Worst Roommate Ever: Why Did ‘Randell Vidrine’ Kill ‘Ken Gutzeit’?

Ken Gutzeit Murder case

The community of New Orleans, Louisiana, was stunned when a long-running dispute on Tulane’s Fraternity Row resulted in a brutal murder.

Ken Gutzeit, a Tulane University student, was stabbed to death in front of his classmates during a frantic attack at the Sigma Chi fraternity home.

Sources believe that after seeing Ken’s murder, Jamison Bachman, who subsequently reportedly murdered his brother, was lured down the path of violence.

Jamison has also been accused of being a serial squatter, and his life is chronicled in Netflix’sWorst Roommate Ever: Roommate Wanted.’

If you’re curious about Ken’s murder and want to know where his killer is right now, we’ve got you covered.

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What Caused Ken Gutzeit’s Death?

Ken Gutzeit was a Tulane University student who was well-known on campus. Ken was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity and was described as a vivacious and generous human being.

He played football, enjoyed making new friends, and was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Ken’s horrible murder came as a huge shock because he appeared to be a gentle person, and his loved ones grieve him to this day.

Despite not being a member of the fraternity, Jamison Bachman was having dinner with a high school buddy at the frat house on January 29, 1976, when he and others on the scene witnessed the attack on Ken Gutzeit.

Randell Vidrine, a fellow student, allegedly attacked Ken with a jackknife when he was out on the porch. As fraternity members tried in vain to patch the wound, the attacker cut the victim’s throat and ran from the scene.

“The word Jamison used was beheaded,” according to authorities.

Ken succumbed to his injuries and died on the scene, despite their best attempts.

The man was stabbed on the side of his neck, and the knife smashed through his carotid artery, causing his death, according to the coroner.

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Randell Vidrine: Why Did He Kill Ken Gutzeit?

Because the murder took place in front of a large number of witnesses, it didn’t take long for suspicion to fall on Randell Vidrine. Vidrine and Ken had a long-running feud, according to accounts, that began when Vidrine took up the position of assistant librarian.

Because food was apparently not permitted inside the Tulane library, Vidrine got into a confrontation with Ken when the latter entered while eating cheese snacks.

Ken was then asked to stop eating or leave by the assistant librarian, which resulted in a fight. However, according to sources, Ken returned with food and refused to go, leading Vidrine to phone the campus police.

Unfortunately, the episode sparked resentment between Vidrine and Ken, and neither of them attempted to make peace. Vidrine was passing by the Sigma Chi frat home on January 29, 1976, when he stumbled across Ken.

Ken is said to have attempted to provoke Vidrine into a fight, but the latter continued on his way. Vidrine returned to his residence with a jackknife, proceeded to the frat house, and allegedly attacked Ken before cutting his throat.

Vidrine was captured and detained for murder after many witness testimony pointed to the same person. He was eventually released after a grand jury declined to prosecute him for the crime.