Love Island: Are Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood Still Together?

Chris and Olivia’s Love Island Journey

Are Chris and Olivia From Love Island Still Together? Let’s find out. Love Island‘ is a British dating show situated on an isolated island where contestants are confined to a villa and shut off from the outside world. The competitors must pair up with someone from the very first day. New competitors join the program throughout the season, and recoupling happens every week. Anyone who becomes single is forced to leave the island permanently. Finally, they must win over the public and receive the most votes, as the victorious couple will receive a £50,000 prize.

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood were the frontrunners for the top prize in Season 3 of the show. The duo drew a lot of attention from the audience and built a sizable fan base. However, their relationship status has been questioned on several occasions. Fans of the show want to know what the two reality stars are up to, and we’ve got all the details.

Who is Chris Hughes? Biography

Christopher Hughes (born December 22, 1992 in Gloucestershire, England) is a British presenter, model, rapper, actor, and television personality. He made an appearance in the third season of the ITV2 reality show Love Island in 2017.

Chris Hughes rose to fame after appearing on Love Island, where he met Olivia Attwood, his now-ex-girlfriend, and good buddy Kem Cetinay. Chris now appears on television on a regular basis and hosts a number of horse racing events.

He was also a brand ambassador for the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably, which led to the launch of L’Eau de Chris, his own bottled water line, through Topman.

With the song “Little Bit Leave It,” he scored at number 15 on the UK Singles Chart as part of Chris & Kem. Chris and Olivia: Crackin’ On, a reality series he co-starred in with his then-girlfriend Olivia Attwood, premiered a year later. In the same year, he joined the cast of ‘You Vs. Chris & Kem“, a game show. My Life Story: You Bantering Me, his debut novel, was also released. The same year, he was also selected as a brand ambassador for Coral’s Champions Club. In addition, he starred in the BBC Three documentary Me, My Brother, and Our Balls, which aired in 2019.

He has been presenting live horse racing coverage with ITV Racing since 2019.

Chris Hughes’ Net Worth

Chris is said to be worth £1.4 million, thanks to several television appearances, endorsement partnerships with firms like Topman and McDonald’s, and a large social media following that he can use for paid postings.

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Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood

Who is Olivia Attwood? Biography

Olivia Jade Attwood (born 2 May 1991) is an English model and television presenter. She debuted on the third season of Love Island in 2017 and then joined the cast of the ITVBe reality show The Only Way Is Essex as a regular cast member.

Olivia Jade Attwood was a Love Island Islander in Season 3 of the relaunched series. Olivia arrived in the villa on Day 4 and finished third with Chris Hughes on Day 52. Attwood has worked as a model and a grid girl in motorsports.

Attwood appeared on the third series of ITV2’s reality dating show Love Island in 2017. She made it to the final with Chris Hughes, and the two tied for third place. Attwood and Hughes starred in their own spin-off series, Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On, the following year.

She appeared in the fifth season of Celebs Go Dating in 2018. In order to appear on the show, Attwood allegedly lied about being single. She, on the other hand, refuted the allegations.

In 2019, Attwood was cast in the twenty-fourth season of The Only Way Is Essex. She starred in 16 episodes before departing in 2020 at the conclusion of Series 26.

Olivia Meets Her Match, a reality series on ITVBe that covered the events leading up to Attwood’s engagement to footballer Bradley Dack, premiered in 2020. She and Dack also starred alongside Anna Friel in an ITV commercial for Drama vs. Reality.

She made an appearance on the ITV2 program Celebrity Karaoke Club in 2021. Lorraine, Tipping Point: Lucky Stars, The Crystal Maze, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, and Loose Women have all featured her.

In 2021, Attwood revealed that she would host a series for ITV called Getting Filthy Rich, which will look into the internet trading of sexual content on OnlyFans.

The ‘Love Island’ Adventures Journey of Chris and Olivia

Olivia Attwood, a 26-year-old Motorsport Grid Girl from Surrey, England, entered the show on Day 1. She met Marcel Somerville, and they were together for the first week. Chris Hughes, a 22-year-old Gloucestershire native, made his debut on Day 4 of the program. Chris, a professional golf gear spokesperson, was ecstatic to find love in the remote villa. From the start, Chris and Olivia had a strong bond and evident chemistry.

Until the arrival of footballer Mike Thalassitis on Day 12, who seemed to tick all the criteria for Olivia, Chris and Olivia were almost certain to be together. Mike chose Olivia for the coupling on Day 14, and the two began dating. Olivia, on the other hand, couldn’t stay away from Chris for long. Many contenders and fans were curious about Olivia’s final decision. The answer was obvious when Olivia and Chris kissed each other behind Mike’s back.

The news immediately circulated around the villa, and Marcel informed Mike of the occurrence. This infuriated the footballer, who declared war on Olivia. Soon after, the two sat down and had an open and honest chat about the problem. Mike said that he didn’t have the same chemistry with Olivia as Chris did. Mike had to leave the island after Olivia chose Chris as her companion on Day 20. Chris and Olivia remained together throughout the competition, starting with their initial pairing. Their voyage, however, was not without its setbacks.

Chris and Olivia had multiple fights, the most notable of which occurred after a task. The task was based on what people had to say about the candidates on Twitter. It was eventually revealed that Olivia had stated that she would be willing to sleep with Mike in the hideaway.

Chris and Olivia made it to the finals and finished third overall, despite their difficult journey. However, their tumultuous time on the show has many fans wondering how long the two will be together. Was their chemistry shattered after they left the villa and entered the real world? Here’s everything we know about it thus far!

Are Chris and Olivia Still Together

Are Chris and Olivia Still Together after ‘Love Island’?

Chris and Olivia are NO longer together. They broke up around seven months after the program ended, and the fallout was not pleasant. Following their time on ‘Love Island,’ Chris and Olivia were given their own spin-off series, ‘Chris & Olivia: Crackin‘ On.’ The show, on the other hand, was full of arguments between the two as they fought over nearly every issue. Because Chris and Olivia split up in the middle of filming, the spin-off series only had three episodes instead of the six planned.

From the beginning of the series, Olivia and Chris don’t get along. The former declined to move into the lavish home the couple had purchased, arguing that their relationship was too fragile to take such a big step. Next, Olivia accused Chris of touching other girls at the National Television Awards after-party in 2018, just a few months before their final breakup. Following that, the two spoke with their close friends and family, all of whom agreed that the relationship was not good for them.

Chris and Olivia spelled out all that was wrong with their relationship in their final conversation. The conversation was caught on camera, and both parties agreed that the relationship was too tumultuous to last. Because they were unhappy with each other, Chris proposed they split up. He claimed to still love Olivia when she accused him of taking the easy way out and walking away. However, he emphasised that, no matter how painful it is, breaking up might be their only option.

After the breakup was official, there was a lot of conjecture and speculations about what might have caused the couple to break up. Many people accused Olivia of covertly dating her ex-boyfriend, footballer Bradley Dack, but her supporters believed she gave up after Chris humiliated her too many times. Olivia declared in May 2021 that her connection with Chris had become all-consuming and unhealthy. “I thought that was it when I went on Love Island.” She told MailOnline, “I was so done with him, but then I ended myself in another relationship that was so poisonous and all-consuming.”

Olivia’s separation from Chris is said to have encouraged her to rekindle her friendship with Bradley Dack. The couple got engaged in October 2019 in Dubai, indicating that their relationship is doing well. Chris dated singer Jesy Nelson from January 2019 until April 2020 after his divorce from Olivia.

Currently, Chris is dating Annabel Dimmock, a professional golfer, and they planned to marry in August 2021. Chris stated in a January 2022 interview with MailOnline that he plans to propose to his fiancée soon. We wish them the best of luck in the future and hope they find happiness and joy.

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