Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep From Bling Empire Still Together?

Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep From Bling Empire Still Together

Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep From Bling Empire Still Together? – One of the more likable characters on Bling Empire is Kevin Kreider, although while he maintained his composure in seasons 1 and 2, his rapid emotions caused some explosive scenes in season 3. Due to his modest upbringing, open confessionals, and attempts to date co-star Kim Lee, Kevin, possibly the least wealthy cast member of Bling Empire, attracted audiences. While one of the highlights of Bling Empire season 2 was Kevin and Kim’s ups and downs relationship, fans also witnessed Kevin and Kane Lim’s tight friendship disintegrate following a heated dispute.

Bling Empire season 3 debuted on October 5 after Bling Empire season 2 abruptly ended on a cliffhanger. Kevin deals with the fallout from his altercation with Kane and makes an effort to move past his efforts to court Kim now that the majority of the cast—aside from Chérie Chan and Jessey Lee—is back on Netflix.

Kevin admits that he still harbors feelings for his long-gone ex. And guess who Christine seeks down and sends on a flight to Paris to reconnect with Kevin? Devon Diep, of course.

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Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep's Journey Before Bling Empire

Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep’s Journey Before “Bling Empire”

Even though Kevin’s love life has been discussed on every episode of Bling Empire, Season 3 was the first time the model seemed genuinely prepared for a long-term commitment.

Although Kevin felt a connection with Janice, the reiki healer Kim hired for a show-related group session, and he preferred that the two merely keep their friendship going after their date. Kevin started talking more about his ex, Devon, who he thought was the one who got away as Season 3 went on.

Devon and Kevin started dating in 2015, but their relationship ended the following year. As Kevin revealed to Christine on the program, he had just become sober, making it challenging for him to be in a committed relationship at the moment.

According to distractify, Kevin claimed, “Devon was the only girl in my whole life that I was serious about marriage, moving in, having kids. She’s the girl I was supposed to move to L.A. with, actually.”

Kevin continued by saying that he decided to travel alone because the two fell out of love before they could move to the West Coast together.

On the show, he continued, “Devon is the person that was meant for me, but when we broke up, I wasn’t the one meant for her, yet.”

Although the Bling Empire star admitted that his breakup with Devon was nasty at the time, he never let his affections for her go. Devon and Kevin decided to get back together in the Season 3 finale.

Are Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep Still Together?

Yes, Kevin Kreider and Devon Diep are together after Bling Empire Season 3. The two have stayed together and are currently residing together in Los Angeles after filming was finished. However, he acknowledged they would be moving a third time in six weeks in an interview with E News in October 2022, blaming “unfortunate apartment arrangements” that have caused some conflict.

In any case, it appears that the couple is still together, and Kevin is hoping that she will be a full-time cast member of Bling Empire in season 4.

The tune “Talk About,” which Devon, who is also an actor, recently published, was inspired by her experiences in New York City and her desire to be in a good relationship. She also serves as a spokesman for Kevin’s alcohol substitute, Sans.

Bling Empire’s first three seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

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