Jeanne Smith Murder: Where Is Michael Alan Iseman Now?

Jeanne Smith Murder

Jeanne Smith Murder: Where Is Michael Alan Iseman Today? – Jeanne Smith, a mother of two who lived in Roanoke, Virginia, was brutally murdered by her husband of one month, Michael Iseman, in November 2013. Michael Iseman blamed his disorderly behaviour on drug usage and mental health problems. On the same day that Smith was stabbed and strangled to death, her daughter Elisabeth Marie Wood was also attacked but managed to escape and warn other people about the terrible incident.

The daughter of Smith was also viciously abused by her stepfather, but she managed to escape and call for assistance. On the Investigation Discovery programme “Your Worst Nightmare,” find out more about Michael Iseman’s role in his wife’s murder.

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How Did Jeanne Elisabeth Smith Die

How Did Jeanne Elisabeth Smith Die?

On October 3, 2013, Jeanne Smith and Michael Alan Iseman got married, but it was to be a brief union that resulted in the bride’s brutal death and Marie Wood, Jeanne’s daughter, being attacked viciously.

On November 6, 2013, Jeanne Smith was fatally stabbed with a screwdriver and strangled in her home’s bedroom. Her corpse was covered in puncture wounds, and an examination revealed that stab wounds, blood loss, and strangulation were the causes of her death. Authorities discovered that Jeanne was strangulated to death using only her hands.

Iseman was resting next to Marie when she woke up at around 5 am, a few hours after she had fallen asleep on a sofa in the same room as her infant nephew.

Do you love me?” he asked before stabbing her.

According to Sportskeeda, He started stabbing Marie with the same screwdriver he’d used to kill Jeanne before she had a chance to respond. When Marie rang her mother for assistance, Iseman responded, “Your mom gone.”

Iseman stole Jeanne’s credit card and drove off from the scene in his own vehicle. Marie managed to raise the alarm, make it downstairs, and warn a neighbour despite being stabbed 22 times in the horrifying attack.

Who Killed Jeanne Elisabeth Smith

Who Killed Jeanne Elisabeth Smith?

Michael Iseman, Jeanne Smith’s husband of just over a month, had struggled with mental illness ever since he was a young adult. At a very young age, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar illness. As a result, he started consuming narcotics while in the hospital.

His excessive cocaine, hallucinogenic mushroom, and marijuana use, according to sources, is what caused his first two marriages to fail.

Iseman attacked Smith’s daughter before killing her, grabbed her credit card, and drove off. Following his mobile phone records and his wife’s credit card, which he allegedly used to make grocery purchases, authorities quickly located him. A traffic stop resulted in his arrest.

According to sources, the court issued a restraining order prohibiting Michael Iseman from approaching her family or her little grandson. He was in their care at the time of the murder. After news of Iseman’s prior assault convictions broke, the order was given.

According to sources, the victim allegedly mentioned her wish to leave him on the day of the murder, which sparked the event.

Where Is Michael Alan Iseman Today

Where Is Michael Alan Iseman Today?

Marie Smith, the daughter of Jeanne Smith, was able to ask for assistance after surviving the vicious assault. After his capture, three offences—attempted capital murder, malicious wounding, and first-degree murder—were brought against Michael Iseman.

Iseman was charged with murder concerning Jeanne’s death in 2014; however, the prosecution opted to drop the third allegation after he pleaded not guilty and admitted to the malicious wounding charge. He admitted to his misdeeds, gave a detailed narrative of what happened, and said that his behaviour resulted from drug abuse during the court procedures.

Though the perpetrator’s defence team attempted to negotiate a reduced sentence for him by pointing to his drug use, mental health concerns, and lack of criminal intent in the crime, the prosecution had more than enough proof, thanks to his activities after the attacks. He even attempted to escape in his car while making grocery purchases on Jeanne’s credit card.

After being found guilty of the charges against him in 2015, Michael Iseman, then 46, received a life sentence plus 20 years in jail. He is still detained at the Keen Mountain Correctional Facility.

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