Where is Brandi Henderson’s Son ‘Tyrece Woods’ Today?

What Happened to Brandi Henderson’s Son Tyrece Woods
Brandi Henderson with her son Tyrece Woods at the birth time. source: ABC News

What Happened to Brandi Henderson’s Son Tyrece Woods? Who is George Burrell and Where is He Now? Let’s find out the answers for all these questions. Brandi Henderson was one of Henry Wallace’s 11 victims in March 1994. Her partner discovered her dead in her Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment.

The boyfriend also discovered their newborn baby, Tyrece Woods, in the same room, which was a terrible turn of events. Tyrece was lucky to be alive, but he was in excruciating pain when Henry assaulted him and his mother.

Henry’s actions and the victims are highlighted on ABC News’20/20: Lock the Door Behind You.’ Apart from Tyrese, the show includes an interview with Brandi’s cousin, George Burrell, who was on the phone with her soon before her death. So, if you’re interested in learning more about them, here’s what we know so far.

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Where is Brandi Henderson's Son Now
Tyrece Woods. Tyrece is the author of a children’s book and the owner of a clothing company

Where is Brandi Henderson’s Son Now?

Brandi shared a residence in Charlotte with Verness Lamar Woods and their newborn son, Tyrece, in March 1994. Tyrece had just turned ten months old at the time. Verness departed for work at 5 p.m. on March 9, leaving Brandi, 18, alone at home with the child. The front door was locked when Verness left.

When he returned at midnight, though, it was open, and the living room had become a shambles. Tyrece was on the bed, struggling for oxygen with something in his mouth, when Verness arrived. Tyrece’s father quickly removed it and noticed a pair of shorts around his neck. Verness then noticed Brandi lying facedown on the bed, her neck wrapped in towels.

He placed her on the floor after calling 911 because she was blue. Brandi, however, was no longer alive. It was clear that someone had attacked and killed Brandi, as well as attempted to strangle Tyrece.

Henry confessed to the murder when he was apprehended later that month. He indicated earlier that he wanted to kill Brandi, but that Verness was at home. Instead, Henry murdered another woman in the same apartment building, Jean Baucom. He returned later, knowing Verness would be at work.

Henry pretended to give something to Verness when he entered the house. Once inside, he demanded a drink and then strangled Brandi before ordering her to the bedroom. While she was holding him, Henry revealed he had sex with Brandi in her bedroom and Tyrece’s bedroom. After that, he cleaned everything down with a towel before choking the 18-year-old to death.

Tyrece was given a pacifier to keep him from crying, but Henry later suffocated him with a ligature. Henry looted the house, pawned the valuables, and used the money to buy crack cocaine after the kid slept down close to his mother.

Tyrece made it to the hospital and was examined. The doctor later testified that the ligature and injuries caused the child a great deal of agony. Tyrece, who is now in his late thirties, has mostly avoided the spotlight. He has been married since 2020, has a child, and resides in Tampa, Florida, with his family. Tyrece is the author of a children’s book and the owner of a clothing company.

Where is George Burrell Now
George Burrell. He’s been working on a book on the Brandi’s murder.

What Happened to George Burrell and Where Is He Now?

When Henry arrived at the apartment, Brandi’s cousin George said he was on the phone with her. He didn’t think anything was wrong at the time, saying, “I didn’t worry about who was there because she said, ‘Lock the door behind you.’ So she trusted him.” But when he found out Brandi was dead through a news broadcast, he was shocked, saying, “I just couldn’t comprehend that I had just talked to her, and now she’s dead.”

George knew Henry back then and recalls watching the news with him about Brandi’s death. “He’s coldly caressing me and saying, ‘It’s going to be alright,'” he recalled, adding that Henry tried to reassure him. ‘I’m sorry it occurred,’ and he’s the one who did it.”

Although Henry was eventually apprehended and put to death, George believed that the police force’s understaffing led to the murders. When Henry was ultimately brought to justice, George was overcome with emotion and expressed his relief that the struggle was finally ended. George is still a Charlotte resident and has a terrific friendship with Tyrece and his wife.

Aside from that, he’s been working on a book on the events surrounding Brandi’s death. However, George has yet to release it.

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