Tammy Lohr Murder Case: Where Is Her Killer Patrick Bradford Now?

Tammy Lohr Murder

Tammy Lohr Murder: Where Is Patrick Bradford Now? – Firefighters were called to a home on 1106 S. Boeke Road in Evansville, Indiana, in the early hours of August 2, 1992. They discovered Tammy, a 24-year-old file clerk, dead inside, and her body was burning on a mattress when they arrived on the scene.

Tammy was killed before her body was set on fire, according to a medical examiner. She’d been stabbed a total of 21 times. Bradford, an Evansville police officer, claimed he observed the fire while patrolling the area and reported it. He claimed he attempted to rescue the victim before emergency first responders arrived, but to no effect.

Investigators discovered an empty gas container while searching the house for evidence. They decided that it was used to douse the victim in gasoline, and the perpetrator then stood in the doorway after lighting the body.

Primal Instinct: Slow Burn,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, chronicles Tammy’s murder and how the subsequent police investigation led to the arrest of the killer. Let’s take a closer look at the case and try to figure out where Tammy’s killer is right now.

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How Did Tammy Lohr Die

Who was Tammy Lohr and How Did She Die?

Tammy Lohr was a vibrant 24-year-old who seemed to have a joyful life and was well-liked by her peers. She worked as a file clerk and was characterised as a generous and lovely person by those who knew her. Tammy was unusually friendly and didn’t appear to have any adversaries who would go to such lengths to harm her.

Unfortunately, she also had a high reputation in society; therefore, her death came as a shock to most of those who knew her. 911 operators in Evansville got a frantic phone call reporting a big fire at 1106 S. Boeke Road in the early hours of August 2, 1992. When firemen arrived on the scene, they battled the blaze tooth and nail until they could enter the residence safely.

However, Tammy’s severely charred body was discovered on top of a mattress inside the house, much to their astonishment. While it was evident that the person had died, the cause of death remained unknown to officials. At first glance, it appeared like Tammy had perished in the fire, but an autopsy revealed that the file clerk had been stabbed numerous times before the attacker set her body on fire.

As a result of this discovery, the case was transformed into a terrible homicide, and the police began their investigation, desperate to get to the bottom of it.

Who Killed Tammy Lohr
Patrick Bradford, a police officer was arrested and prosecute for Tammy Lohr murder.

Who Killed Tammy Lohr and Why?

Unfortunately, the fire had destroyed most of the leads at the crime site, making forensic evidence that could lead straight to the killer nearly impossible to collect. Finally, however, they discovered an empty gasoline container, which they felt held the accelerant required to start the fire.

Following that, police enforcement officers sat through a slew of interviews, but Tammy’s friends and family had no understanding why someone would want to harm the sweet 24-year-old. They eventually found Patrick Bradford, a police officer who said he was in the vicinity and had attempted to save the victim.

Despite the fact that Patrick was the one who started the fire, he claimed that his efforts to save Tammy were eventually unsuccessful. Interestingly, the inquiry discovered that, although being married, Patrick was having an extramarital romance with Tammy, according to the episode. Patrick’s wife discovered the affair and pushed him to terminate it, but the lovers couldn’t stand being apart for long.

However, when authorities gained access to Tammy’s email account, they discovered that she had written him two angry emails just before she was murdered, indicating that their relationship was on the decline. Despite Patrick’s claims that he was somewhere else at the time of the murder, the police investigation quickly disproved his allegation. On the other hand, on the night of Tammy’s death, officials discovered Patrick was absent from duty for about an hour.

Although the police officer attempted to rationalise his absence by claiming he was at a gas station, the reason did not appear to be very credible. However, the most compelling evidence came from an eyewitness who claimed to have observed a police vehicle parked in Tammy’s driveway starting around 11 p.m. on August 1, implying that Patrick was more involved than he was letting on. With adequate proof, the police were able to apprehend Patrick Bradford and prosecute him for murder.

Where Is Patrick Bradford Now
Patrick Bradford was sentenced to 80 years in prison.

What Has Happened to Patrick Bradford and Where Is He Now?

Patrick Bradford pleaded not guilty and insisted on his innocence when he was brought before the court. In 1993, however, the jury found him guilty of arson and murder, and he was sentenced to 80 years in jail. Patrick has fought unsuccessfully to get his conviction reversed since then.

As a result, he will stay confined at the Branchville Correctional Facility in Branchville, Indiana, until 2028, when he will be eligible for release.Bradford asked for a second trial in 2013 to prove his innocence, but he was denied.

Stream “Primal Instinct – Slow Burn” episode on  Investigation Discovery.

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