Netflix Anime: Is ‘Vampire in the Garden’ Based on a Manga?

Is Netflix Vampire in the Garden Based on a Manga

Is Netflix’s Vampire in the Garden Based on a Manga? – ‘Vampire in the Garden,’ by Wit Studio, is a dark fantasy anime set in a post-apocalyptic world split apart by a never-ending struggle between vampires and humans. Humanity seeks ways to hunt its arch-rivals after being driven to the brink of extinction and with their backs against the wall.

On both sides, the violent struggle for existence between the two factions leads to disillusionment with the war’s ultimate goals. Momo, a young girl, wishes for peaceful coexistence with vampires, a wish shared by Fiine, the vampire queen.

When the two odd strangers cross paths, they both take a leap of faith and hug one another in search of the fictitious Heaven that promises peace. Following its global Netflix release, the show became instantly popular with anime fans; who knows if it was inspired by manga or not? If you have the same question, we have an answer for you.

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Is Vampire in the Garden Based on a Manga

Is ‘Vampire in the Garden’ Anime Series Based on a Manga?

Vampire in the Garden‘ is not a manga adaptation. Ryoutarou Makihara created an original net animation, which he wrote and directed (with the help of Hiroyuki Tanaka). Original animation has slowly gained traction as over-the-top media services such as Netflix and Funimation have emerged.

However, series based on a manga and light novels have remained as popular as ever. Original anime, on the other hand, is not a new concept and has been around for decades.

Legend of Duo,’ a popular vampire anime from the early twenty-first century, was based entirely on Daisuke Ishibashi and Inoue Toshiki’s original writings. Surprisingly, the show tackled similar supernatural and fantasy themes, introducing viewers to a world torn apart by a struggle between humans and vampires.

When a mystery virus struck havoc on the planet, humanity was on the edge of extinction. Still, vampires managed to survive after discovering a treatment while keeping it hidden from the rest of humanity.

When the cycle of death appeared to be infinite, a vampire named Duo shared the cure with humanity, rescuing humanity from extinction. Unfortunately, his charitable gestures did not go down well with his other vampires, and he accidentally drew the wrath of the powerful vampire Zieg, who promised to make Duo pay for his wrongdoings.

Shows like ‘Legend of Duo‘ demonstrate that original anime has not only been present for a long time, but it is also prevalent enough that we can look back and identify cases where the primary idea is very similar to ‘Vampire in the Garden.’

However, now that we’ve established that, it’s also important to recognise the distinctive characteristics of ‘Vampire in the Garden.’ While ‘Legend of Duo’ and other vampire anime has some similarities to the show, nearly none of them depict a future where the promise of peace has led to the friendship of a vampire and a human who have placed their lives on the line to discover a place where both races can live in peace.

There are series like ‘Trinity Blood‘ and ‘Legend of Duo,’ in which someone from the vampire or human community has advocated for peace, but in the end, they have mostly worked with or against their own kind. Furthermore, the concept of Paradise, in which people live in peace despite the fact that they live in a divided fictitious world, is unique. Although shows like ‘Wolf’s Rain‘ have a similar theme, they are not identical.

Vampire in the Garden‘ is a remarkable show because of the convergence of these fresh and unique themes. We can certainly state that ‘Vampire in the Garden’ is not based on a manga or any other work of popular culture, making it a unique animation because Hiroyuki Tanaka created the storylines alone and did not take inspiration from anywhere else.

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