Bling Empire: Are Christine Chiu and Kane Lim Still Friends?

Are Christine Chiu and Kane Lim Still Friends

Are Christine Chiu and Kane Lim From Bling Empire Still Friends? – Bling Empire,” a Netflix original series depicting wealthy Asian-Americans’ opulent lifestyles, will return with the third season. Along with showcasing the cast’s opulent lifestyles, the show will also highlight the individuals’ emotional weaknesses.

The third season of Bling Empire will begin where the previous one left off with its big launch on October 5 at 3 a.m. ET.

Jeff Jenkins, Brandon Panaligan, Ross Weintraub, Elise Chung, Ben Eisele, Kelly Mi Li, and Christine Chiu served as the show’s executive producers.

Fans of the show were particularly interested in the dispute erupted between Christine Chiu and Kane Lim in the third season. They are both among the most adored characters on the show, and the public has always enjoyed watching them interact. The public has been left wondering whether the two are still friends or if their recent conflict has caused them to drift apart. Here is what we know about the same if you are in the same situation.

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Christine Chiu and Kane Lim’s Bling Empire Journey

The “Bling Empire” Journey of Kane Lim and Christine Chiu

Christine and Kane had a wonderful rapport and enjoyed spending time together throughout the show’s first two seasons. The pals frequently went shopping together and got together frequently to discuss other people in their social group. The audience loved this relationship since it always produced amusing outcomes. However, when Christine heard a rumor that Anna Shay wanted to “end her,” things between the two began to deteriorate.

While the source of the rumor itself remained a source of debate throughout season 3, one of Christine’s problems was that everyone in her social circle had also undoubtedly heard it. Christine revealed to Kane how she learned about the rumor and that she believed Jaime Xie was involved. Viewers witness Kane informing Jamie of the same, prompting the latter to confront Christine. After the conversation, Christine felt extremely upset by Kane’s behavior and offended that people were labeling her as a liar due to Kane’s statements.

After that, Christine was supposed to join Kane and Mimi Morris for lunch, but she skipped it, citing a need to pick up her son. Mimi first asserted that she did not care about Christine’s absence when Kane spoke with her about Christine’s actions, but she soon seemed to change her mind. The birthday celebration that Mimi had prepared for her son further escalated tensions. When Christine finally arrived, she was a bit late, and Mimi greeted her, saying she was disappointed that Christine had missed their lunch date.

This quite saddened Christine because she insisted that she had given a lot up for her friendship with Mimi. The former decided to confront Kane about the incident after connecting Mimi’s remarks and the fact that he was present during the lunch date. Christine reported that during the specific talk, she had previously trusted Kane with her feelings and secrets but now felt unable to do so. She also asked him not to discuss her with anybody else because she felt Kane had exaggerated the circumstances around Anna and encouraged Mimi. You probably want to know if the pair recovered from the setback, and if so, here are the details you require.

Are Kane Lim and Christine Chiu Still Friends?

It appears that relations between Christine Chiu and Kane Lim are most friendly. Christine Chiu had invited most of her social group to see her compete on “Dancing with the Stars” during her tenure on the show. Christine did not like the fact that Kane did not attend the same. Anne did ask her to his listing party to mend fences between himself and Christine. The two’s disagreement surfaced throughout the meal, but it was never fully addressed on TV.

The two appear to be on good terms after their lengthy conversation. Although they follow each other on social media, they appear to be closer to their friends and fellow cast members than to one another. Whatever the circumstance, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors and the ability to put the past behind them.

Season 3 of Bling Empire will begin streaming on Netflix on October 5.

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