Is John Dutton Aware Of The Attack In Yellowstone Season 4? Will He Kill The Attacker?

Does John Dutton Know Who Attacked Him

Season 4 of ‘Yellowstone‘ follows the Duttons’ search for vengeance against those who have attempted to damage their family.

As the story continues, John uncovers some critical information concerning the assailant’s identity. John, on the other hand, isn’t fully aware of the situation.

As a result, any attempts by John to settle the fight by killing the perpetrator could mean disaster for Montana’s freshly backed governor candidate.

Will John be able to identify the true mastermind behind the attacks? Will John be able to exact his vengeance?

These are the hot topics of the day, and we’ve got our two cents on the subject!


John Dutton Attacker

Is John Dutton Really Know The Person Who Attacked Him?

A group of assailants attacks John Dutton and his family in the third season finale of ‘Yellowstone.’

In the season 4 premiere, John recovers from his attacks and begins to look into the identity of the assailant.

Every last member of the militia that attacked the Duttons is killed by John’s soldiers. The militia men, on the other hand, were only pawns carrying out someone else’s commands.

John learns about Riggins, the guy who helped orchestrate the hit on the Duttons, from Chief Rainwater.

Riggins has been in prison for a long period, so John asks Kayce to enlist Jamie’s assistance in correlating Rainwater’s accusations.

Jamie investigates the situation and discovers that his biological father, Garrett Randall, paid Riggins to plan and execute the Duttons’ strike.

He, on the other hand, decides to keep this information hidden. As a result, John is unaware that Garrett is the mastermind behind the assassination attempt on his life.

John is still certain that Riggins was responsible for the entire event.


Will John Kill The Attacker?

‘No Kindness for the Coward,’ the eighth episode of Season 4, features John and Rip discussing how to handle the Riggins situation.

John has already scheduled a meeting with Sheriff Haskell to devise a plot to assassinate Riggins while he is incarcerated.

As a result, John is definitely planning to assassinate Riggins and get his revenge. We would expect nothing less from the Dutton patriarch, given what has happened to those who have dared to offend the Duttons and declare hate against them.

For the time being, John is unaware of the major twist: Garrett is the mastermind behind the attacks.

Given Jamie’s support for Garrett, it appears doubtful that John will learn the truth. If John finds out about Garrett’s role in the attacks, he will not be spared.

For the time being, though, John will have to put his plans for vengeance on wait. With Jamie turning on the Duttons and Sheriff Haskell’s death, John is running out of individuals who will perform his dirty work while staying on the right side of the law.

As a result, it will be fascinating to see how John and Garrett’s argument ends.