Where Is ‘Temptation Island’ Season 4 Filmed?

temptation island season 4

Temptation Island‘ is a dating reality TV show that puts real-life couples’ relationships to the test by allowing them to spend time in an exotic location with a bunch of appealing singles.

As the group spends more time together during the season, the couples’ fidelity is put to the test by the desire to give in to temptation and venture outside of their marriages.

Only time will tell whether certain couples succeed or fail, and whether they choose to walk away with a new spouse.

The show has been delighting audiences since it initially aired in 2001, with Mark L. Walberg as the host, and was then relaunched in 2019. So naturally, viewers must now be interested in learning more about the stunning site where the 4th season was shot.

So without further ado, let’s get into the ‘Temptation Island’ season 4 filming information!

Filming Locations for Temptation Island Season 4

Season 4 of ‘Temptation Island’ was shot entirely in Hawaii, namely on the island of Maui. Principal photography is expected to begin in early September 2021 and conclude on October 2, 2021.

Due to its breathtaking landscape of lush green islands, beautiful beaches, oceanic shoreline, and vibrant culture, Hawaii is a favourite filming site. Here’s a deeper look at the show’s filming locations.

Maui (Island in Hawaiian)

Season 4 of ‘Temptation Island’ was filmed on Maui, Hawaii’s second-largest island. Significant segments of the film were shot in the seaside village of Kahana, which is located along a gorgeous shoreline in the Napili-Honokowai area of northwest Maui.

In addition, certain scenes from the fourth season were shot in Kaanapali, a census-designated town on the island of Maui.

Maui, also known as the Valley Isle, is famed for its tropical temperature and stunning landscape, which includes world-famous beaches, clean waterfalls, volcanic rocks, and mountain peaks.

It also has a large rainforest that serves as the island’s drainage basin. Tourism, retail, health care, agriculture, and government services are all important parts of Maui’s economy.

Whale watching, snorkelling, kitesurfing, surfing, and windsurfing are all popular outdoor activities on the island.

Lahaina, Iao Valley, Hna Highway, and Haleakal National Park, which is home to a dormant volcano, are among the most popular tourist destinations.

Many films, including ‘Just Go with It,’ ‘Oblivion,’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,’ and the TV series ‘The White Lotus,’ were shot in Maui.