Bling Empire: Are Kevin and Kane Still Friends?

Are Kevin and Kane From Bling Empire Friends Now

Are Kevin and Kane From Bling Empire Friends Now? Let’s check out. ‘Bling Empire,’ a Netflix original series, gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of several wealthy Asian-Americans in Los Angeles. The reality show follows these people as they juggle their work and personal obligations while masterfully managing their high-profile social lives.

Furthermore, the show includes a dash of romance as well as a hearty dose of drama, which adds to the entertainment value. Kevin Kreider, who does not come from the same privileged background as the rest of the ensemble, joined the group after Kelly Mi Li found him on social media. Despite his reservations about fitting into the millionaire lifestyle, Kevin met an exceptional buddy in Kane Lim, who persuaded him to stay.

In season 2, Kevin and Kane appear to have a falling out, leaving fans to wonder if they are still friends. Let’s see what we can find out.

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Are Kevin and Kane Still Friends

The ‘Bling Empire’ Journey of Kevin and Kane

Kelly Mi Li met Kevin for the first time in Los Angeles when he went over from Philadelphia after discovering him on social media through his modelling videos. She introduced him to Kane Lim, a friend of hers. Kevin was concerned that because Kane and Kevin came from different backgrounds, he would not get along with the wealthy LA resident.

Kevin was also concerned about Kane’s attire and realised that this was not the lifestyle for him. However, once Kane and Kevin started conversing, they quickly discovered common ground and became fast friends.

Kane even managed to persuade the Philadelphia native to participate on Bling Empire. Kevin later stated that he was never made to feel uncomfortable because he was less wealthy. Kevin and Kane’s friendship became stronger throughout Season 1 as they remained close friends.

Kane also backed Kevin when the latter assisted Kim Lee in finding her estranged father. Kane was ecstatic about Kevin’s move to Los Angeles at the start of Season 2. The two pals appeared to have an incredible bond and were pretty close.

Things began to shift once Kevin expressed interest in Kim Lee and invited her out. Despite her initial reluctance, Kim eventually gave in and accepted Kevin’s offer. Nonetheless, his friend Kane was wary of the relationship because he thought Kevin was never serious about his relationship.

As a result, when Kane saw Kim alone, he informed her that Kevin had had an affair with another girl a few weeks before he met Kim. Because Kim already had trust issues, the news made her apprehensive, and she addressed her partner right once.

Since he started dating Kim, Kevin has confessed that he has only had eyes for her. He was, however, dissatisfied with Kane’s actions and assumed he was attempting to destroy his relationship with Kim. The situation finally came to a head during a party, where things got out of hand, and Kevin broke a glass in frustration. Kane, on the other hand, stood firm and claimed that he had no choice but to act in order to warn Kim.

Is Kevin Kreider Still Friends with Kane Lim?

Kane and Kevin immediately distanced themselves from each other after the incident, and neither reached out to apologise. Regardless, Kim took responsibility for herself and decided to bring the two men together. When confronted, Kevin and Kane were unwilling to make amends, but eventually hugged and decided to remain friends.

Kevin and Kane currently choose to keep their personal life private and haven’t shared anything about their relationship in public. However, based on their interactions since the second season ended, it appears that the two have maintained their friendship, which is currently going strong.

Furthermore, reality TV stars have been achieving milestones in their different professional lives, and we hope that success will not elude them in the future.