Bling Empire: Are Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider Still Together?

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Are Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider Still Together? Bling Empire Update – ‘Bling Empire‘ is an entertaining reality TV show on Netflix, about wealthy Asian-Americans in the Los Angeles area who live a high-profile social life. Although it is difficult to sustain such a lifestyle while managing personal and professional obligations, these people will go to any length to seek success and luxury.

Fans have always been anxious to learn more about their favourite reality TV stars, especially with so much wealth on display. Fans were quick to note Kevin Kreider’s instant chemistry with Kim Lee in the season finale, despite his tumultuous relationship with Kelly Mi Li during season 1. In season 2, the connection developed into a partnership, but are they still together? Let’s see what we can find out.

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The Bling Empire Journey of Kevin and Kim

Kevin Kreider said on the podcast that he couldn’t tolerate Kim Lee at first because he believed she was a “spoiled brat” from Malibu who got into DJing on the spur of the moment. Furthermore, their relationship deteriorated further when Kevin and Kim got into a disagreement over Kim’s behaviour at Anna Shay’s party.

Things quickly changed when he became a supportive friend and even assisted her in her search for her estranged father. As a result, when fans noticed a touching moment between Kevin and Kim near the close of season 1, it seemed to hint at a growing romance.

Kevin and Kim’s relationship deepened towards the start of season 2, when the latter unexpectedly kissed Kevin on the cheek after discovering that she had been accepted into the Wynn Hotel’s residency programme. Kevin took the kiss as a sign of attraction, and while Kim didn’t appear particularly interested in starting a relationship, she agreed to a dinner date. Unfortunately, Kim had second thoughts on the night, and Kevin was heartbroken when he found out she had dumped him.

Kevin, unable to give up so quickly, opened up to Kim and explained that it had been a long time since he had felt this way about someone. Furthermore, after Kevin took Kim on a brief trip and spent time with her, she appeared to be persuaded, and the two decided to try dating. While Kevin sought counsel from Christine Chiu on how to keep Kim happy, Kane Lim appeared to be concerned about the relationship’s progress.

Kane informed the DJ how Kevin had gotten intimate with another female week before asking Kim out on a date, considering it his responsibility as a friend. Naturally, this raised doubts in Kim’s mind, prompting her to confront Kevin, who insisted that he had been faithful from the beginning of their relationship. Kevin became enraged when he realised that Kane had delivered the news, and things quickly escalated.

Kim, on the other hand, was afraid of the confrontation, saying on the show that it reminded her of a prior relationship. Despite this, Kim and Kevin were able to speak it out like adults and decided to continue their relationship.

“This season is surprising,” Kim told ET Canada. When asked about her relationship with Kevin in particular, she said, “It was quite intense.” “It’s a hurricane, it’s rainy, it’s chaotic,” Kevin said, “but…you gotta have them, right?” “Whatever that implies,” Kim chuckled.

One thing is certain: throughout Season 2 filming, these two were extremely flirty. “There’s definitely a lot of flirtation going on,” she joked to E! in January, only a few months before season two began filming in May. Kevin has been phoning me almost every day.” “No!” said Kreider, jumping in. You’ve been calling me on a daily basis. If I don’t call or text her back immediately away, she becomes quite upset.”

Is Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee Still Together?

Despite their decision to continue dating after the season 2 filming wrapped, Kim and Kevin were unable to rekindle their relationship’s lost trust. Kim became conscious of her diminishing faith as time passed and confided in her spouse. As a final resort, the two decided to take a lie detector exam to rescue their love.

Kevin was telling the truth about his feelings, according to the polygraph. Kim, on the other hand, admitted that she did not want to be with Kevin when she took the test. She later defended her decision, saying that despite the polygraph test proving Kevin was correct, she could not bring herself to believe him. As a result, it appears that Kim and Kevin chose to separate and have since broken up.

The two stated on the show that they would never let their friendship die no matter what, giving us hope that they are still friends. Kevin is immersed in movie development, and Kim is occupied with her Wynn Hotel residency, so the two appear to be living separate lives. We wish each of them the best of luck in their future undertakings.