Temptation Island Season 4: Where Are The Star Cast Now? Who Is Still Together?

Temptation Island Season 4 Where Are They Now

Temptation Island Season 4: Where Are The Star Cast Now? Who Is Still Together? Let’s find out. Temptation Island is an American reality dating show in which a group of couples agree to live with a group of individuals of the opposite sex to put their relationships to the test. It is based on Endemol’s Dutch TV show Blind Vertrouwen (translated as Blind Faith), which has been adapted in several countries.

The show debuted on Fox in the United States. The USA Network revived Temptation Island in 2019.

Temptation Island,’ hosted by Mark L. Walberg, is an addictive dating reality TV show. It’s based on the Dutch show ‘Blind Vertrouwen’ (‘Blind Faith’) and follows a group of committed couples who are paired with a group of attractive singles on a beautiful island to put their relationships to the test.

Throughout each season, the couples must decide whether they want to depart together with a deeper understanding of one another or if they want to test the waters of temptation while socialising with the singles. Let’s take a look at the couples from the action-packed fourth season and see where they are now.

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Are Ashley and Lascelles Still Together

Are Lascelles and Ashley Still together after Temptation Island?

Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Lagares, who had been together for seven years, had one of the oldest partnerships on Temptation Island‘ season 4. Apart from her curiosity as to why he hadn’t proposed yet, they both admitted to being excessively reliant on one another and wished to strengthen their strengths on the programme.

Despite having such a strong basis in their relationship, things turned wobbly when Lascelles started emotionally engaging with single Trace Winningham, which had a significant impact on his girlfriend.

Lascelles also said that he had feelings for Tracy, but that he didn’t want to harm Ashley, who still wanted to work on their relationship and leave the island together. According to recent rumours, the pair are still on friendly terms, if not back together. They’re still using Instagram and YouTube to run their combined social media networks.

Despite the fact that they produce their own content, they continue to remark on one another’s movies and photos. Additionally, they have not yet removed their photos of one another from their accounts and continue to follow each other. Although Tracy and Lascelles do not appear to be connected on social media, it is unclear whether they are dating.

Are Hania and Ash Still Together after Temptation Island?

When Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker came on the island, they had been dating for eighteen months. Ash was concerned about going long-distance with her lover, especially when he expressed a desire for an open relationship, according to her. With the entrance of the singles, their trust concerns were exacerbated when Hania began flirting with other ladies and even confessed on-screen that he had been unfaithful to Ash.

She, on the other hand, chose to pursue her new relationship with single Taylor Patrick despite her feelings for Hania. Taylor and Ash eventually consummated their relationship, while Hania realised that open partnerships might not be for him. Because they still follow one other on social media and have not yet erased their images together, neither of them has made it obvious if they are still together or not.

Furthermore, Ash and Taylor don’t appear to be following one another, but given what happened with her boyfriend, we assume she’s taking some time to grieve and live her best life as a single woman.

Are Iris and Luke Still Together

Are Iris and Luke Still Together after Temptation Island?

Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger, both of Seattle, had been dating for over four years when they decided to take a chance and join the other couples and hot singles on the island. When Luke’s fears and trust issues with his girlfriend’s interactions with the singles sparked disputes, the show was supposed to put their relationship to the final test.

He also began flirting with other single ladies to ease his jealously, admitting that if he discovered Iris with another man, he would not mind cheating. To everyone’s amazement, he changed his mind halfway through the season and began altering his conduct in order to reclaim his sweetheart.

Luke felt that he needed to do more to reassure Iris of his love, and he even went out and bought a ring to propose to her before the season’s end. Even though Luke was ready for the next step in their relationship, the couple has yet to make their engagement official. But, as far as we can tell, his newfound resolve and changed temperament may have an impact on Iris.

Not only that, but she also abandoned her relationship with Deac, who remained faithful to her throughout the season. As a result, even though Iris declined the proposal, we feel she and Luke are considering giving themselves another shot.

are Gillian and Edgar Still Together

Are Gillian and Edgar Still Together After Temptation Island?

Gillian Lieberman and Edgar De Santiago, college sweethearts, came to the show to explore life after their three-year partnership, as she wanted to try out single life. In addition, she told Mark L. Walberg that she wasn’t sure she wanted a future with Edgar, and she went on the island to meet single Tommy Soltis.

Her lover was noticeably distressed upon seeing them and began to doubt her commitment to their relationship. Later, he went on with Marissa, a single woman, and became sexual with her, which his girlfriend watched at the campfire.

Gillian was furious, which prompted an intense talk between her and Edward, and they came to the conclusion that their relationship was no longer functioning. Edgar elected to depart the island with Marissa in the season finale, while Gillian chose to remain single because Tommy was not interested in a long-distance romance.

Gillian appears to be unmarried and concentrating on herself at the moment. Meanwhile, Edgar is preoccupied with his business, and he has yet to declare whether or not he and Marissa are still dating.

You can also stream Temptation Island episodes on Youtube TV, Prime Video, Peacock TV, Hotstar, and the USA Network.