Where is ‘Race to Survive Alaska’ Filmed? All Filming Locations

Race to Survive Alaska Filming Locations

Race to Survive Alaska Filming Locations – Race to Survive: Alaska” is a reality show that debuted on USA Network in 2022. In this show, 10 teams of two people are challenged to survive in Alaska while overcoming various physical and mental obstacles.

Teams must traverse Alaska’s wilderness, facing harsh terrain, unpredictable weather patterns and predators. Along the way, they must find food and shelter, build fires for warmth, then make their way toward the next checkpoint in the race.

Teams are eliminated individually as they fail to meet the challenges or make it to checkpoints in time. The last team standing wins a cash prize of $500,000.

Bear Grylls, a renowned survival expert and adventurer, hosts the show. Produced by Electus — the production company behind popular reality shows like “Survivor” and “The Apprentice,” Bear also serves as one of its executive producers.

Race to Survive: Alaska” has been praised for its thrilling challenges, stunning cinematography and impressive survival skills of its contestants. It is an innovative addition to reality TV that offers viewers a fresh take on the survival genre.

Fans are also interested to know about its filming locations. Here is all the information we have.

Race to Survive: Alaska Filming Locations

Alan Bishop, co-executive producer of “Race to Survive: Alaska,” explained that their decision regarding filming locations was driven by a desire for each episode to have its own distinctive look, tone, and atmosphere. The production team selected diverse yet visually stunning locations to give viewers an immersive experience and show off Alaska’s natural splendor.

He remarked, “We scouted so many different locations,” he explains. “We had 15 different locations on the board when we started the show. There was no off button for the cast in this series.” “They had some downtime when they were waiting for production to move, but they were still in the elements. They were still surviving. We wanted the cast in the game from the moment they started until the moment one of them ended up winning the competition.”

“Race to Survive: Alaska” was filmed in various locations throughout Alaska, such as:

  • Kenai Peninsula: The teams began their competition on the Kenai Peninsula, located south of Anchorage. This region is renowned for its stunning coastline, dense forests and diverse wildlife.
  • Chugach Mountains: After leaving Anchorage, teams traversed the rugged and remote Chugach Mountains. Here you’ll find some of Alaska’s most breathtaking terrain – steep cliffs, glaciers, and deep valleys – as well as plenty of opportunities for photo ops along the way.
  • Matanuska Valley: The teams also travelled through the Matanuska Valley, located north of Anchorage. This region is known for its stunning landscapes and outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking, fishing, and hunting.
  • Wrangell-St. Elias National Park: The final leg of the competition took place in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is America’s largest national park. Situated in southeastern Alaska, this place is renowned for its majestic glaciers, mountains and wildlife.

Overall, “Race to Survive: Alaska” featured some of America’s most stunning and rugged wilderness areas. Teams had to overcome various challenges, like traversing deep snow and icy rivers while dodging bears and other wildlife encounters. Alaska’s stunning landscapes provided an exciting backdrop for the competition, making for an exciting viewing experience.

You can watch “Race To Survive: Alaska” episodes on USA Network.

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