Ruiz Stone Murder Case: Where is Allen Jason Wooten Today?

Ruiz Stone Murder
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

Ruiz Stone Murder – The horrifically violent murder of Ruiz Stone by Allen Wooten in Camden, Arkansas, in 2003 is the subject of Murder in the Heartland. Ruiz Stone, 47, was working at the Coca-Cola facility in Camden when he mysteriously vanished on June 23. Wooten was sentenced to 40 years in jail for first-degree murder, with an additional six years added for abuse of a body.

Ruiz Stone, a caring mother, did not arrive home from work one evening in June 2003, leaving her family worried. But, just days later, authorities learned of her gruesome murder thanks to a confession. ‘Murder In The Heartland: An Affair with Murder‘ on Investigation Discovery explores what happened to Ruiz and the circumstances surrounding her terrible demise.

If you’re interested in learning more in Ruiz Stone murder case, we’ve got you covered.

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Ruiz Stone Murder case
Image Source: Investigation Discovery

How Did Ruiz Stone Pass Away?

Ruiz Jo-Marie Stone was a 47-year-old mother of three who lived with her family in Camden, Arkansas. She was married to James Stone, and they had two children together. Ruiz was an account salesperson for the local Coca-Cola at the time. She was a nice and lively woman who had lately lost her mother and sister. According to the show, Ruiz was prescribed depression medicine but did not take it.

On June 23, 2003, at about 7:30 p.m., James and the kids went to the police station to report Ruiz missing. She was last seen around 5:20 p.m. that evening, but did not return home, according to coworkers. When more information led them to a spot in Camden, where her body was discovered behind some debris, the search for the mother ended in tragedy.

Ruiz’s skull was broken, her larynx was crushed, and her cheekbones were obliterated, according to an autopsy. She’d been the victim of a violent, excessive attack.

Who Killed Ruiz Stone and Why?

Ruiz’s van was discovered parked near a wooded area in Camden a few days into the investigation. It was still holding her purse and money. Around the vehicle, though, authorities discovered an earring, a necklace, and her shoes. The scene suggested foul play; Ruiz did not leave her van voluntarily. The cops were then informed of rumours about Ruiz’s affair.

Allen James Wooten was apprehended as a result of this. He originally admitted to having an affair with Ruiz, according to the show. However, he failed a polygraph test when he denied any involvement in her disappearance. Allen broke down and confessed after being questioned more.

He admitted to the authorities that he and Ruiz had been dating for about a year before she died. Allen, who was married with children at the time, worked as a route salesperson at the same company as Ruiz.

Allen claimed that he originally rejected Ruiz but afterwards changed his mind and had intercourse with her. Allen met Ruiz in the plant on June 23, 2003, when she told him she was pregnant. They agreed to meet at a different location later to discuss it more.

where is Allen Wooten now
Allen Wooten was convicted of brutally murdering Ruiz Stone. Pic credit: Arkansas Dept. of Corrections.

Ruiz allegedly threatened Allen’s family at their next encounter, according to Allen. He went on to say that she grabbed his shirt and told him, “We’ll do it my way.” Allen claimed that after hearing this, he snapped and grabbed Ruiz’s throat before hitting her. He then kicked Ruiz before getting a pipe and hitting her in the head, neck, and back with it.

Ruiz had been unresponsive at this time. Allen loaded the body into his pickup truck, dumped it somewhere else, and washed his automobile at a carwash. Allen returned home after that.

What Happened to Allen Jason Wooten and Where Is He Now?

Allen went on trial in April 2004, and a jury found him guilty based on his confession. He was found guilty of first-degree murder and corpse abuse. Allen was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the Ruiz Stone murder and six years in prison for the abuse conviction in the same month.

According to records, he is still being held at an Arkansas State Police facility. Allen, who is approaching 40 years old, will be eligible for release in July 2031.

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