Recap and Explanation of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8

Recap and Explanation of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8

In the eighth episode of season 4, ‘Yellowstone’ takes the audience on a new adventure full of twists and turns.

We get a feel of the simmering problems in Montana in the aftermath of John launching his candidacy for Governor in this episode.

Jamie is preparing to react, while Beth attempts to limit Market Equities’ presence in the area.

There’s also a bleak flashback and a smidgeon of good news to keep the Duttons’ tale going in the past and present.

Allow us to unpack the key reveals and that definitive ending of ‘Yellowstone‘ season 4 episode 8, without wasting any more time!


Recap of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8

Recap of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8

‘No Kindness for the Coward,’ the eighth episode, begins with a flashback to James Dillard Dutton’s life in Montana during the early years of the Yellowstone Ranch.

While James attempts to apprehend a group of horse stealing bandits, his wife Margaret and two kids, John and Spencer, have dinner.

In the present, Jamie is debating whether or not to run for Governor against John in the next elections.

He is concerned that if he enters the race, Garrett’s relationship with him and the attacks on the Duttons will be exposed.

Jamie, on the other hand, is considering opposing John’s candidacy at Christina and Garrett’s request.

To John’s delight, Rip and Beth move into the Log Cabin. When the family gathers for supper, however, the talk rapidly becomes bitter, and Beth storms out.

Rip persuades Beth to return to the table, and the entire family has a delicious meal, including Carter. At work, Beth must deal with Caroline’s concerns over the airport construction protest.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8 Recap

Beth recommends removing the media from the scene and then employing force against the protestors.

However, Beth informs the press with the protest leader, and with Summer’s assistance, Market Equities receives a lot of negative press coverage.

Jimmy and Emily go out on a date and become closer. Monica, meantime, informs her family of some excellent news.

Kayce is pleased when she learns that she is expecting a child. John and Rip load and transport a herd of bulls to the town.

During their journey, John hopes to speak with Sheriff Haskell and devise a plan to assassinate Riggins, the man who orchestrated the Dutton family’s assassination.

When John and Rip arrive at the diner where Haskell is supposed to meet them, Rip notices something is wrong.

Rip and John soon infer that the situation is a hostage crisis in which armed thieves attempt to pillage the location. The duo of cowboys rushes to the rescue of the helpless.

Do John and Rip Save the Hostages in Yellowstone Episode 8? Is Haskell Still Alive?

Rip and John decide to deal with the matter at the diner themselves during the episode’s climax.

Rip approaches the entryway softly while John slips in from the back. The guys taking the diner patrons hostage are spotted by John.

He starts shooting at them. Sheriff Haskell, who is also present inside the diner, fires at a goon across from him but is shot. Rip kills one of the goons before finishing off the final one standing with John.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8

The hostages are rescued, but Haskell sustains serious injuries.

Haskell thinks he doesn’t have much time left, so John checks on him. Haskell dials his daughter’s number, but he dies before he can speak to her.

Haskell dies in the end while attempting to rescue the lives of innocent people. The role of John and Rip in the scenario, on the other hand, may or may not have a negative impact on John’s political ambitions.

While some may consider him as a hero, others may seek stronger gun rules as a result of the incident, causing a divide in opinion about John as a Governor candidate.

What Was Jamie’s Reason for Calling John?

John receives a call from Jamie while he and Rip are driving to the town. Jamie wants to meet with John to talk about something serious.

The episode, however, does not reveal what Jamie wants to convey. Jamie wants to talk to John about the situation, but she wants to meet him somewhere other than the ranch.

Despite this, John insists on Jamie coming to the ranch and hangs up the phone.

Recap of Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8

It’s probable that Jamie has made up his mind to run against John and wants to tell his adopted father about it.

Jamie is unlikely to tell John anything about Garrett’s role in the Duttons’ or his baby’s assassination attempts.

In John’s opinion, Jamie is past the point of seeking salvation. As a result, Jamie was able to draw battle lines with his adoptive family during his meeting with John.

What Caused James Dutton’s Death?

The episode’s cold open, set in the past, shows an early version of the Yellowstone Ranch, which has grown into a gigantic empire.

James Dillard Dutton, the first generation Dutton family member who founded the ranch, is long gone by the time the series begins.

However, through the prequel series ‘1883,’ fans are only now beginning to learn about him.

How Did James Dutton Die

A flashback segment in the eighth episode recounts the death of the first-generation Dutton patriarch.

A bunch of horse stealing bandits is being pursued by James and a few of his men through the woods.

James and his men track down the bandits and fight them in a shootout. All except one of the bandits are killed by James.

As a warning to everyone who engages in outlaw activities in the area, he hangs all of the bandits from a tree.

However, when James returns home after his victory, he discovers that he was also shot during the gunfight. James succumbs to his injuries swiftly and dies.

He leaves a large legacy, but more significantly, a feeling of justice that is carried forward and symbolised by John’s current activities against the bullies.

Where Can I Watch Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8 Online?

When the program airs on Paramount Network, cable viewers can watch ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 8 on the channel.

You may also watch the fourth episode on the Paramount Network app or on the official website of Paramount.

Live TV streaming providers such as DirecTV,SpectrumPhilo TVXfinitySling TVFubo TVYouTube TVHulu+Live TV are available to those who do not have a cable subscription.