Juvenile Justice Season 1 Finale Recap And Ending Explained

Juvenile Justice Season 1 Finale Recap

We are all victims, but how we cope with the loss is what matters. ‘Juvenile Justice,’ a judicial thriller Kdrama directed by Hong Jong-chan, handles its sensitive subject with exemplary objectivity.

Sim Eun-seok is appointed as an associate judge in the Yeonhwa Juvenile Justice Department at the start of the series. She joins forces with Cha Tae-ju to solve terrible and grotesque incidents of child crime.

The series comes off as a refreshing investigative thriller set amid the maze-like bureaucracy of the court, with a captivating premise and an a-lister cast ensemble.

Let us put the final minutes of the storey under a magnifying glass if you want to remember the story’s concluding moments.


Juvenile Justice Season 1 Finale

Juvenile Justice [Season Finale] Recap

The drama heightens with the appointment of Na Geung-hee as chief judge following Kang Won-departure. joong’s The ever-persuasive Sim Eun-seok is taken aback by Na Geung-casual hee’s attitude toward the juvenile cases.

Sim Eun-seok also recalls Na Geung-hee from a five-year-ago case that had a significant impact on her life. To put things in perspective, Kang Won-joong resigns from his position to run for the Liberty Party in the elections.

His life, however, takes a detour after the Moonkwang High School paper leak event. Shin-u, his son, is a member of the Descartes gang, which is responsible for the leak. Kang Won-joong discourages Shin-u from confessing to the police about his crimes.

Kang tries to brush the incident under the rug, but he loses everything as a result of Sim Eun-whistleblowing. seok’s Do-seuk, a prior criminal close to Cha Tae-ju, collapses into a coma after the vehicle accident.

They are unable to impose punitive punishments on the children due to a lack of proof.

Finally, we arrive at the Yeonhwa Gang Rape Case, which is linked to a previous case that altered Sim Eun-life. seok’s Sim Eun-seok runs across her ex-husband, Namgung I-hwan, on her way home.

Sim Eun-seok collapses in her office while reading the case file in the morning, and Cha Tae-ju rushes her to the hospital.

He checks her contact information and discovers that it is blank, so he registers up to be Sim Eun-guardian. seok’s Eun-seok is driven home by Cha Tae-ju, who leaves a bag of water bottles at her apartment door.

Na Geung-hee briefs them on the cases the next morning — one is a juvenile criminal case, and the other is a protection case. Kang Seon-A, 17, was discovered beaten and helpless at a building site by construction employees.

Kang Seon-A claims that three boys got her drunk and raped her in her statement. Fortunately, Kang Seon-A was transported to the hospital as soon as he was discovered.

So Dong-gyun and Ooo Gyeong-su have been arrested after the police discovered two separate DNA traces. They also confessed to their crimes after being apprehended.

Hwang In-jun, the third suspect, was present at the scene, but the police have no proof linking him to the crime. As a result, his case is reclassified as a juvenile protection case.

His only evident offences are illegally obtaining alcohol and forcing the victim to consume it. Later, Kang Seon-A reveals that a fourth individual may have been involved.

Sim Eun-seok persuades the chief judge to let her handle both cases systematically despite her poor health, although Na Geung-hee dislikes nasty judges. Sim Eun-seok, meanwhile, has received a police recording.

Seon-father A’s confronted Hwang In-jun, who laughedly answered that he couldn’t rape Seon-A because he couldn’t get erect. They can’t do much with the confession because it was forced upon them.

Hwang In-jun appears contrite in front of the jury, and his attorney makes it appear as if the other boys forced him to do it. Local police officer Ko Gang-sik, on the other hand, has recovered dash cam footage from a neighbouring car.

In-jun was in the crime scene, according to the footage, and with the incriminating proof, In-jun is sent to a juvenile classification centre for three weeks.

Juvenile Justice Season 1 Ending

Juvenile Justice Season 1 Ending Explained

Sim Eun-steadfast seok’s demeanour stems from a five-year-old tragedy. When we look at Hwang In-file, jun’s we discover that he has been tried for six previous crimes, one of which was an unintentional homicide.

Sim Eun-toddler seok’s son was the homicide victim. Sim Eun-seok and Namgung I-hwan divorced as a result of their death. Sim Eun-seok despises young criminals because of this occurrence.

By hurling a brick from the rooftop, Hwang In-Jun and Baek Do-hyeon killed the toddler. They were detained, but the matter was being handled by Judge Na Geung-hee.

Because it was a juvenile protection case, she wouldn’t even let the deceased’s mother, Sim Eun-seok, into the courtroom. The trial lasted less than five minutes, and the criminals walked free because they were not under the age of 14.

Sim Eun-life seok’s was shattered by the child’s untimely death, prompting her to seek employment with the juvenile justice department.

When Na Geung-hee learns about the previous event, he removes Sim Eun-seok from the investigation. Sim Eun-seok, on the other hand, must break orders in order to pursue a clue.

What Is The 4th Guy’s Name? What are the Consequences for the Perpetrators?

We learn that the fourth person engaged in the Gang Rape Case is Baek Do-hyeon, who was Hwang In-accomplice jun’s in the brick murder case.

Cha Tae-ju learns of Baek Do-role hyeon’s in the gang through Ha-rin, another of the group’s victims. The officer recognises the gang of four from film from local hotels, which was involved in a racket in the neighbourhood.

Similar cases are investigated by the police. Sim Eun-seok explores deeper and contacts prior gang victims. Although some of the females deny it, Eun-seok eventually receives a tip from one of the vengeful victims.

Eun-seok is led to the second floor of Daeho Inn by the lead. She has an unplanned encounter with Baek Do-hyeon, who aims to murder the former. The cops, on the other hand, arrive just in time.

Officer Ko Gang-sik wants to take her to the hospital, but Sim Eun-seok wants to return to work. Eun-seok meets Na Geung-hee in the office, who provides her with some first aid.

Sim Eun-seok recalls Geung-hee of a five-year-old case in which Sim Eun-seok was denied justice. Geung-hee seemed to be moved enough by the talk to make the correct decision.

There are several pieces of evidence against Baek Do-hyeon and Hwang In-jun that will be presented at the court hearing the next morning. So Dong-gyun and Ooo Gyeong-su are persuaded by Cha Tae-ju to testify against Do-hyeon and In-jun.

The police also discover Baek Do-hidden hyeon’s phone, which contains the victims’ videos. Na Geung-hee sends their case back to the prosecution with the proof, and it no longer remains a protection case.

Na Geung-hee warns them that if the prosecution finds evidence, they would face criminal charges. Sim Eun-seok finds relief after the verdict, but her fight against young criminals is far from over.

She stands before the disciplinary committee, reaffirming her persistent pursuit of young criminals.