Where Was Lifetime’s “Wrapped Up in Love” Filmed? Cast Details

Wrapped Up in Love Filming Locations

‘Wrapped Up in Love’ Filming Locations and Cast Details – The thrilling lineup of holiday movies on Lifetime Network now includes the brand-new release Wrapped Up in Love. The film will air exclusively on Lifetime this Sunday, December 18, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET. The film’s director was Michelle Ouellet, while Timothy Kuryak wrote the screenplay. The holiday movie depicts the story of a “Christmas Queen” who finds her crown unexpectedly in jeopardy from another lord of the season.

Fans are curious as to the location of the filming of Wrapped Up in Love, which includes gorgeous snowy scenes and rooms decorated with so much fa-la-la-la flair that even the Grinch would crack a tiny smile. This is what we do know.

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Wrapped Up in Love Filming Locations

According to Lifetime, Brittany Bristow plays Ashley Mackenzie, also known as the “Christmas Queen,” in this charming holiday film. She is all about the holiday decorations and celebrations, but a newcomer to the area named Ben Williams (Olivier Renaud) challenges her presentation skills for the holidays.

Naturally, Ben is as hot as a roaring fire in the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Will they compete with one another or work together to make this holiday larger and brighter than ever—and perhaps even fall in love? Llet’s examine the locations where this joyful gem was shot.

Ontario, Canadian 

In the Canadian province of Ontario, in the cities of Hamilton and Kitchener, “Wrapped Up in Christmas” was filmed. Several weeks of January 2021 were dedicated to filming. In a moment, more on that particular period.

Hamilton, Canada

First of all, it’s important to note that Hamilton is a very popular filming location, with movies like Nightmare Alley and The Shape of Water and television episodes like The Handmaid’s Tale and The Queen’s Gambit having been shot there, according to IMDb. Kitchener is another frequent location for filmmaking.

It was difficult to film “Wrapped Up in Love” because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The production team for this Lifetime holiday movie indeed picked locations that appeared to be perfect for capturing the holiday atmosphere, like the Old Town Hall in Ancaster and other historic sites. After that, the crew travelled to Kitchener, where they shot in stunning locations, including the Old Walper Hotel.

Nevertheless, despite the picturesque backdrops, filming wasn’t without its difficulties. Around the time when Wrapped Up in Love was being filmed there, the Canadian government reported that COVID-19 cases were on the rise. In an Instagram post, director Michelle Ouellet discussed the challenges this unusual circumstance brought for the movie.

“WRAPPED UP IN LOVE, ” starring Connie Wang, Brittany Bristow, and Olivier Renaud, premiered on December 18th (formerly known as Loving Christmas).

The following actors will play significant supporting parts in the film:

  • Derick Agyemang
  • Tara Joshi
  • Arcade Riley
  • Nancy Palk
  • Art Hindle

Lead actress Brittany revealed to Just Jared that COVID had an impact on her real-life holiday preparations, keeping her and her husband away from their relatives. the positive news The Christmas appears to be everything she had hoped it would be this year.

Since we haven’t had the chance to celebrate Christmas together, it will be my husband’s first Christmas with my family in three and a half years, Brittany joked.

Stream Wrapped Up in Love movie on Lifetime Network.

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