traveled to the Tham Luang caves to assist in this difficult rescue. Representing them was not even an issue because they were the reason the SEALs and the specialist divers eventually established a fairly stable line of contact with the soccer squad. The main distinguishing feature is that Kelly, a fictional character, intentionally adds additional female aspects to the original to ensure that their assistance and talents aren’t overlooked.

The truth is that the story of this rescue mission has always been predominately written by men, which has compelled those responsible for this performance to simply balance things out without losing their essence. In fact, there are some unmistakable similarities between Kelly’s past and Thanet Natisri’s, an American citizen working in Thailand by happenstance after deciding to volunteer. Team leader Thanet did everything, much like Kelly Suwannarat in the show, whether it was deploying sandbags to reduce the amount of water entering the cave or regrettably flooding the adjacent farmland to control the water levels.

She said, “I think the most impressive thing about Kelly’s character is her commitment,” the actress proudly playing her, Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund (‘Fast And Feel Love’). Some people would look down on her because of her age or would question her qualifications. Her heart is filled with determination. She doesn’t care what others think of her. She just wants to help and make things happen, and it’s really impressive. One thing I share with her is how Kelly has to face situations where others feel like she doesn’t quite fit in — and there are questions about whether she’s Thai or a foreigner.”

Where is Thanet Natisri Now?

Since Thanet Natisri’s narrative is said to be somewhat similar to that of the previous person, it is important to note that he is still a hydraulic engineer and that he is still committed to his field. As if that weren’t enough, he also works as an entrepreneur in Marion, Illinois, where he resides. He and his devoted wife Yara run the well-known Thai D Classic Thai Cuisine restaurant. We should also point out that the travel enthusiast served as executive producer for the National Geographic film, titled “The Rescue,” on the same Tham Luang cave disaster.

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