Worst Roommate Ever: Where is ‘Maribel Ramos’ Sister ‘Lucero Gonzalez’ Today?

Where is Maribel Ramos’ Sister Lucero Gonzalez Now

Worst Roommate Ever,’ Netflix’s latest true-crime offering, tells the storey of how things went horribly wrong for people living together.

Be Careful of the Quiet Ones,’ the 2nd episode, focuses on Maribel Ramos’ terrible storey.

Her roommate, KC Joy, viciously murdered her and dumped her in a remote area of California.

Maribel’s sister, Lucero Gonzalez, speaks about the horrible time the family went through when Maribel went missing unexpectedly. So, how about we learn a little more about her?

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Who is Lucero Gonzalez

Lucero Gonzalez, Who is She?

Maribel Ramos, an Army veteran, went missing when Lucero was approximately 30 years old. On May 2, 2013, the 36-year-old was last seen on surveillance camera depositing her rent check at her apartment complex in Orange, California.

When she didn’t show up for a baseball game the next day, she was reported missing. “She was supposed to get there and play, and she didn’t show up,” Lucero remarked at the time.

They went to her residence after playing the game. They phoned the cops right away because no one answered.”

The circumstances surrounding Maribel’s disappearance appeared fishy right away. Her phone, keys, and purse were all gone but her car was still parked at the apartment. KC Joy, her roommate, was subsequently questioned by the authorities.

Maribel had discovered him through a Craigslist ad. “He appeared to be a kind older gentleman,” Lucero said.

He told me that he has no family, that he has never married, that he has never had children… she can work and go to school without worrying about the things that you worry about when you share a room with a younger person. It seems that it would be a good match.”

Where is Lucero Gonzalez now

The investigation revealed, however, that KC had affections for Maribel and had told Lucero about them.

“I was in disbelief,” Lucero remarked when he informed her about it. ‘You two are not a match,’ I informed him. You’re older than she is. You are not the type of companion she requires. ‘I’m sorry, but you’ll never get along with my sister like that.’

Maribel had then contacted 911 a few days before her disappearance, claiming that she had been threatened by her roommate.

Authorities discovered that KC had been acting strangely in the days leading up to Maribel’s disappearance. After monitoring KC’s internet activities at the local library, the police eventually discovered her body in a distant gorge.

The prosecution claimed at the time that an argument between the two over rent led to KC murdering Maribel and discarding her body.

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Where is Lucero Gonzalez Today

What Happened to ‘Lucero Gonzalez’ & Where Is She Now?

Following Maribel’s disappearance, Lucero took time off work to become the family’s spokeswoman, giving numerous interviews.

Lucero and his family did everything they could to find Maribel, including maintaining her name in the news and passing out posters.

Maribel obtained her diploma from California State University in Fullerton, Orange County, on behalf of Lucero’s daughter, Giselle, at the end of May 2013.

“We all pledged to be there,” Lucero remarked at the time, “so we’re going to be there and celebrate her accomplishment.”

She appears to still reside in California, with her most recent known address being in Santa Ana, Orange County.