‘Peaky Blinders’ Ending: Why Does Tommy Kill Michael?

Why Does Tommy Kill Michael at the End of Peaky Blinders

Why Does Tommy Kill Michael at the End of Peaky Blinders? – It is a gangster family epic set in 1900s England, centered on a group that sews razor blades into the peaks of their caps and their ruthless leader Tommy Shelby.

After serving in the British Army during WWI, Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his brothers returned to Birmingham. The city of Birmingham is under the power of Shelby and the Peaky Blinders, the gang he leads. Shelby’s aspirations, however, extend beyond Birmingham, and he intends to expand his economic empire and eliminate anybody who stands in his path.

Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1919. Following WWI, the Shelby family established a reputation as bookmakers, racketeers, and gangsters. Although Arthur, the oldest brother, is nominally the family’s leader, Tommy, the second oldest, is the one with the true intellect, ambition, and drive in the organisation. He’ll build a business empire that will extend well beyond Birmingham. He does this with the help of his family and his group, the Peaky Blinders.

Although the Shelbys are entirely fictional, series creator Steven Knight says that he was inspired by stories about his paternal grandmother’s family that he heard from his father.

While the Shelbys must deal with external opponents regularly, a rivalry develops between Tommy and Michael Gray (Finn Cole), Tommy’s aunt Polly’s son, throughout the seasons. In the Netflix series  Peaky Blinders season 6 finale, ‘Lock & Key, ‘ Tommy eventually kills Michael.’ Here’s everything you need to know.

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Why Does Tommy Kill Michael

Why Does Tommy Kill Michael at the End of Peaky Blinders?

Michael makes his debut in the series in the second episode of the second season. Polly is hunting for her two children, and Tommy learns through his sister-in-law Esme. He subsequently informs his aunt that, despite the death of her daughter Anna, her son is still alive. Polly returns home to discover Michael waiting for her at her door near the end of the episode.

Michael gradually integrates into the Shelby clan. Michael also joins the shady side of the family business, much to Polly’s chagrin. Michael and Tommy are closer than ever in Season 3. While protecting Tommy, Michael murders the man who arrives with Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy). He kill Father John Hughes as well. It is implied that Hughes was a child molester, and Michael was one of his victims.

After nearly being hanged in prison, Michael starts using cocaine in Season 4. He believes his mother is trying to betray Tommy, so he goes along with the plan to keep her safe. When the truth is revealed, Tommy is enraged at Michael for not telling him the truth. Michael is then dispatched to New York to assist in the company’s expansion. Michael and Tommy’s dynamic relationship shifts dramatically in just one season. Now, the latter declares that the former cannot be trusted.

Season 5 only makes things worse. Michael comes to Birmingham with his new wife, Gina, intending to reorganize the company. Polly even predicts that the family will be divided and that either Tommy or Michael will die. The loss of Polly is the final nail in Michael and Tommy’s relationship’s coffin. As a result of Tommy’s participation in the attempted assassination of Sir Oswald Mosley, the IRA kills her. Following that, Michael travels to the United States with Gina and begins working for Gina’s uncle, Jack Nelson.

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Michael prepares his vengeance on Tommy with Gina and Jack in Season 6. Michael, like Hughes, wants to be a part of Tommy’s death on a personal level. This proves to be his ruin in the end. On Miquelon Island, Johnny Dogs plants the car bomb intended for Tommy in Nelson’s people’s automobile. They are killed when the device detonates.

Michael emerges, assuming Tommy to be dead, and finds himself gazing down the barrel of the other man’s gun. Tommy reveals that Polly appears to him in his dreams, but then proclaims that she will no longer appear to him. He kills Michael by shooting him in the eye. Polly’s prophecy comes true, and Tommy once again demonstrates that he has no bounds.

The infighting, ironically, does not end with Michael and Tommy. As the series comes to a close, a new dispute between Tommy’s brother Finn and Tommy’s firstborn son, Duke, emerges.

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